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Mercury Rx in Scorpio: Season of Distrust, Secrets & Fears...

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Hello Everyone! It's been an interesting ride so far with this last round of Mercury going Rx (retrograde) through another Water sign of the Zodiac! You'd think after 2 rounds of this already in 2019 we'd be used to "thinking of how we're feeling AND feeling about how we're thinking" before actually saying, deciding, discussing our Next Steps...every Water sign has its own flavour!

In February/March we experienced the Pisces side of the above: nebulousness, foggy mind, and mystical/magical - like floating, unable to concentrate, think or speak (finding our words!) - as if we were fumbling around in the dark, floating like molecules out in the Ether!

In July/August it was Cancer - a LOT of emotional outflow, sensitivities, learning to really listen to our Intuition - and still that floaty "am I on drugs?!" feeling! LOL!

Now, since October 12th, until December 8/9th, we've been diving deeply into our deep-seated, long-held FEARS that have previously prevented us from taking risks, grow emotionally, and connect with TRUST to the world around us! Here we've been hearing empassioned speech, trusting those we're opening up to, perhaps for the very first time (!!) to share our deepest secrets with!

Interesting timing for we Canadians - Federal Election occurred October 21st to elect a hopefully NEW PM, then Mercury turned Rx Halloween afternoon. It's been deathly quiet post-election - as if we're all grieving for the Canada that was - AND there's been meetings here in the West regarding talk of separating from the rest of Canada - citizens out here no longer want to send their hard-earned tax dollars to the Eastern provinces that benefit from federal government handouts etc. to keep themselves afloat while we flounder in less employment opportunities etc. Time for our Entrepreneurial Spirit to flourish again! Many large corporations are heading south of the border - no longer wanting to deal with our Federal/Provincial policies that no longer SUPPORT free enterprise. Wonder what we'll DO next?

Then there's the CBC reporter, Elizabeth Thompson, reporting earlier today on a truly horrible scam where a dozen Canadian Federal Government departments have been "spoofed" to defraud thousands of Canadians of millions of dollars (here's the link to the online report: ). One country is defrauding the citizens of another country to benefit yet another country!

A close, highly intelligent, friend of mine experienced Monday ALL of what Elizabeth wrote in her article! I am stunned to hear the lengths these criminals will go to make themselves sound, and come across, as legit, with your SIN numbers, bank account numbers to convince you they've "got your number" and your cellphone that won't stop ringing - the scammers keep phoning through legit Canadian local and national phone numbers - hoping to scare more money out of the person!

We looked at my friend's birth chart to "see" further into the WHY and timing of this in her life. Lots of Scorpio going on in her chart; the stage was set; the emotional and mental manipulation, so completely taking her over, was a wake up call on so many fronts. Unbeknownst to my friend, there were aspects of herself she needed to "see" "hear" and "know" about - LOUDLY - to wake up to herself. Triggers in the Now will bring back earlier experienced traumas, fears and feelings - all in a rush! Here is Scorpio at its most fierce: whatever we've "frozen in Time, at the Time" (Scorpio is the ICE aspect of water of the 3 Zodiac water signs) that we were either too young to, or unable to, process and feel and clear at that time. In the NOW, those triggers are asking you to face and walk through them today!

Emotional and Mental manipulation! SHADOW aspect of Mercury Rx moving through Scorpio. Here's the Dark side of Scorpio showing all of us the Dark side of Humanity, authority figures, people who supposedly have our backs, to make us feel safe and secure. No longer. Stories I've heard since Mercury's entry into Scorpio this year, both online and in person, from colleagues and friends alike, of people unable to Speak The Truth, keep their hidden agendas, hoping it will all just "go away"! Or unable to DEAL with the enormity of the betrayal, their own deep reactive feelings, let alone TALK about it.

ALL of these scenarios are part of what Jupiter, moving through Scorpio from October 11, 2017 until November 8, 2018, made LOUD and CLEAR, opening up so many Pandora-esque boxes ever since! Jupiter beckons all of us to Seek Our Highest TRUTH - what's MY Purpose? Who Am I? Where Am I Going? No matter your age or gender or country! Jupiter wanted us to BUST OUT of long-held boundaries of SILENCE, SECRETS and UNTRUTHS. To take RISKS, to move beyond our Ego-self fears and distrust issues.

Now, since October 12, 2019, Mercury, our planet of Communication, Thought Processes, what it is we wish to Learn, AND our Inner Self-Talk (!) has been helping us to dive deeply into those Scorpionic waters (Emotional Body) AND think about, speak of, and TRUST it is all okay to do so (Mental Body) some hard truths of HOW we've allowed ourselves to be treated, until now. We Canadians don't rise up for just anything - it has to be truly upsetting for us to boldly go online/publicly to SPEAK UP AND OUT. Enough is enough!

Now we're questioning just how DEEPLY into our so-called protective governments the hacks and identity thefts and misuse of power (all Scorpio/Pluto oriented) does this go? Have our leaders already been bought? WHO CAN WE TRUST?

We're within the Mercury Rx period until November 20th when it turns Direct once more. Any Rx period of a planet brings its energy INSIDE - to be reflected upon, felt, hang on a minute! I need to PROCESS this! THEN I will speak, I will decide, I will feel my way forward! And not until my intuition (if I'm listening!) tells me it is TIME to do so, and with WHOM, and about WHAT.

What I LOVE about Mercury Rx timings:

  • Information comes to us - what I didn't know, that I needed to know - totally OUT OF THE BLUE! Smack ya in between the eyeballs impact at times.

  • The Unexpectedness of information, sharing, connection, and truly SEEING, HEARING each other. Twists and turns upon twists and turns.

  • You'll find out what ISN'T WORKING in your life: cars, computers, anything technical - and because of Scorpio being Water - hot water tanks, water meters (Epcor guys just left our house - the receipt of a $612 water bill was a clue that something was UP and it wasn't our ACTUAL water consumption!), salt water tanks, toilets, showers, washers, dishwashers - need I go on? LOL! We've had 3 items, all water-related, to hit our household so far this month! Luckily we were PRO-ACTIVE on the hot water tank & the EPCOR guys called us to investigate the meter (there is a hitch in the way it is recording in certain water meters - still a Mystery here to be worked out by them!) and now we're wondering if that salt water tank thingy actually IS leaking or working properly (will investigate further - another aspect of Scorpio is research). All happening in less than traumatic circumstances - thank Heaven!

  • You'll find it EASIER to delve deeply into a subject you've put off studying, or find yourself clearing out those Email inboxes/Sent items - organizing areas that seemed way too much for the Logical brain! When Mercury goes Rx he's essentially taking a Logic vacation! Moved over to that Right brain of creative thinking outside the box, I'll swim/float over with my Intuitive realm, and sit there a spell! :))

  • Of course the NEED for that Logic brain brings its challenges! Unable to concentrate, feeling unproductive, unable to SPEAK properly - "What's that word again? Sounds like..." LOL! Here we are forced to FIND ANOTHER WAY to think, speak, decide, etc. A new SKILL set is in the offing during Mercury Rx - especially when in the Water signs! Feeling. Floating. Intuition. Yikes! Sometimes more difficult for some of us than others!

  • You'll be clearing up on aisle 5 - drawers, closets, projects, complicated scenarios that would otherwise give your Logic mind a cramp are now easy peasey! Figuring out solutions, perfecting processes - "seeing" that solution! Love it! I've been busy working out issues with my new website that in July (when it launched during Eclipse season & previous Mercury Rx timing) seemed way to complicated for me to figure out on my own! Not so much now! LOL!

  • People from your past will come back into your life - for a reason, season or the rest of your life! Be on the lookout for an email, social media connection or physically bumping into them - there's a message there for you! Something unsaid or whatever from BEFORE when you knew one another way back then...listen!

Mercury will continue through Scorpio until December 8/9th! Be aware: of your feelings, your thoughts, what others are telling you, what you're hearing, what YOU'RE saying (!!) - especially on the Inside, to yourself. Trauma and chaos is all around us now. How you interact with it (out of fear or from an empowered place) depends on you.

We are all 'seeing', 'feeling', 'hearing' and perhaps from time to time, 'saying' some Dark Shadow aspects of Humanity right now. Embrace that Shadow of yours - don't run away - it is there to be loved and embraced! We are ALL doing the best we possibly can, at any given moment in time, AND we each have our OWN process - ways of dealing with trauma, bullying, being scammed, betrayed, etc. Your process is unique to YOU and you alone! Honour it! Love it! BE YOU! TRUST THIS! Trust Your Self, your feelings, your Intuition. TRUST is the lesson.


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