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Full Moon in Taurus: Emotional Focus Reflects Your Soul Depths

Each Full Moon means the Moon sits opposite the Sun - whereby the Moon's full light is a reflection of the Sun's (our Soul self) unconscious desires - bringing it all into full Illumination, out into the Light, spotlighted for us to see clearly what we've been working on since New Moon. What was once Unconscious is now Conscious.

Emotionally, how are you? Mentally, where are you? Soulfully, how are you connecting?

Tuesday's Full Moon began at 6:35 a.m. MST at 19 degrees of Taurus 52' with the Sun directly opposite in Scorpio, escorted by Mercury Rx (retrograde) our "Messenger from the Gods" guy, bringing us closer to that which we fear most, mentally.

Vesta (in Rx motion) is escorting the Full Moon, bringing focused INWARD concentration on your Emotional body. How are you feeling? What are you thinking? Are you connecting mentally AND emotionally with yourself? Then Soulfully, where are you at?

Monday November 11th, Remembrance Day around the world, at 8:22 a.m. MST we experienced a conjunction between Mercury Rx and the Sun, both in Scorpio. Talk about shedding LIGHT on our deep Shadow-self thoughts! Mercury is our Mental body in Astrology. The Sun is our Soul body - that vital aspect of Self that is Eternal. Both are moving through deep waters, hence the Emotional + Mental + Spiritual connection with this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Love lines of support to this Full Moon in Taurus are beaming from both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn - structure, goals, responsibilities AND learning to turn power and control issues of the Ego-self into Empowerment - we need ALL of these players to work well together in order to move forward into the direction of our ambitions.

How have you been working against yourself this past week? Emotionally? Mentally? Spiritually? Are you struggling with your fears, anger, sadness, frustration regarding your ambition? Do you feel the need to CONTROL - something or somebody? OR do you want someone else to DO IT ALL for you? Walk away, let it all go and to hell with it all?

Taurus represents our values system, how we interact with money in our lives, and the hands-on skills and talents we bring to the table that bring us income which in turn allows us to buy that which we value to have in our lives.

Scorpio brings forth deep-level emotional reflection into Inner pools of Self our Ego may not be comfortable with. And Mercury Rx moving through this fixed Water sign, empassioned speech, fearful thoughts, and deep-dives into the WHY of what you're feeling and thinking are up for grabs.

Key questions to ask yourself: What's the Value of thinking/feeling more of the darker, less positive thoughts or emotions? How does this help me? Scorpio brings our investigative and research abilities to the fore. By diving deep into those dark waters of your Shadow Self, you are consciously allowing yourself to 'see' closely that which you've been negating, avoiding and/or rejecting Within - not accepting, loving nor acknowledging.

HOW do you want to BE with yourself? What's been in the way, blocking that connection? What are you rejecting, deeply, Within? Why are you fearing this part of yourself?

To move through and past this blockage (which could also be something Frozen in Time from a previous trauma or issue you didn't or couldn't deal with at the time) is where Compassion, Forgiveness and Love come in.

  • Using the H'Oponopono Prayer to clear those inner blocks of ice: "I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you" over and over again until you feel the shift into acceptance.

  • Use Gregg Braden's Heart Meditation: Place your hand on your heart and take deep breaths in and out (at least 3 times in a row) to bring you back into THIS moment, into THIS feeling, to allow yourself to dive deeply INTO your Shadow fears, feelings and thoughts.

  • Sit with yourself, deeply, silently, lovingly. Cry the tears, write or speak the words, feel those feelings, and think those thoughts - BE with yourself as deeply as you can. Do this in incremental moments if necessary. It is a process. It is YOUR process as to how MUCH deep-diving you can do at any given moment.

  • The KEY action here: is DOING this process at all! Having the courage to look Within is a huge step! Which is what this planetary lineup is assisting you with. Bring your loving self into the picture; bring compassion here too - if NOW isn't the right time to process this. Compassion is KEY too - what works for others isn't always right for you.

  • Trust your Intuition! Always, in all ways. The TIME is right when it's right for you.

Saturn asks all of us to take the TIME to spend time with yourself, to suss out what's Old and needs to be let go; what's keepable; what needs to be healed, loved and embraced. We're healing now what Jupiter unboxed, loudly, for all of us from Oct 2017 and Nov 2018.

Mercury Rx is connecting us with the Mental body while the Full Moon's connecting us with the Emotional body. We need to feel how we're thinking and think about how we're feeling. Connecting these two subtle bodies Within self will also connect you into a more solid ONEness of self. Splitting ourselves off is what has created these disconnects Within - that are in turn creating disconnects Without, in our outer lives.

This Full Moon in Taurus, create an AND by connecting Within, fully, mentally and emotionally, to BE with yourself more Wholly/Spiritually, as One. Namaste

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