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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Inspired Intuitive Illumination

Tuesday JUNE 14, 2022 the Moon will sit exactly opposite the Sun at 5:52 a.m. MDT at 23 degrees SAGITTARIUS 25' Celestial Longitude for folks following along in your Birth charts.

It's been two weeks since New Moon and this Moon cycle began in the opposite sign, the mutable Air of GEMINI - The Twins - being of two minds - where the SUN sits, now at 23 degrees and 25'.

SAGITTARIUS - mutable Fire - brings Inspiration (In-Spirit) through our beliefs, truths that lead us to find yet another aspect of our Higher Purpose, at this time in 2022. Mutable means we must "go with the flow" - what is that flow, for you?

Mercury has recently returned to GEMINI, sitting at 00 degrees 39' - bringing forth a NEW version of what this Planetary Ruler of GEMINI brings to the table - mindfulness of what we wish to say, think, learn and how we do our Self-Talk - with ourselves and the local folk around us. Networking, socializing, gathering and sharing of information, data and / or knowledge along the way. Coming out of his 2-month "logic vacation" this week - Yay! We can reflect on what was on our minds back in late MAY - and what's changed since then during this Mercury Rx/retrograde period? Conversations had. Thoughts thought through. Decisions made. Knowledge gathered to be applied - how, now?

What's CHANGED, mentally, in your life and now, during this Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS, how are you projecting your Fire to Seek out into the world, especially from all that you've gathered since May? What IS your Arrow of Intention and where is it heading?

During this Full Moon timing, Uranus is holding hands with Venus and that North Lunar Node of Soul Direction - in TAURUS - bringing forth the need to Speak Your Truths, be honest with yourselves, connect into your Values, feel your Worth, and somehow create something hands-on. Uranus brings the Unexpected twists and turns of CHANGE into this Fixed sign that doesna like change. Venus rules TAURUS - brings us into the beauty of our senses/sensuousness, sparking something CREATIVE to come forth. This North Lunar Node continues to herald "the sacred in the ordinary" and keeps the GEMS of the traditional that our future will need.

All of these TAURUS planets/points are connecting to this Full Moon in a way that means we must Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning these next several days of this phase, into the next two weeks of this waning Moon cycle. Worthiness and valuing yourself - any issues here? The Moon and its cycle keeps us connected, emotionally, to our daily habits and shows us what's getting in our way - blocking us - from allowing in Change into our routines that may not be supporting the evolving Me anymore.

The Goddess, through Venus, beckons us to KNOW our worth, value our intuition and ALL our senses - to BE hands-on creative about something in your life that beckons to you. How are YOU standing in your Power through your Solar Plexus? Any power and control issues to let go of?

Allow the Illumination - the Fulfillment - of this Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS to help you attain, beyond just the Seeking, of where your Higher Purpose truly lies. Sitting near our Galactic Centre - what is the God/Goddess telling you?

If you feel adventurous - head outside - despite the pouring rain - around 4:30 a.m. tomorrow to EXPERIENCE through all your senses - the energies, downloads and Insights from that Galactic Centre/Full Moon and the planetary lineup will BE there whether you can SEE it or not! Mercury in GEMINI + Sedna at the 29th degree of TAURUS (Fated/Destined to END something that is no longer worthy of you, not visible with your eyes) + Venus and Uranus (not visible to our eyes) + Mars and Chiron, both at 15 degrees of ARIES - bringing HEALING our way re the Action we choose to take - with Jupiter standing nearby EXPANDING YOUR VISION, followed by the Spiritual element of Neptune at 25 degrees PISCES (not visible with our eyes). Whew!

Our Spiritual way-shower (PISCES) and our assertive Warrior (ARIES) and our sensual bringer of Love and Beauty (through TAURUS) and being mindful of our Thoughts (GEMINI) and Decisions, all sitting in the Southern sky an hour before sunrise tomorrow. Closely followed by that brilliant FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS - how will you BE enlightened? Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You so Much! Namaste


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