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Gibbous Moon: Dark Night of the Soul or Roots to Inner Growth?

Yesterday, FRIDAY JUNE 10, 2022, the Moon entered its GIBBOUS phase - the phase where we Evaluate our progress or how we've developed, via Inner Growth, since New Moon (which occurred MAY 30th).

At 05 degrees SCORPIO 18' Celestial Longitude at 11:44 pm MDT, we are now seeing some "stormy weather" literally and figuratively! A thunderstorm is upon us as I write this post, mid-day of JUNE 11th!

Scorpio likes to dig deeply to find the "root cause" to locate the Truth. Whether we like what we find or not. There's a reason for it. Something, deeply personal, emotional, perhaps a bit fearful, traumatic, full of anxiety (how have you been breathing since yesterday?) - whatever the feelings are - what's your Intuition telling you about it? Where are you going with it?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and rules the 8th House of the Birth chart. Levels upon levels of self-understanding going on here - where is this Moon phase activating your life via your Birth chart, AND, with PLUTO Rx right now, sitting at 29 degrees CAPRICORN 11' - where is he TRANSFORMING what you're building in your life? These two signs are squaring each other (out of sign) to create "stress and tension" deep Within for CHANGE to happen!

This Gibbous Moon is also hooking up with that Lunar South Node - 20 degrees SCORPIO 57' - to help us RELEASE, emotionally, any of those fears, traumas, anxieties, abuses from Past Lives (or earlier this lifetime) that have created "frozen in Time" shards of ice/icebergs within our Emotional body - blockading our way forward.

What FEARS have been building Within you this week? What are you facing or trying not to face?

Sitting directly across from the Moon in SCORPIO today will be both URANUS and VENUS at 16 degrees TAURUS 52' at 4:54 pm MDT - how are we able to create an "AND" between the part that fears and the part that wants to create something hands-on, earthy, that we can see and show the world? Speak Your Truth - BE HONEST with your fears/what's hidden or hiding deeply Within. SPEAKING ABOUT IT lessens the tensions and turns fears into illusions and delusions and then POOF! No more fear!

VENUS is our planet of Love, Beauty, Balance, Creating something with our hands that is beautiful to be shared. To take our Time with it. To mold it, craft it, immerse ALL of our senses into it! BE INSPIRED via our senses/sensual nature!

URANUS brings Unexpected CHANGE our way - to ensure we're being truly authentically ourselves - rebelling against conformity or traditions that are showing MORE of their dysfunctional/shadow sides these days. Innovate. Inventiveness. Know what your community NEEDS now for its future.

Meanwhile, the North Lunar Node SOUL DIRECTION sits at 20 degrees TAURUS 57' - finding the Sacred in the ordinary AND keeping hold of the gems of Traditions to pass on to other generations - despite all this WOKISM - what are your gems here?

AND! Mercury (now Direct) sitting at 28 degrees TAURUS 50' with the Vertex (something Fated/Destined this way comes!) and SEDNA - Spiritual Maturity, knowing our Worth - are BOTH at the 29th degree TAURUS - again, FATED/DESTINED to END something that is no longer serving a value or is worthwhile of your time, energy, creativity - are all connecting with The Pleiades fixed stars this weekend/coming week! HUGE energy downloads of Power, Magic, Mysticism, Love and "what do YOU wish to CREATE right now?" Mindfully, that is inspired through ALL your senses?

Leading up to Tuesday's FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS (seeking a Higher Purpose) how does this Gibbous Moon assist you to EVALUATE where you're going and what's holding you back? Emotionally, Intuitively, Physically, Soulfully.

BE IN THE MOMENT. See the SACRED in the ORDINARY. KEEP THOSE TRADITIONS that MEAN SOMETHING TO YOU! Stand UP for that which you VALUE. KNOW YOUR WORTH! And let the rest go! Namaste


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