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Let GO of: Deep Drama, Misinformation & Fear - Full Moon in Scorpio

Tomorrow, May 7th, 2020, at 4:45 a.m. MDT, the Moon & Sun sit opposite one another at 17 degrees of Scorpio 19' / 17 degrees of Taurus 19' Celestial Longitude, respectively. The Moon (our Emotional Body) reflects the Unconscious Desires of the Sun (Soul self/vital self) every Full Moon, ILLUMINATING that which was hidden from our consciousness at New Moon (April 22nd for this Moon cycle).

Scorpio has been bringing up HUGE bodies of emotions for all of us since the New Moon April 22nd. Raise your hands if you've been crying a lot these past 2 weeks. Raise your hands if you've been dealing with or hiding from (escapism) HUGE pits of fear as well. Either / Or / AND?

Scorpio brings 4 levels of Self-Growth: the Scorpion level, Snake level, Eagle level & Phoenix level, which are:

  • Scorpion: Ego & power issues to be given up as an emotional way to control others - the Saboteur archetype. Stinging Self &/or others brings irrational actions that sabotage us.

  • Snake: Asking yourself, "Why do I do this?!" to bring up answers to our self-sabotaging behaviours in reflection. To see the Pattern we repeat over & over - what will help you to assess this consciously?

  • Eagle: our Witness Consciousness - to emotionally BE there AND at the same time, NOT emotionally react! Within this Power level, feel that ferociousness AND know you have NO control here.

  • Phoenix: our Master Level where the Eagle bursts into flame, becoming the Phoenix leaving us our survival instinct, raw power! Be afraid yet DO IT anyway!

Wherever Scorpio is in your birth chart, this is where you ebb & flow between these stages, within hours or days at times, as you learn to Master yourself as the deeply passionate, highly perceptive (your BS radar that tells you when & whom you can trust) & intuitive Soul you truly are.

The KEY here: Embrace your Shadow/Dark side! Face it, speak it, honour it. When we run away, using our escapist tendencies to NOT face our fears (Neptune in Pisces - flight or fight) we create "frozen in time" emotional icebergs Within that get in the way of our true passionate natures. A wee bit of our true Soul disappears in that frozen state. Hence all the crying & letting go so far this month - if you have, YAY!!! You've chosen Self-Love & acceptance to Master your raw power that can escape at those inopportune times, triggered in the NOW by people, situations, circumstances that may seem irrational! Not logical nor part of what was actually going on, in the Now. It has to do with the past, these triggering moments. Latch onto them - they're signs & signals of your WHY.

All of us have been triggered since March, emotionally, into fear & indecision, to some extent. How deeply you've allowed yourself to submerge INTO it all has been the roller-coaster ride, peaking with this Moon cycle since April 22nd.

Wherever we have Scorpio in our birth charts is also where we bring out & use our research & investigative abilities. To dive deeply Within, to face those fears, to be passionately connected, Within & Without. AND come up for air each & every time, via the Eagle after we cast off yet another skin layer of self-sabotaging behaviours (the Moon rules our habits!) through conscious awareness, to then burst into flames, renewed AND more true & real, as the Eternal Souls we are here on Earth. Life, Death & Rebirth - over & over & over. Namaste

Photo Credits: the Awesome Artists of UNSPLASH - thank you so much! Namaste

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