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Hunter's Moon in Aries: Acting AND Receiving in Equal Measure

Full Moons bring Illumination, Fulfillment and the need to consummate some aspect in your life - to complete or accomplish a goal. The Moon sits opposite the Sun - in this Full Moon the Moon sits near the end of Aries, while the Sun, near the end of Libra. Reflecting the unconscious Light of the Sun - illuminating that which was hidden, Within, before now.

Aries brings out the Inner Warrior, Explorer and Pioneer archetypes in each of us - all genders - and this Full Moon is holding hands with ERIS - sister to Mars - who wishes to work through us by bringing what seems like discord and strife in order to bring us into equal partnership, Within, of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. In EQUAL MEASURE - take note.

With the Sun sitting in Libra - all about equality, equilibrium, harmony and peace within partnership and relationship - the Moon's position in Aries is all about our independence, how am I being ME in my WE's? Are you showing up as you, truly? Speaking it, walking it, BEing You? Within those relationships and partnerships. Centred, balanced, prepared to receive AND to act, in equal measure.

Wherever ERIS is there can be a crisis to be overcome, where we strive the hardest to grow as individuals, where we can no longer be in denial about some aspect of self, or our life. What have you been neglecting in your life of late? Where we will fight to the end, shake up the status quo, our respective LIBERATION point! Liberating ourselves from something that's been a Traditional way of being. Here, you must apply all of your resourcefulness in order to remove any feelings of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned. No matter what else is going on out in the wider world - do your liberation for YOU. It all begins, and ends, with you.

We all have our natal ERIS in Aries - now it sits at 24 degrees Aries 12' in Rx/retrograde motion, bringing it all very much personal and in our face - we cannot ignore it. Aries rules the head, and is cardinal Fire, initiating new action! What's the action to be taken in your life? Any inflammation occurring in your head? Headaches? Toothaches? Skin rashes? Here's where the Inner Fire from your Masculine energies is speaking to you, loud and clear!

For me, an infected area in my teeth - turns out another fractured tooth to be extracted - to be dealt with a week today. My action was to not ignore the inflammation and pain. I received the body messages to take action. And it all occurred with ease and grace - the domino effect - with the right and proper people coming in to assist me between now and next week. Cool. Makes me wonder what "rootedness" I'm releasing from my life? How is Eris and this Full Moon in Aries helping me to release? I'll find out later, when the time is right to learn it.

I answered the call to action - are you? This Aries Full Moon is ruled by Mars - now sitting at 23 degrees Libra 20' - holding hands with the Sun. This also means brother and sister are in opposition to one another - Mars and Eris - masculine and feminine. How well will they work together in whatever situation that's arisen in your life? Versus either / or. Are your Divine Inner Feminine AND Divine Inner Masculine working TOGETHER, rather against each other?

Mercury is also in Libra, now moving Direct, outwardly since Monday, bringing the need for mindful balance, in harmony, in peace. Still within its Post-Rx Shadow time until November 2nd. So be mindful that you still need to double/triple-check all communications, legal documents and how you're showing up in your relationships/partnerships. Without the drama! No room for Victim-mindedness, wanting someone outside yourself to Rescue you, while feeling bullied/persecuted - or being the Bully! Step off that Drama Triangle folks!

With a Grand Air Trine in play, connecting Mercury in Libra with the current North Lunar Node in Gemini and the Vertex - Fated and Destined to follow your Soul Direction with new info and knowledge to share - and with Saturn in Aquarius - restructuring your long-term goals and responsibilities to BE authentically ME within your community. Here's where the tribal drum-beats send the messages through the air waves to be mindful in relationships, do Soul Direction decisiveness (no dithering!!) while coordinating those goals/responsibilities, accordingly. Bring. It. All On.

This Full Moon phase continues until mid-day October 24th - so Do Your Action - mindfully! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo credits - you all rock - thank you!!


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