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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sag: Make Your Leap of Faith into the Unknown to Heal Your Past

There's a lot going on right now - a Full Moon, which is also a Total Lunar Eclipse, in Sagittarius (because the South Node of the Moon is in the same sign) - and Mercury's about to Station Rx/retrograde in Gemini, while Jupiter, newly entered Pisces, is creating a T-square of stress and tension with this Lunar Eclipse! So begins this first Eclipse season of 2021...

An Eclipse in a fire sign can be action-oriented and inspirationally motivated (according to Celeste Teal, Eclipses, 2009). Within Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter (as the Lord of this Total Lunar Eclipse) there's plenty of aspiration and enthusiasm around, with religion, distant travel (wanting to yet unable to), foreigners, publishing, philanthropy, propaganda, and higher education highlighted.

An Eclipse in any of the above areas creates accelerated change, directly impacting whatever your interests are from the above list. Up to 10 days prior to an Eclipse we can begin to feel and see this change. During a Total Lunar Eclipse, we will experience a full 29.5-day Moon cycle within the time of the eclipse, which tomorrow, Wednesday May 26th, begins at 3:45 a.m. MDT and completes at 6:52 a.m. MDT - just over 3 hours.

A Lunar Eclipse brings emotional and intuitional connections and insights from within - and at 05 degrees Sagittarius 25' Celestial Longitude - the fire to reach beyond the local is the order of the day. To go beyond the local. Seeking your higher purpose. What House of Life Experience in your Birth chart does this Lunar Eclipse activate? This is from where accelerated change is happening in your life.

Jupiter, as Lord of this Lunar Eclipse, is currently at 01 degrees Pisces 11' Celestial Longitude, creating that mutable T-Square with the Lunar Nodes (North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius, both at 11 degrees) I mentioned above.

Again, we're clearing up unresolved issues from the Past via the Dragon's Tail (South Node) AND also need to head into our Soul direction, via the Dragon's Head (North Node) to create change, freeing up our Spiritual need to take a RISK - aka Leap of Faith into the Unknown - trusting that you will land on your feet, safely, beyond current safe boundaries.

Are you feeling any of the stress and tension here? The last time Jupiter moved through Pisces was in 2010, January 19th, until 2011, January 23. What was your Leap of Faith that year? How did your Intuition lead you to move off from your safe boundaries? For me, I uprooted and disengaged from my long-standing household in Calgary and moved myself to Nanaimo, BC, where I knew no one. Within 2.75 years I had met a circle of Soul Friends (who are still in my life!), expanded my Astrology business and experienced two Spiritual journeys - Mt. Shasta in northern California, and Egypt - Cairo to Luxor to Aswan to Alexandria.

Where does your Faith and Trust in your Intuition lead you? How will this Total Lunar Eclipse bring you closer to your higher purpose? With Mercury turning Rx/retrograde May 29th at 24 degrees Gemini 27' Celestial Longitude - moving back over Gemini from 24 degrees to 16 degrees and 10' - somewhere in your Birth chart. What House of Life Experience is being activated, to connect, converse, network with, reconnect with others? Review, renew, re-engage, re-assess, revisit - what's your RE? What information are you gathering and thinking about? How does your mental body (Mercury) bring you guidance to aid in that Leap of Faith you're meant to take, most likely in 2022? And how supportive is your Inner Talk, with yourself? Loving or tearing down?

Every Full Moon brings Illumination - some sort of AHA! moment - that brings out of the darkness a part of you that needs your Light - your love, to be embraced, not ignored. This Lighthouse part of yourself NEEDS to shine out into the wider world - what is it? Why are you hiding? What's unresolved from the Past that holds you back, blocking your Soul's need to move forward with its true purpose? Bring it on! Feel that emotional tidal wave, honour the intuitive insights, and follow your purpose. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste and Thank you so much!

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