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Full Moon in Virgo Today @ 11:05a MST

Two weeks have gone by since the New Moon phase, and today's Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are facing one another, in opposite signs. The Moon (in Virgo) is Illuminating, spotlighting the unconscious desires of the Sun (Soul) sitting in Pisces. Virgo is mutable earth and Pisces is mutable water. Both represent how we wish to BE of service. Pisces represents being of higher service, divinely or spiritually, moving beyond the Ego self's desires to do work "for the good of all" in some regard. Where Pisces resides in your birth chart shows you where this service comes into play in your life. Virgo represents mundane or earth-bound service, daily work we do in this world. She also represents the health of our physical body. If we don't have our health, we canna work, and if we aren't working, our health can suffer. Virgo shows us how we perfect the processes in life, how we "see" a better world, and do the detail work to that end. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the wee details we forget why we started the work or project to begin with!

The Full Moon chart shows Neptune at 07 degrees of Pisces 33', followed by the Sun at 14 degrees of Pisces 50' (hence the Moon is sitting at 14 degrees of Virgo 50') and Chiron at 17 degrees of Pisces 07'. This grouping has been working on us since 2011/2012 and especially when the Sun is in Pisces February to March every year since. What does this trio have in store for us this Full Moon? I (and my peers) have noticed that the Chiron Wound in Pisces (and many of my clients were born with Chiron in Pisces, and now the rest of us are also experiencing this) whereby we "see" and feel the pain and suffering of others around us. Chiron in Pisces wishes to heal us through the wound of how we hold compassion for one another, and for how long. This is key. We are all reworking a different level of compassion for self and others AND learning when to use it and when to withdraw it. Withdraw it? Isn't that the opposite of what we're supposed to do? Not necessarily - think about the people in your life who are either emotionally or physically in pain, are suffering some kind of inner agony. How much of this pain and suffering is real and how much of it is to keep them in Victim mode? To have us rescue them, time after time, and yet nothing is healed. So what are we doing for these people? We keep them in victim mode, and prevent them from learning their OWN process of inner healing via holding compassion and love for themselves.

Chiron is the Centaur who was accidentally mortally wounded by Hercules yet could not die because he was half God. This in turn caused him to search out all alternative healing modalities and eventually to teach these healing techniques to the world. Chiron was discovered in 1977 and look how the alternative health industry has grown since then. Health food stores, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, Reiki, spas, personal gyms, yoga studios, meditation classes - you name it - are all mainstream now. You can see how Chiron has helped us to "help ourselves" physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually for 38 years now - a generation.

Chiron wants us to HEAL ourselves, from the inside out, without fear of being rejected for being the sensitive souls we truly are. Chiron in Pisces (plus the Sun and Neptune) are collectively assisting us to BE more sensitive energetically and emotionally AND to "see" how those energetic boundaries can be part of that Drama Triangle, bringing Victim rather than Victor out in each of us. Heal the sensitive energy boundaries around you by setting solid standards of what you will and will not tolerate from others in behaviour. This includes being bullied, being told you are less than, to keep you in a Victim stance on that Drama Triangle, wishing for someone to please please please RESCUE ME! Guess what? YOU can rescue YOURSELF. From the inside out. Heal the inner wound - most likely emotional - and stand in your power, via LOVE. Your true self. And I don't mean that you have power over others - it means to EMpower yourself and all others around you. Set those boundaries of behaviour and allow in love and compassion, joy and laughter. Express the same from yourself to the world around you.

This trio in Pisces seems to be triggering everyone's Chiron Wound (no matter what sign it is in or House of Life Experience it is in) to BE healed now, to let go of the vestiges of the Age of Pisces whereby "who will look after me" victimization was the order of the day. The Age of Aquarius beckons us to be real, be strong, be flowing, be emotional, be intuitive, and be part of community all at the same time. With this Full Moon in Virgo, we are asked to "see" the measure of the service we are willing to DO in the world beyond the Drama Triangle and being Victim, or Rescuing others, or Persecuting/feeling persecuted. Where is Chiron in sign and House in your chart? This is the key that is being healed this New Moon cycle before the Vernal Equinox/New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse March 20th.

AND, we have a rolling stellium, or grouping of more than three planets, in Aries, the cardinal fire sign, initiating change in the realm of being our Inner Warrior, pioneering new inroads of self-identity that we never thought possible before now. Unresolved issues from the past (via the South Node) teamed with Mars (ruler of Aries) to ASSERT ourselves, stand up and fight for what is true and right for self. Followed by Uranus bringing Unexpected Change into the mix, allowing for originality and individuation - aka BEing Your Truest Self - and asserting yourself accordingly. WHO AM I? WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? WHAT DO MY INSTINCTS TELL ME? Venus assists Uranus via what you heartfully, lovingly, DESIRE in MY life - no matter whether you are married, have a significant other, are in some type of partnership - what do YOU desire for yourself? And are you allowing those desires to be asserted (Mars) now? "Just a spoonful of Courage...." is what is necessary this Full Moon - to take some sort of ACTION. Action speaks louder than words or thoughts.... Stand up to the bullies showing up in your life; including your own Inner Bully (we attract outwardly that which we suppress/dismiss within) and love them by telling them how their behaviour is not tolerated from this moment forward. Period. Stand firm, yet lovingly so.

The Full Moon's position at 14 degrees Virgo 50' creates an angle to Uranus and Venus that beckons all of us to let go of old patterns of conditioning that have held us BACK from asserting ourselves with others - no matter who they are. Uranus encourages True Self expression, BEing your original YOU. Venus encourages self-love, to bring the inner beauty OUT for all to see. Do you "see" the COURAGE this takes? How can we BE of SERVICE, daily, if we are afraid of the people around us? If we are afraid of setting healthy boundaries of acceptable behaviour around us? To me this is what is wrong in the wide world of gangs and cartels and groups who think they can get away with murder, literally, due to force and a huge lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and most importantly, self-love! To BE of Service means to serve from the heart, to be willing to not know all the rules or processes just yet. To perfect yourself and inner knowledge and skill sets along the way, with time. There are no shortcuts in life, they can bite you in the butt somewhere down the line. Emotionally, intuitively, know how you wish to SERVE others in your life, without BEing victim or encouraging victimization in others. Courageously STAND FIRM, with Love and Compassion, with SELF and OTHERS, for what you know, heartfully, is true for your life and your journey. Not because society or gangs or friends or family are bullying us to BE otherwise. Perfect yourself, lovingly, yet let go of perfectionism. We are all, right now, this minute, as PERFECT as we can possible BE.


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