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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Self-Worthiness Soul Direction

Friday, NOV 19, 2021 at 1:57 pm MST the Moon sits opposite the Sun, while the North and South Lunar Nodes sit nearby - hence an Eclipse - and a Lunar one, vs. just a Full Moon - and it'll be a Partial Lunar Eclipse - whew! No 5-hour rollercoaster-ride of experiencing a full Moon cycle this time folks!

For 10 days leading up to an Eclipse, the energies can bring about a surge of events - like the tornadoes, cyclones and driving rain leading to massive flooding throughout southern/western/central BC, here in Canada, for instance! With the Sun in Scorpio (water sign) and Moon in Taurus (earth sign) too much rain moves earth (and homes, washes out roads etc.) in unexpected ways. An emotional cleansing is occurring, after all those wild-fires this past summer. Major changes, impacting everyone in its path. With aftermath delays in transportation of goods and services for some time to come.

According to Celeste Teal: "A Lunar Eclipse, akin to a Full Moon, represents sudden awareness of things previously out of sight, revelation, culmination, and completion. Relationship themes are stressed. It may call you to explore some raw emotional depths, bonding you to others, who also relate to these deep, dark recesses of the Soul that allow us to experience joy or to suffer pain."

"Weeks, months or even years following an Eclipse, other planets can provide fuel and energy as they travel across the degree of the zodiac sign where the Eclipse formed, in the Now-verse."

What's fascinating here is, the current North/South Nodes of the Moon will be moving over Friday's 27 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon coordinates (North - Soul Direction/South - Karmic/unresolved issues from the past revealed) as of FEBRUARY 1st-17th, 2022, with Mars (Assertive Action) doing so in AUGUST 2022 and Uranus (Unexpected Change, rebellion, innovation) AUG/SEPT 2024, MAY 2025 and DEC 2025 to MAR 2026.

I've been tracking the upcoming Lunar Node sign changes (beginning JAN 18/19, 2022) as they leave Gemini/Sagittarius and enter Taurus/Scorpio. Here we leave the information / misinformation / disinformation / knowledge gathering chaos (Gemini) of the last 17 months, while figuring out "what's my life purpose now, during a pandemic?" and unresolved ETHICS, BELIEFS and TRUTHS issues of our Now-verse (Sagittarius) we've been undergoing since MAY 5, 2020 - to begin a new journey - standing up for our Values, relating to our issues/relationship with our self-worth, money, skills/talents we think will assist us to create income streams (Taurus - due to all the employment upheavals these past 2 years) while also UNCOVERING the secrets, lies, and mistrust of all of what's been happening to our world, society, governments and healthcare systems since late 2019 (Scorpio)! It will be an interesting 19-months of revelation, possible revolution, rebellion and seeing more of the darker side of the human psyche.

Friday's Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings a taste of what we'll undergo throughout 2022/2023, with those Lunar Nodes in play, then Mars bringing action - hopefully more assertive/y than aggressively.

How have you navigated the first 10 days of this so far, since NOV 9th? What's been coming up for you from your emotional depths? Fears? Traumas? Anxiety? Passion? Underlying Truths about what you Believe to be True? Or have you been hiding, deep amongst the weeds in those dark watery depths of your Scorpion self, hoping it will all right itself, by itself, without your participation? I remind you that we all have Scorpio/Taurus in our Birth chart - even if your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign and/or Mercury do not reside in Scorpio or Taurus - somewhere, in your Birth chart, this is where this Eclipse will be affecting you and your life!

Do you see how you VALUE your life, and in what areas, more clearly and dearly? Do you see that it's okay to swim up from those dark weedy places of your own psyche, to swim closer to the surface where the Sun shines, bringing hope, clarity and passion into your life?

My intention is not to scare you - it is to make you aware to BE AWARE of how you're thinking and feeling in the days leading up to FRIDAY NOV 19, 2021 - YOUR INTENTION here is what is most important - can you swim UP into your Passions layer, leaving behind the Fears/Trauma layer? What can you archive, leave in the past, not re-tell in stories, victim-oriented circles of re-living that past? It is passed. It is behind you. Where are you NOW? Where are you headed into the Future?

Eclipses ACCELERATE change and AMPLIFY thought/feeling. For the next 6 months to 3.5 years into the future. How do you wish to move forward here? What are your values/valuing in your life? Do you see the WORTHINESS of your skills/talents that help you bring income into your world, perhaps using a new mix of past skills/experience you never thought to bring forward, from your past, that really help you to MOVE FORWARD in Unexpected Ways, now?

The Key Here: yes, feel your feelings, think your thoughts - yet don't dwell too long in the depths of the Shadow of your psyche - you MUST come up for air/Sunshine to also experience where YOUR TRUE PASSIONS LIE! Yes, these past almost 2 years have caused a lot of heartache, change and upset. Yes, some of us have given up hope, lost jobs / businesses, even our health/lives and homes.

Now we must ask ourselves: despite all the losses - what have I GAINED that I didn't have before, nor noticed I wanted more of, Now? What are you leaving behind, archiving, in order to embrace a new/renewed sense of Self-worth? Do you SEE your worth? Do you FEEL it?

Honour who you truly are, and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, in your Now-verse. This is all that matters. The MORE we do this NOW the MORE we'll attract MORE of this these next 3.5 years!

The paradox here: both Taurus and Scorpio are known as Fixed signs - they totally dislike change / to allow in change - hence the current "weather" that is MAKING that change for some, despite themselves! There comes a time when the Universe says, okay folks! Time's up! You need to change direction - NOW!

The winds/waters of change are moving through all of our lives - literally and figuratively. BE the CHANGE - there's sunshine awaiting at the other end of this - swim UP into it! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste


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