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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Point Your Soul Compass & Enrich Your Spiritual Direction!

Overnight – at 2:31 a.m. MST early Monday November 30, 2020 – we’ll experience a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 08 degrees GEMINI 38’ of Celestial Longitude! Luckily for us it is NOT a Total Lunar Eclipse, whew! No 30-day Moon cycle of Emotions to deal within 3.5 – 5 hours this time! Like I said, whew!

Not all Full Moons/New Moons are ECLIPSES – due to the fact that we must have one of the Lunar Nodes nearby – either the North Node or South Node – in the same sign as the Sun or Moon’s position at the time of the New/Full Moon phases! Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse is IN GEMINI where the current North Node/Dragon’s Head is too! This is the collective SOUL DIRECTION to be heading into – one that we humans haven’t had much experience with, so there can be resistance to NOT connect with Soulful Curiousity, to Communicate/have conversations with people, or deciding to stay mute/silent, not connect with local community/neighbours. Your Choice! Or allow our Ego-self to head in the opposite direction where the South Node/Dragon’s Tail resides – where we’ve done a LOT of work & experience in Past Lives, within that fiery Sagittarius of Seeking Your Higher Purpose! Seeking that Purpose is one thing; actually DOING it amongst your community is another!

This Gemini Lunar Eclipse is ruled by Mercury – Messenger planet from the Gods to we humans – communicating that which we need to hear/know at this time! Both Mercury / Gemini bring us closer to our Mental body via the Moon/Emotional body – so again, how are you thinking AND feeling all at the same time?! What Communication-oriented issues have been LOUD for you these past 10 days?

For instance, in my world: rather INTENSE client readings (partly due to Mercury moving through those deep emotional waters of Scorpio!) & dealing with increasing Mom’s Internet speed, while negotiating a better 2-year plan dollar-wise AND me having spyware enter my Mac computer to be manually erased by our uber Computer Expert, Peter of Okotoks Computers (he had his own learning curve on this one too!) & fixing some issues with Mom’s email AND assisting my sister in her purchase of a new computer online! Whew! Themes around our communication devices aka computers to be sure! In between which, key CLEAR conversations, questing & receiving clarifying answers! A whirlwind of activity, decisions & connections!

Professionally, I have dived into doing FB Live Videos/Room Chats for my Astrology community – something that’s been “on my mind” for a long while now! It’s like “riding a wave” the situations & events that occur in our lives prior to the actual ECLIPSE – accelerated motion / emotion / intention / decisions & then you’re “off to the races”!! While keeping grounded, away from whirlwind vortexes of Air-related confusion, disinformation / misinformation, & being spacey, disorganized!

Gemini themes that come into play here for this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – these will ILLUMINATE something important for you in your life at Full Moon! And if an Eclipse happens to activate one of your natal planets within your Birth Chart/Business Birth Chart – it is way significant! FYI – Pay Attention! Could be AHA moments here too….

Gemini Themes in Play Will Be Any/All of the Following (culled from Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book!):

  • Motion or Activity: driving your vehicle & taking road trips, locally, is key here. Any Transportation needs/issues to address. Experiencing restless energy – to GO & DO something, somewhere! Excitability – how are you channeling this outwardly?

  • Learning: are you connecting with Factual information? Interesting that the news earlier this week impacted Formal Education issues – moving Jr High / Sr High students back home to do Virtual schooling again due to the rise in COVID-19 cases here in Alberta, Canada! To begin tomorrow, Monday! A scramble for parents to connect with people like Peter, our computer guy, to get laptops functional for seamless connectivity for school Monday morning! Here’s also what we’re reading from Print Media & the Internet – are we CURIOUS enough to ensure it is TRUE information vs. mis- or dis-information?!

  • Our Communication Skills: here’s where we UP our game – writing, speaking, with effective LISTENING & TEACHING skills, having mental rapport with others, & allowing ourselves to UNDERSTAND DIFFERENT OPINIONS! It’s okay to disagree & still be in one another’s company! It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends if we have opposing views!

  • Logic & Reasoning: being aware of options of new ways to LEARN, REASON, THINK, etc. How our cleverness is built upon Curiosity vs. the NEED TO CONTROL THE NARRATIVE (which is Ego-self related). Any short-term results due to constructively changing what we say, how we say it, & to whom! In order to receive that which we need from one another. Especially living on top of one another during these COVID-19 times. Here’s where we can LEARN handy-man skills – GEMINI rules the arms, shoulders, hands & fingers! How dexterous are you? And bringing in Ingenuity to learn the mechanics of something NEW to us, communication-wise! Like all this ONLINE/Virtual learning, chatting, videos & reaching out to one another at arms-length vs. in-person! And of course, with VARIETY – again how CURIOUS are you to look for diverse ways of communicating? Picking up that phone & dialing that number vs. Messenger or Text or Video chats?!!! That old-fashioned phone call on a landline even!

  • Our Social Skills being Honed: here’s where the Internet/cellphones/computer work & schooling has changed HOW we interact with one another! The Social Niceties of saying HELLO when we pass one another in the hallway or out walking. Acknowledging one another as HUMANS! Using tact, being courteous, & sparring wittily with each other – mental gymnastics is what I call it! So refreshing & inspiring! Enjoying the CURRENT MOMENT – those unexpected heartfelt interactions at the end of a Shiatsu session with your practitioner to say, “Thank You!” or at the mailbox, picking up our mail, chatting with neighbours we’re so glad to SEE in-person! BEING sociable while distancing as we must until this COVID-19 is under control again or begins mutating enough to be LESS of a threat to our health.

  • Local Relationships: here’s where interacting with siblings, roommates, neighbours, local merchants, schoolmates comes into play. BEING SOCIAL – how are you interacting verbally with others?

  • Now some SHADOW Gemini: here’s where we can be OVERACTIVE with excessing questioning, or talking too much & not pausing to LISTEN! Using word Trickery to deceive others or keeping people “second-guessing” what you TRULY mean. Being superficial – not at all curious to really KNOW how that person feels or thinks today. Being nervous, indecisive. Changing our minds constantly gets us nowhere. KNOW THYSELF. Then you’ll know how to conduct yourself in social settings. KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS too! To deceive or to ILLUMINATE?

  • Physically, Gemini Rules: the hands, wrists, arms & shoulders. Hay fever can be an issue, how we breathe fully or shallowly from our lungs, & how our nervous system is doing. Too much caffeine or sugar or stimulation otherwise can key us up, be wired & unable to relax & ENJOY LIFE! Disconnect from the computer/cellphones & just BE for a while! I’ve found myself Meditating MORE these past 2 weeks just to BE & feel Myself from Within!

Looking at the chart for this Lunar Eclipse/New Moon in Gemini I see that those Lunar Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius (20 degrees 31’) opposing one another, are creating a T-Square formation to Neptune in Pisces at 18 degrees 09’ Celestial Longitude. Here’s where my title originated: we’re being asked to move INTO THE SOUL DIRECTION OF GEMINI – allowing ourselves to dive into the CHAOS of human communication, to BE CURIOUS, to ferret out INFORMATION we didn’t want to know about, before now. SOMETHING NEW THIS WAY COMES!

The South Node in Sagittarius brings us Unresolved Issues from the Past/Past Lives – to be dealt with through people/circumstances that show themselves right now - & to HEAL it. Over the top EMOTIONS here point to KARMIC situations to be dealt with. And the MORE we create an AND between heading in our Soul Direction (North Node in Gemini) AND Letting Go of that Karma (South Node in Sagittarius) we bring ourselves CLOSER to our Spiritual Self/practice & connections! Meditation. Taking time out for self. Doing a spa day in your own shower or bath tub! This Mutable T-Square asks us to “Go With the Flow!” because others will ask for our time or input, yet REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR OWN FLOW HEREIN TOO! Giving giving giving & not receiving in a balanced manner brings us into imbalance, lower emotions & creates ill-will! We MUST ask for that which we need for ourselves. Take time for ME.

This South Node in Sagittarius (something Unresolved) is sending love lines of connection to both ERIS Rx & her brother MARS, both in Cardinal Fire ARIES – what have you been Neglecting in your Life (ERIS)? What NEW ACTION have you been contemplating (Mars)? And interestingly, the VERTEX is in play here too – Something Fated/Destined this way comes! Aries asks us to INSTINCTIVELY take assertive action for SELF. Me, Myself & I! Remember Your Self in all of this! Time out for Me! Who am I as ME in my WE’s (relationships)? If we don’t have ME-time how can we be available to BE with our WE’s? Refreshed, curious & in the HERE moment?

Enjoy this Eclipse in Mutable Air! Remember: the energies between November 30th & December 14th Eclipse will be “sticky” & “whiggy” causing some misunderstandings, not wanting to commit to something, or needing MORE information before making decisions. TRUST YOUR INTUITION always! If NOW is NOT the TIME – then wait! You’ll know when to have that conversation with that person who’s been on your mind. Or to make that decision that’s been weighing you down. Expect the Unexpected – Uranus & Venus are opposing each other from Taurus/Scorpio – Being Truly Authentic with that which we Passionately, Emotionally DESIRE!

Bring out your Inner Compass! Where are you heading? Why are you? With whom? Expect Fated & Destined conditions to be in play! We’re heading into some interesting Times & Waters between now & Winter Solstice! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists – THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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