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Inner Dance of Transformed Structures, Desires & Purpose!

I've wanted to complete this post for weeks (!!) however the Universe had other plans. One would think having the Sun move into GEMINI (May 20th) & the New Moon in Gemini (May 22nd) - all things Communication - I'd be riding the wave of writing...not so much...looks like I was WAITING for more information to ADD to my bare on!

Very early today, June 2nd, 2020, a second-cousin of mine popped up asking for some "fact checking" on Astrological posts of another source - I replied to her text - & Jessica, I've woven in some of these HISTORIC PREVIOUS timings in what I had already written prior to today, below. Interesting times we live in....

When our planets of Astrology move Direct - there's an outward-going energy, directing us to move forward, outward & onward. Then they move into their so-called Retrograde (Rx) phases - Inward-directing timings of Soul growth/Self growth evolution themes so up close & personal we humans must face & walk through them. April, May & June 2020 show us how with the following 6 planets which all affect us for most of the rest of 2020.

Pluto, our Transformation planet, has uncovered secrets & created much-needed change since 2007 within our cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn - the ruler of all our traditional institutions, corporations & the integrity of what we choose to build & how we do business & with whom. Pluto stationed Rx April 25th at 25 degrees of Capricorn 00' of Celestial Longitude - bringing us closer to our Inner Power & Control issues, uncovering our own secrets we've been hiding Within (as well as creating secretive shenanigans within our own Provincial & Federal governments that we're now, in May, beginning to hear about). We'll be transforming our fears about dealing with all of this until October 4, 2020. Know that your Ego-self will rear up to defend its need for stability & security & the KNOWN along the way...The previous time Pluto navigated its way through Capricorn was before the American Revolution (April 19, 1775 - Sept 3, 1783) & on April 19, 1775 Pluto was in the same late degrees of Capricorn as it is now...Transforming powers...

Saturn, our planet of Structure, Goals & Responsibilities, newly entered into our fixed Air sign of Aquarius on March 23rd, & stationed Rx May 10th at 01 degree of Aquarius 25' of Celestial Longitude. Aquarius brings in the Rebel With A Cause (!!), being the Maverick, with inventions & innovations that are required by the Collective in the now. Riots of late involving another major racial event echos back to when Saturn was last in Aquarius - the 1992 LA Riots over the acquittal of the officers responsible for the severe beating of Rodney King in 1991. Aquarius loves Humanity - all of us - & wishes us all to BE of Community, as the true individuals that we are. Coming from Love & Unity, not discord. Even FB groups have had their fair share of taking a stand over "who's right / wrong here?" when what truly matters is: Inclusiveness, Listening, Allowing Everyone to BE Truly Authentic & HEARD!

Saturn returned to Capricorn May 11th (where it's been from December 17, 2017 - March 22, 2020) assisting us with necessary restructuring around personal & business goals. Now that it's Rx, we'll be restructuring our Inner Worlds to catch us all up to that which has changed, beyond our control, on the outside due to this pandemic & current political power plays in North America. Saturn will come out of Rx as of September 29, 2020 & will re-enter Aquarius properly for the next 2 years, as of December 17, 2020. After the current period of quarantine & resetting our balance, it will be interesting to see HOW we bring our goals, structures & responsibilities to Light.

Most likely NOT looking as it did before. Allow them to change as needed - in preparation for the Aquarian application of Being Truly Authentic...& I wonder how Rebellious we Canadians will become (!!) considering how both our Federal leaders (sans the Conservatives) & Alberta's Premier (my province) are creating laws & making decisions WITHOUT we the voters knowing about it - or only after the fact - all hands tied...what NEW structures will be in play post-Pandemic that further curtails our Rights & Freedoms (Saturn = restrictions & constrictions). We Stand for Freedom - what will occur in Capricorn between May & the end of September that we'll not come back from? Fascinating when planets return to the sign they just passed out of - it's as if we need MORE information, Time & Inner Structure to ensure we can deal with the futuristic CHANGE within the Collective later on (Aquarius in this case)...I've already been hearing ads on the radio asking if we'd like to have robots in our offices to deal with humans during this COVID-19 Pandemic! What?! Are we already in the Jetson's Age?

Jupiter turned Rx May 14th, also in Capricorn & dancing with Pluto (!) bringing forth GLOBAL changes at 27 degrees 14' going back down to 17 degrees 24' by September 12th. Here we undergo a sea change Within re Seeking Our Higher Purpose - why are we here? What am I to do/be now? So many outer structures have upset normal routines & rites of passage - graduations, finals, proms, sports, entertainment, politics, freely driving or walking or shopping or eating out - the whole of our Outer world has been transformed. How has this impacted You on the Inside - your Inner World? Jupiter asks us all to take RISKS, to change up current boundaries that were safe & change it all up. Since March 15th, we've seen so many outer changes - have we spent time to check Within? What Inner Changes need your attention to cope better with these outer ones?

Jupiter is jovial & optimistic - but can also be TOO optimistic! Integrate common sense, critical thought & move your Inner Chessboard according to YOUR Inner needs, following YOUR Intuitive wisdom guidance system! You will KNOW what rings true for change & what does not. You will KNOW WHEN to take that Leap of Faith, & when to just wait it out (like I did regarding writing this post!). Within Capricorn, the Mountain Goat, look at your Mountain of Ambition & Goals - where are you? Plateaued? Seeking Higher & Better? Wanting to head back the way you came? What does your Inner Mountain Goat need at this time? What do YOU wish to Build upon, despite current restrictions (Saturn), transformations (Pluto), lack of closeness (Venus), not enough information (Mercury) & unreality (Neptune)? Yes, you heard me correctly - what do YOU SEEK? Take time to delve Within, listen to your Inner Intuitive voice, then as September 12th comes closer - you'll know!

Venus, our Desire Body & planet of love & values, stationed into her 40-day Rx period May 13th at 21 degrees & 50' in our mutable Air sign, Gemini. (Seems there's a theme here - information, disinformation, misinformation - & how we mentally figure out which is which, then what/how & with whom we share it with). We'll re-examine & assess our relationships & partnerships, especially the one we have with ourselves. Do we value them? Are we valued within them? Not a great time to make major financial decisions, nor starting a new relationship or getting married. BEST TIME to create a budget & plan financially for the future & to rethink our relationships. Who is supporting the ME I am NOW? Am I being VALUED by those relationships/partnerships? Renovations, new hairdos, cosmetic surgery etc. are not recommended during this time period.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury - our Mental Body - so be mindful of what You Desire during this Rx period, which lasts until June 25th. You may notice communication nuances - especially your Self-Talk - how loving & supportive are you being Within? This Rx phase of Venus brings the need for further examination of Inner Talk, relationship communications, social interactions. Plus taking time out to THINK things through - before deciding, changing, talking, sharing. The previous timing of Venus Rx in Gemini was back in May/June 2004. Still within the early years of post-9/11 terrorist news, change in world leadership (Tony Blair of the UK decides not to run in the next election) & a Bird Flu moves through several Asian countries (!). Where were you then? Who did you live with, have relationships with, partner with back then? Where are you at with all of this, now?

Mercury will go Rx from June 18 - July 11th - with the requisite Pre-Rx & Post-Rx Shadow timings of approximately 2 weeks prior/after these dates - all in our cardinal Water sign of Cancer - from 14 degrees 46' back down to 5 degrees 34' - bringing forth that theme of "Thinking about how I Feel & Feeling through my Thoughts" - with Cancer bringing thoughts & feelings of Home & hearth, mothering/fathering, family of origin & family of now, & our respective countries/provinces. All through NURTURING ourselves & each other. COMPASSION & support, forgiveness & love. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer asks us to bring in NEW ways of doing all of the above! What will you mindfully nourish/nurture in Your life then?

Take time to nurture your home (most of us are really diving into this already during this pandemic) & create that family that may be more of neighbourly connections because we're separated from our family members now. Use this time to cull out the old from drawers, closets & garages. Engage in genealogy as you look through family albums & stored pictures of the past. Share the family stories. People from your past may appear out of the blue to reconnect! And Information I Didn't Know I Needed to Know comes our way! All things WATER - so watch out for hints from water-related appliances in & around the home! I noticed this week that the faucet of our 3-year old water barrel isn't working! And it's full of water! Huh...

Then Neptune turns Rx June 23rd until November 28th in our mutable Water sign of Pisces (from 20 degrees 58' back down to 18 degrees 10') - dissolving Inner Ego-self needs for Drama, Escapism, Addiction. This Pandemic has stopped any further filming of new or on-going TV series, movies & plays & concerts - all our entertainment sources! Neptune/Pisces rule over ALL of these - the Magic Movies & Illusion - so what's coming next? Reviewing the Old over & over? Or will there be innovation/invention from Saturn's journey through Aquarius bringing us new entertainment structures - BEYOND drugs & alcohol etc.?! The 12th House, ruled by Neptune/Pisces, speaks of hospitals, disease, & the need for dissolving that which was hidden from us before now. Revealing truths aka Reality.

Neptune's Rx journey will bring us up close & personal with our Inner Illusions/Delusions of how we DO Drama (victim - rescuer - bully role-play), look for Escape, dive into our Addictions - all in aid of DENYING current Reality. We'll review that which we BELIEVE in - religiously & spiritually. Imagination is also ruled by Neptune - what are You imagining into reality? Make is as loving, creative & positive as you can! We NEED more of this!

Historically, let's take a look at a few events that occurred during previous Neptune in Pisces Transits: thank you Steven Forrest for your Timeline Oct 14, 2014

  • This Covid-19 is yet another plague/pandemic in a long line of global sickness that reared its ugly head when Neptune passed through Pisces - the sign it rules. 542-46 AD saw a plague that came out of Egypt & Syria & passed throughout the Roman Empire.

  • Changes in religious beliefs were seen too, some mixed in as war - like the Crusades 1192 - 1207; King Henry VIII turned his back on the Pope declaring his own Church of England in 1529; Buddhism came to Japan from Korea 538 or 552 CE; Muslim empire stretches from the Pyrenees to China by 715 AD. The term "Protestant" was used for the first time in 1527.

  • Then there's our current addictions in Sugar & Chocolate (!!) - Egypt planted sugar in 710 AD & sugar was first grown in Cuba in 1527; chocolate was brought to Spain from Mexico in 1520.

  • World circumnavigation completed in 1522 for the first time by Magellan.

  • Mystical/magical delusions & illusions brought forth the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

  • Music & Art flourished with Bach, Handel & Scarlatti in 1685; Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of Painters formed in 1848...

Looking back on 2020 in the future - what will ALL the changes we'll be undergoing NOW that will impact us, personally, professionally, locally, nationally & globally bring us in the Future? Right now it is important to BE in the Now moment, to sift through all your feelings, be mindful of your thoughts & spoken/written words, follow your Intuition & TRUST your Beliefs & Faith as they undergo massive Inner change due to current Outward change beyond our control. Take those LEAPS of FAITH.

Times of Change are bewildering, upsetting, enlightening & freeing. Not in any order & all at the SAME time! If you've been experiencing the NEED TO NAP, sleep more - do so! This is why - Change takes work - especially on the Inside! Look Within for Your Inner Wisdom/guidance forward. Trust IN Yourself. Hold hands with your family/neighbours/friends. We ARE all in this, Together!

I will write about the upcoming THREE Eclipses in another post! Namaste

Photo Credits: the awesome photo artists of UNSPLASH - Thank You!

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