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Full Moon in Scorpio: Speak Your Truth, Follow Your Values & Discard Your Fears

Tonight's Full Moon occurs at 9:32 p.m. MDT at 07 degrees Scorpio 06' of Celestial Longitude for folks following along in your Birth charts. Hopefully the snowfalls have completed and we'll actually see this Full Moon tonight!

We're half-way through this Moon cycle, and the Full Moon phase brings Illumination - a spotlight of awareness of yourself that you weren't fully conscious of, before now.

Within our fixed water sign of Scorpio, this can bring us face-to-face with deep-seated fears and/or "frozen in time" shards of trauma from earlier this lifetime. Where is Scorpio in your Birth chart? Here's where the fear/trauma originated. Scorpio loves to dig deeply to find out the root cause - if you're willing - and there may be some research and investigation that needs doing to locate it.

Scorpio is the most private of all the Zodiac signs, and has trust issues. Of self and others. Because of what has occurred before now. Looking deeply within your psyche, listening to the voice and knowingness of your intuition, and following it's direction, are key actions to take. With love and compassion. There's a scared little inner boy or girl inside of you, shivering in the darkness, unable to voice these deeply-held feelings. Scorpio is water, and represents ice, hence the "frozen-in-time" scenario above. We can freeze out others when we feel threatened, unsafe and fearful of our survival. We can freeze out aspects of ourselves too, which can block access to what we truly feel passionate about, to strive for in our lives.

Sitting opposite this Full Moon are several planetary characters, assisting us with what's possibly blocking our way forward. Together they weave quite a story.

Note: where the planets are now speak to current ebbs and flows we are all undergoing, especially the planets that connect with this Full Moon. You may not be a Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising Sign - yet you do have Scorpio somewhere in your Birth chart - we all do. Therefore, this Scorpio Full Moon is Illuminating some aspect of yourself that needs to come out of hiding. It's been way too long, deeply buried in your psyche, creating blockages to soulful forward motion. It's time to shine the Light of Illumination within yourself. It's safe to come out now. Let's read the story of this Full Moon:

Sun at 07 degrees Taurus 06' - our vital, Soulful, at times Ego-self, where we shine ourselves out in the world, has been moving through this fixed earth sign since April 19th, bringing us up close with our set of values, what we already have as resources, skills and talents, and how worthy and confident we are in ourselves with all of this. Combined together, it creates a picture of what it is we each want to create with our own hands - mostly via the work we do that brings income streams into our lives. Where's Taurus in your Birth chart? This is where your skills and resources are most needed now. How are you holding back from showing up and sharing this with the world? Do you feel worthy? Is what you wish to create not of worth? If not, why not? What's blocking you from embracing this?

Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus 28' - here's where we've been undergoing a huge transformation, unexpectedly so, since March 2019, when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time since its previous time here - just before and into the Second World War! Back then values changed, war was more important. Men left their jobs to take on a new role - as soldiers and officers, travelling to other countries to fight for our freedom. Money was tight, rationing was the order of the day. Women left the kitchen and households to take up the work that men had to leave. A lot of shifts and changes back then. For many years.

2020 brought the world to its knees once again, and Uranus asks all of us: what are your values? What do you value? How are you of value? What combination of skills and talents do you have in your toolkit? Is it time to dust off some of them, perhaps combining them with more recently-honed skills and experience, in order to create a new flow of income that dovetails with your values? Are you working yet, after all this time of Pandemic and businesses and industries shutting down? How are you inventing and innovating your life - all part of Uranus wanting us to BE truly authentic now. We're stripped down to the nitty-gritty folks. What's your truth and what do you truly value in life - answer these truly. Expect the Unexpected to occur if you wait too long - Taurus does like to take its time, mulling things over. And doesn't like to change unless it is my idea to begin with! Make your own changes; don't wait for the Universe to make them for you. The Time is now.

Venus at 15 degrees Taurus 17' - the ruler of Taurus, Venus brings in our desire to create something hands-on, our own, incorporating all of our senses into it. What do you see, hear, smell, taste and touch that is waiting to be created by YOU and you alone, to be shared with the Collective at this time of world-wide off-kilteredness? (This may or may not be a word - my Jupiter Rx + North Node + Neptune Rx in Scorpio in my 3rd House of communication tends to make things up as I go along! LOL!) What's been gnawing at you this Spring so far, to get going on? What do you desire to birth into the world? What are you waiting for?

Part of Joy/Fortune at 15 degrees Taurus 34' - here's where we find our JOY - happiness, bliss, our raison d'etre - reason for being. Why deny this for yourself? Connect with your JOY - despite a Pandemic and all the nonsense going on in the media. Make it YOUR choice to find JOY here this Full Moon, this week, at the end of this month of April. How do you want the merry month of May to begin in your life? What do your hands want to immerse themselves into, going forward, creating something that's been bubbling under the surface since March 2019?

And, Mercury at 16 degrees Taurus 20' - being mindful of what your values are, what you are worthy of and how you can make a difference, as you. Taurus rules the Throat Chakra therefore we MUST speak our truths, now, more than ever before. Mercury's been moving through Taurus since April 20th until May 4th. Be mindful of how you're speaking your truth - this is also being mindful of how you're standing up for your set of values. If you're going along with some else's values, how does this help you? Are you full of joy, contentment, at peace with yourself? Or not. What needs saying, to whom and when? Make up your own mind. Be creative. Hands-on.

This Scorpio Full Moon sitting opposite all the characters in Taurus also squares off with Saturn in Aquarius (sitting at 12 degrees Aquarius 57') bringing much stress and tension within - I ask all of you, any ants in your pants of feeling unsettled and restless since last week especially? As if you've been waiting for something to shift away, move away, so that you can finally SEE your way forward? Saturn has been issuing restructuring orders within since December 21, 2020, and it's now time to bring them outwardly into your world. New goals, responsibilities and horizons await!

The way out of this restlessness etc., is to feel the fear, confront those "frozen-in-time" shards of trauma about being SEEN and HEARD out in the world - to come out from your need to hide into the Light of Illumination. To honour your values, skills and talents and resources you already have at hand, to create something of your own, to be shared out in the world.

Assisting us during this Full Moon phase is a Water Grand Trine, connecting this Scorpio Full Moon with Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Cancer. Feel your way forward towards your true passions, while connecting within to your Spiritual-self via spending time with yourself and your guides and angels et al and listen to the messages they send, and then take assertive action towards what nurtures you! We need to FEEL our feelings, LISTEN to our intuition and inner voices, SEE our worth, SPEAK our minds, and SMELL the roses as we contemplate the much-needed Next Steps towards what we NEED to create, soulfully, at this time. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much! Namaste


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