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Full Moon in Virgo...

Monday's Full Moon (as of 10:20a MST)brought the Moon in opposition to the Sun at 03 degrees of Virgo 34'.Since Sunday, some sort of Illumination has been brought into your world regarding how you wish to BE of Service, becoming Conscious about it, perhaps for the first time.

The New Moon (February 8th in Aquarius) began our journey towards what we've been Unconscious about within Self regarding what we want for our Future Self. As of today, we now understand, and are aware, of how we wish to use our talents, gifts and experiences more out in the world of daily work and looking after our physical health.

As you look at the Moon tonight, notice how close it is to Jupiter (still Rx and sitting at 20 degrees Virgo 10' with the North Node - which you cannot see because it is a point of reference - at 21 degrees Virgo 46') with Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation Leo, just above them, bringing in the creativity and fun we all need to mix in with work!

As I look at today's chart for this Full Moon, we have four planets and the South Node in Pisces, sitting opposite this Full Moon. They are assisting all of us to create an "AND" in some regard within our Self/life as follows:

  • Sun - at 03 degrees Pisces 34', brings vitality and Illumination into our Spiritual and Divine-ness, dispelling any illusions/delusions we may have had before now.

  • Neptune - ruler of Pisces, sits at 09 degrees Pisces 16', increasing our imagination to enVISION our dreams for that Future Self we began to connect with back at New Moon.

  • Ceres - also at 09 degrees Pisces 45', shows how we are nurturing ourselves as adults, compared to how we were nurtured as children. Here the continuing theme of the Spiritual comes in - how do you nurture your SPIRIT? Are you aware that you have a Spirit, let alone know your connection to the Divine?

  • Chiron - sitting at 19 degrees Pisces 59', brings in yet MORE healing of our collective Wounds of Separation from Spirit! Otherwise known as that Drama Triangle of the Ego-Self wanting to keep its role as either Victim or Rescuer/Rescue ME or Persecutor/Bully/Being Bullied. Or all three. Some of us live with the addiction of drama rather than inner tranquility and love and forgiveness. Here Jupiter, sitting at 20 degrees Virgo 10', Rx (retrograde), amplifies and expands our boundaries BEYOND our usual safety net - yikes! You want me to do what? You beckon me on to heal away from those roles/wounds my Ego-Self has known for over 2,000 years to do what now? BE of service, to others AND my physical body, lovingly and with forgiveness? Are you nuts? I like it just where I am....I think...don't I?

  • Lastly, the South Node - at 21 degrees Pisces 46' Rx (retrograde) brings in any unresolved issues from your past (this lifetime or other lifetimes) that persists the above-mentioned Drama Triangle wound/role-playing for the Ego-Self. Here we have the North Node, exactly opposite, beside Jupiter's expansive and amplifying (aka LOUDness) sending Soulful messages our way to DO our daily habits (Moon) in an alternative and healing and healthy way, compared to what we've been doing for ourselves, and others, until now. Be it work (paid or volunteering) and how we care for this physical body. Pisces brings to our attention ALL the ways we are addictive to something - an activity, a substance, food, etc - that distracts us, suppresses us, denies us access to our TRUE Spiritual Natures. Hhhmmm...what are your addictions?

Venus sits at 06 degrees of Aquarius 54' creating an angle with this Full Moon that begs us to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning in some way. Venus is IN the sign of our Future Self. She is our Desire Body - what do I Value, own, have money for, and the talents and skills with which to garner it all, AND then enrich myself within relationships with signifcant others?

With the Full Moon in Virgo - perhaps we are expecting PERFECTION? Saying to ourselves, "I am too old, or over-weight, or been alone too long," or or or...just excuses my friends! "I am NOT perfect enough" is hogwash! We are ALL perfect just as we are, already! Believe this. Love yourself for this. Despite the media's and society's say-so otherwise! I always wonder, WHO is the decision-maker for media and society mores? WHO gets to decide on MY Life and needs and desires? When did we give THEM/IT the power to do so? Hhhhmmm...

Pluto and Uranus continue to create stress and tension Within regarding transforming power and control issues (Pluto) into emPOWERment, and Free To BE ME (Uranus) Unexpected Change that may come at you like a fly-ball out of left field! We all struggle with Outer Expectations that conflict with Inner Wants and Needs to BE TRUE TO ME. Pluto sends a love line to Jupiter Rx and North Node Rx in Virgo - saying, "We can ALL have it ALL if we just play well with others, BE of service, have FAITH that going beyond current experiences and boundaries WILL be OKAY, even BETTER than you'd ever expect! TRUST me on this..."

You may find you have to chat with your freaked out, frightened, "I don't wanna go there!" Ego-Self a bit more, to allow IN the self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-nurturance that you've been too busy, or in denial, or afraid to allow in before now.

Love and Forgiveness, laughter, kindness, joy, fun and play - yay! More please! This and MORE is what Jupiter/North Node, both Rx, therefore deeply within energetically, are beckoning us on INTO. TRUST, have FAITH, Love your Ego-Self's desires/addictions to Drama and denial and distractions and you WILL walk yourself THROUGH it all. This is the Key - to walk through all the mind games, emotions, feelings, and 'see' that Light at the end of this long tunnel of BEing in the Dark about some aspect of yourself until TODAY (Full Moon). You made it! Yay! You ARE here! Yay! Breathe, love, and forgive.

Blessed BE!

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