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Full Moon in Virgo: Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning!

This Full Moon, along with MORE SNOW FLURRIES here in southern Alberta (was that my outside voice?!) brought forth a deeper feeling of cabin fever AND "let's get to work to unearth old patterns of conditioning"!

March 1st, Thursday, at 5:51p MST the Moon sat opposite the Sun at 11 degrees of Virgo/Pisces 23', respectively, heralding the Full Moon phase during which something is ILLUMINATED within our lives. Something that was hidden in the dark before now that we were unaware of, relating to Self and how we wish to Serve.

Virgo is our mutable earth sign, flowing with change, creating change, physically and hands-on, yet also mentally - Virgo is ruled by our planet Mercury, all about how we think, use our brain power, learn, adapt mentally, communicate and it's our Self Talk! How we speak, internally, with/to ourselves.

The Full Moon's Virgo themes ILLUMINATED any, or all, of the following:

  • HOW we wish to BE of Serviceout in the world via our daily work - IS it working for us, this job we're in right now? If not, why not? What are your next steps in this area of life? Our willingness to ADAPT to new service, knowing when it's time to leave a job or change a routine - this is Inner Wisdom of Service at its best.

  • HOW we are looking after the health of our physical body - our diet, exercise program, healing needs, eating regimens - all are being examined now.

  • PERFECTIONISM -be it processes within Self, at work, in the home/personal life - wherever Virgo resides in your birth chart is where this theme activates within your life to bring forth self-awareness. 

  • Judgement / Critical Voice:here is where we judge others and self with our petty criticisms because the Ego-self is looking for Perfection! If we feel out of whack from Within, and don't take the time to check in with how we feel/think at the moment, then the Ego-self will go out of its way to blame others around us for making us feel, well, out of whack! No one has that power, however.Each person is in charge of HOW they feel, when they feel, and what they do with those feelings.

  • Unacknowledged feelings don't go away - they recede, go into hiding, only to come flying out, unexpectedly, later when we least expect it. And the blaming, criticism and transference comes out to play again, and again, and again. Unless we stop, check Within to FEEL how we feel! Then THINK about how you're feeling, then feel, then think, and see what gems you become consciously aware of, from Within You. It all begins with you.

  • WORRYis at play here too - not listening to your opposite sign, Pisces (where the Sun sits right now) of feelings, intuition, intuitive INsights - to have faith, believe IN your or someone's abilities, that this too shall pass - what ever THIS is. Worry creates blockages too, comes from fear, and therefore that Ego-self bringing forth illusory rabbit holes of self-sabotage.

  • Organization: How and when we organize ourselves, life, home. From the physical to the spiritual. I find myself, when I've completed some Inner Space work emotionally and/or mentally and/or spiritually, physically shifting furniture or finding new ways to file away paperwork, finally DO the paperwork (!) or other To Dos that seemed completely an uphill battle to accomplish prior to that Inner Space work. Interesting how not doing the Inner Space work can block us from moving forward on something, just as easily as a physical blockage can!

  • Discernment:here we use clear discrimination or critical thought to also clear blockages, move forward into whatever project or task needs organizing. Ruled by Mercury, this makes sense. We need the focus and at times, do analysis via those Pros/Cons lists/research to arrive at that which makes better sense before we take further action.

  • Perfectionism:I want to address this again - here we USE perfectionism to bring order out of chaos -something I do quite naturally (and how I make my living, other than Astrology). Here these innate skills to ORGANIZE a space, event, people, paper, things - this is a positive use of Virgo's tendency to BE perfect! I have Virgo Rising, completely within my 1st House, therefore it is not only part of my outward personality, how I dress and present myself to others, it is also what I EMBODY(1st House is of the physical body). Therefore, whenever I am in a room I can physically FEEL when a physical thing is out of order or needs to be moved. I cannot settle down to concentrate unless I DO the physical thing to create order. Then my focus comes back to where I need it to be. Cool! How we do our processes at home/work - housework, homework, paperwork - whatever WORK process you are involved with - THIS is where we bring forth the innovation of perfecting HOW we do those processes. We can spend years doing the same old, same old habit/way of WORK, then one day, BHAM! we see our way through to a totally different, more efficient way! Cool! As in during a Full Moon in Virgo.

  • PHYSICALLY: Virgo rules the following physical places in our bodies - bowels and intestines, constipation and diarrhea, digestion and assimilation, our Solar Plexus chakra (Empowerment vs power and control issues).Here during a Full Moon in Virgo our awareness will become more conscious of these areas - how well they are working Within the physical body. Is it time to increase veggie intake? Do a cleanse? See a doctor for a physical? If you are having issues  "digesting" something emotionally and/or mentally will affect your digestive system. As Within, So Without.

Looking at the event chart for this Full Moon in Virgo, I see the following planets/Nodes assisting us with the themes mentioned above:

  • The Full Moon in Virgo sits opposite the Sun in Pisces: the opposite sign to each other - and with the Sun is Juno (equality in relationships) + the Part of Fortune (where we find our Joy) + Neptune, ruler of Pisces (the Magic, Movies & Illusion of Earth School - are we dealing with illusion or reality? Escaping reality via our addictions/distractions? Belief in the MAGIC of feelings, intuition, and INsights as markers we're on the right path forward, in the NOW) + Mercury, ruler of Virgo (communication, thought, learning) + Venus (our Desire Body - what are my desires?) + Chiron (Spiritual Wound we carry to be healed this lifetime) - all in Pisces! Of the water signs, Pisces represents the nebulous, numinous, fog/mists - that which we cannot quite see or touch, yet we know is THERE. Hence our connection to our Spiritual Self/Higher Self/God/Great Spirit - whomever you believe to be a guiding force in your life. These 6 planets/places bring forth a conscious awareness of your Spiritual practices - the Full Moon reflects back the unconscious desires of the Soul (Sun). What intuitive INsights, feelings and thoughts are you receiving this Full Moon? How are you connecting with your opposite sign?

  • The Full Moon in Virgo + South Node Rx with Vertex in Aquarius: here is where we're all 'letting go of old patterns of conditioning" in some regard. The South Node points to unresolved issues from our past/past lives and the Vertex denotes Fated/Destined connections, circumstances, experiences. What has caused Old Stuff to come up for you, that you thought you'd dealt with, butting up against your ability to BE your True Authentic Self (Aquarius)? This Full Moon brings forth those situations/people/circumstances once again! Being Rx (retrograde) makes this South Node extra sensitive as in PERSONAL. You cannot run away and hide from it - no matter how hard you try!

  • Jupiter in Scorpio is in a love connection to Mercury + Venus + Chiron in Pisces: here we are being expanded and moved beyond current limitations/constrictions and boundaries (Jupiter) past those deeply buried fears (Scorpio) to be HEALED (Chiron) to bring forth our true DESIRES (Venus) and CHANGE our MINDSET (Mercury) through our Spiritual practices. Mental fears, emotional fears, spiritual fears - all of these can be coming forth, in full force, to be loved, healed and let go of. How? Acknowledge the fears, the feelings, the needs. Walk through the emotions, thoughts and find Inner Peace - that Inner Wisdom/you.

  • The Full Moon in Virgo in a love connection to both Saturn in Capricorn and Pallas in Taurus: here the earth signs bring forth grounding, practical solutions and hands-on tactile tasks to move through, create and bring forth goals, responsibilities, wisdom and BE in touch with Mother Earth. Despite the snow!

  • Jupiter in Scorpio + Uranus and Eris in Aries: another area where we're "letting go of old patterns of conditioning" this Moon cycle. Scorpio is the ICE water sign, and Aries brings forth instinctual heat/action. Scorpio can be our fears frozen in Time and Space; Aries wants to move and break free of restrictions/bindings from the past - to initiate the Inner Explorer, Pioneer and BE independent. Uranus brings forth Unexpected Change and holds hands with Mars' sister, Eris, to assert self into action that may re-balance your Inner Feminine/Masculine energy centres so there will be a more even mix of the two Within! More centred, whole and in line.

Wherever these planets/Nodes are in these signs within your birth chart - here is where you're receiving the gems of self-knowledge and new awareness Within this Full Moon phase. Your AHA moments. Your healing - be it conscious or unconscious - it happens nonetheless. I enjoy being consciously aware of what I am healing Within. This doesn't mean I am aware of EVERYTHING! Where's the fun in that? LOL!

Enjoy the snow (or whatever weather you're experiencing in the world) and Keep On Keeping On! One baby step in front of another baby step, forward.


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