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Full Moon in Pisces: Imagine Your Dreams of a Higher Service

In just over 5 hours from now, as I write this Blog Post, the Sun and Moon will sit opposite one another, creating the latest Full Moon effect. Specifically: at 3:59 AM MDT on Saturday September 10, 2022, at 17 degrees Pisces 41' - Moon's position - and 17 degrees Virgo 41' - Sun's position, in Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

This Full Moon in Pisces is closely aligned with Neptune Rx (at 24 degrees Pisces 12'), and ruled by this modern ruler too! Within Mutable Water energy, High Spiritual and Sky Magic is at play this weekend everyone! "Dream a little dream of me!" or words to that effect - what are you truly DREAMING OF, to manifest in the physical world?

Virgo, Pisces' opposite sign, is our Mutable Earth sign - how we wish to Be of Service here in the World, on Earth. Pisces is how we are of being in Service, beyond the physical realms. A.k.a. working with our intuitive wisdom, inner guidance system, aligned with our respective guides, angels, archangels, elemental realms, God/Goddess, Great Spirit, Jesus, True Source Energy - whatever you call this "other realm of spiritual power" - what will you do with this current Magical Moment?

For those of us with a Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising sign - or any other planet / sensitive point in Pisces - we're FEELING it! To the point of perhaps not wanting to connect with others right now - no noise, conversation, connection whatsoever - just quiet, peace, and time to "tune Within" with our Inner guidance systems - a.k.a. Higher Self, Intuitive knowingness.

Important to Note: we ALL have Pisces in our Birth charts - whether you've had yours read or not - Pisces is operating in your life, especially this weekend.

The key here: Take the Time to BE with Yourself - not escaping into TV, fiction, or sleep or any of your addictions - FEEL your Feelings, BE Within Yourself - connect with your angelic messengers to Hear the Clarion Call of your Next Steps forward!

Virgo has the Sun and Venus, newly entered here as of September 5, 2022, to help ILLUMINATE the Sacred Service we've each been called to do, going forward, for the rest of 2022. Also of note - we're almost 5 months past the first conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces (APRIL 12th), with the second meetup coming in 2.5 months (NOV 23rd) - have you figured out what you're CLAIMING and what you're RELEASING yet, in 2022, that no longer connects you closely to what you're Spiritually meant to be connected to? This Full Moon in Pisces may help you understand MORE about this - listen, take note, feel your way forward.

Virgo also rules how we're being of service to the health of our physical bodies - the better we listen, tune in, as to what our bodies NEED vs. the addictions our Ego's crave, the better we can Hear/Listen to/Follow/Be Guided By - our Higher Self/guides/angels/archangels.

This time last year, approximately, we Canadians had a forced Federal Election during a Pisces Full Moon, during Mercury Rx! A year later, we have a Federal Conservative Party Leadership race coming to completion - votes being counted - for tomorrow's convention - Saturday, September 10th, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT - during yet another Full Moon in Pisces during another Mercury Rx - and Mercury will turn Rx tonight as of 9:38 PM MDT (!!) at 8 degrees Libra 52' Celestial Longitude. Balance, Peace, Harmony, relating one-to-one more?

Last year's Mercury Rx timing went through the Cardinal Sign of Libra; in 2022, Mercury Rx moves back from early degrees of Libra into Virgo, perhaps initiating change (cardinal energies) to bring through how these Conservative Leadership hopefuls want to "Be of Service" to Canada?

Neptune Rx was also in play this time last year. I called the 2021 Federal Election a "Groundhog Day Election" because it seemed to ensure that all party's in play received the exact same votes we had in the previous Federal Election. We've since learned that some 205,000 mail-in ballots went "missing" therefore, uncounted. Pisces can be illusion/delusion vs. reality - a.k.a. "slight-of-hand". Creating drama from its Shadowland.

Here's a BiWheel of Canada and this Full Moon in Pisces - interesting stuff!

This Full Moon is almost exactly activating Canada's South Lunar Node in Pisces in the 12th House - our Spiritual House, what can be hidden from view - and we all know the South Lunar Node means Karmic/unresolved issues from the Past AND skills/talents being brought through into the Now-verse, to be used for the Good of All.

Transiting Neptune Rx continues to move back and forth over Canada's Chiron Wound here too, dissolving our delusions/illusions to Imagine something BETTER for this country of ours. Chiron in Pisces is all about our energetic, emotional and spiritual boundaries with one another - healthier and for the good of all - vs. that Shadowland of the Drama Triangle role play - Victim-Rescue(r)-Bully or Persecutor.

Transiting Jupiter Rx comes nearer to Canada's Sedna in Aries in the 1st House of our self-identity as Warriors, Pioneers, Explorers - going where no one has gone before - through a more Spiritual Worthiness, vs. unworthiness. When was the last time Canada felt WORTHY?

Transiting Chiron Rx is activating Canada's Neptune in Aries - healing the anger, the need to fight for our independence separately, between provinces? Transiting Eris has been doing her best to Liberate and Free us to be Independent Together, finding our Spiritual Joy or Pot of Gold, also within Aries - to take the initiative, with confidence and courage - be guided by our Intuition, activating new social-cultural impulses - creatively so.

The BEST part here - that Triple Conjunction in Taurus we had July 31/August 1st, 2022 and largely still in play - Mars + Uranus + North Lunar Node in Taurus - activated Canada's natal PLUTO in Taurus in that 2nd House of our Values, Money and Resources! Unexpected Change coming our way - taking Assertive Action - into the Soul Direction of more serenity, stability and finding the Sacred in the Ordinary [North Node Astrology by Elizabeth Spring] - how are we transforming all of this? The North Lunar Node and Uranus, now Rx, are still connected here well into 2023 - and in play tomorrow! What will be Transformed?

Transiting Mars is in Gemini now - for 7 months! Activating Canada's Venus in Gemini in the 3rd House of Communication, Learning, Thinking - how we get along with our sibling provinces (!) - away from duality - magically connecting the extremes to weave something NEW together. Assertively or aggressively? Either / Or - or going beyond that duality into a Magical 'AND'?!

Transiting Venus in Virgo, and the Sun in Virgo during this Full Moon, are activating Canada's Mars and North Node in the 6th House - how are we DOING our SACRED SERVICE out in the World?!!! Huh. The Sun shines a Light here, while Venus brings forth dedication to the service within sacred space. [Shamanic Astrology Handbook]

Mercury Rx in Libra is activating Canada's VERTEX in that 7th House - Fated/Destined connections / relationships / partnerships that mirror for us where we wish to find that balance, equilibrium, peace, harmony, beauty and love that we've been seeking for a long while now. How are we being mindful here? What Unexpectedness will Mercury Rx bring us tomorrow night I wonder? Information we didn't know we needed to know - will it be timely?

And, transiting Hygeia and that South Lunar Node in Scorpio in Canada's 8th House are activating/healing/releasing from the constriction of our Saturn Rx - leadership/authority figures who hide in the dark, keeping secrets, lying to us - 8th House is all about SHARED Values, Money and Resources - sharing what, with whom? Scorpio can be full of fears, traumas, abuses OR passion! Scorpio transforms the dark psyche / Dark Night of the Soul times into something passionately amazing - if we so choose. Past hurts can be transformed here - if we so choose. This South Lunar Node has been working overtime here, most of 2022 - and we've got another 10 months or so to go yet!

Can we regain long-term goals, renewed responsibilities that bring something forth for the Good of All again? Is it already too late? What will our prayers tonight and tomorrow bring our way tomorrow night for a renewed future?

Just for fun, I chose Pierre Marcel Poilievre's birth chart (time unknown) - see it below as a BiWheel with Canada's chart - what do you notice?

Pierre's a Gemini, with a Libra underlay, bringing in balance with his innate curiousity, ability to see "both sides" - plus his mind/Mercury is here too - aligning with Canada's Venus - "to be socially gregarious and free from the rules, to be honoured for her brilliant, free mind, her connection to the creative muse" [Shamanic Astrology Handbook] - when was the last time Canada, as a country, was allowed to be this free? Will Pierre be Canada's "Voice"? 3rd House of Communication.

Take a closer look at Pierre's chart - the outer circle - connecting to Canada's chart - the inner circle - wow! So many connections - both have their Nodes in the same signs, almost exactly conjunct! Pierre's Moon is in VIRGO - being activated by this Full Moon in Pisces' Sun position in Virgo! Shining a Light on the Sacred Service this man could bring to Canada's table, activating Canada's North Lunar Node a.k.a. Soul Direction.

They both have Unresolved Issues from the Past (South Lunar Node in Pisces) to release - and right now, the current South Lunar Node in Scorpio sends a love line to them both - opportunity to BE more Spiritually-oriented/guided, releasing the pain, traumas from the Past from their natal Scorpio planets of Saturn Rx (Canada) and Uranus Rx (Pierre's) - better leaders leading us and Pierre allowing himself to BE more truly Authentic, despite his own fears. Notice how EXACT these two planets are? Wow.

Pierre's Eris is EXACTLY connected to Canada's Neptune - to Liberate our Spiritual Warrior again - to Explore and Pioneer our Independence to be FREE again - will he be able to?

There's a LOT going on this weekend - personally, spiritually, as we grieve for, and say goodbye to, our beloved Queen Elizabeth II - her Sun sign was at 00 degrees Taurus by the way - activating Canada's 2nd House of our Values, Money and Resources - her "second Home" as she called our country! What would she wish for Canada, going forward, I wonder?

What are you praying for this weekend? What are you Imagining for the Higher and Better? What are you Hoping for? What are you feeling? How are you connecting Within for the Higher Good of yourself, your family, your country? We'll know some of this, going forward, in another 24 hours from now. Honour your Spiritual process, practice. connection and Self. Blessed BE!

Photo Credits: AstroGold software for the Astrology charts; UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you all so much!

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