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Mercury Rx's Gift: The 'RE' Words!

After writing the blog post yesterday about moving forward in 2021 working with Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius & making a passing mention of the current Mercury Rx/retrograde timing we're entering now, I thought I'd write a few more words here about this additional Aquarius assistant!

During this month of January I've been taking the time to REflect (!) on what I want for myself & my life, & I delved into a list of the 'RE' words that help us navigate every Mercury Rx period we experience three times a year.

The previous two years (2019 & 2020) we had Mercury - our Mental / Mindfulness planet of communication, learning & thought processes, self-talk & what we do with all the information we gather through living our lives - moving through our Water signs - aligning our Mental body with our Emotional body - how are we thinking AND feeling all at the same time!

In 2021 Mercury will do his Rx journey through the Air signs - diving into the realm of communication, etc. & being truly Mindful about it. All about our MENTAL HEALTH body! The current Mercury Rx period we've just entered as of January 15th (the Pre-Rx Shadow portion) is travelling through that Fixed Air Sign of AQUARIUS - covering 11 degrees Aquarius 01' to 26 degrees Aquarius 27' of Celestial Longitude for those of you following along with your own Birth Charts. What House of Life Experience will you be REflecting upon?

By January 31st, the actual Mercury Rx period begins whereby Mercury REtraces his path BACK over the above-mentioned degrees of Aquarius as a DO-OVER of our thoughts, decisions, conversations & self-talk we'll be having since Jan 15th! Then we'll have yet ANOTHER pass over these same degrees within Aquarius when Mercury Stations Direct again, February 21st until March 13th, REtracing his initial steps through those Aquarian degrees! Meaning we have THREE opportunities to think, discuss, reason, chat about & decide upon whatever it is that helps us all to MINDFULLY Know Thyself, Authentically!

Here's where the 'RE' words come into play - & I will list the majority of the ones I found in my Oxford Dictionary that I used at the University of Alberta way back when (!) - for you to print out & REfer to & REflect upon during these next two months of BEING MINDFULLY AUTHENTIC!

Mercury Rx's ability to allow a do-over - brings in this theme of how we're appraising ourselves mentally, verbally, through the written word, & with whom & WHEN! We do this process THREE TIMES A YEAR & many of you shiver with fear due to the sideway-ness this timing has on our LOGIC BRAIN - as Mercury takes his logic vacation, moving over into the Creative, Intuitive, Thinking Outside-the-box Right Brain! Here's when communication can go sideways even MORE than normal, where communication DEVICES (phones, computers, cars now with computers, iPads, & office machines used for external communication, etc.) can show us how they're NOT communicating as well as they could! "Houston! We Have A Problem!"

I LOVE Mercury Rx timings! People from our past come back into our lives - surprise! Our brains are now ready to DEAL with that mountain of paperwork, preparing for our upcoming Income Tax season (!), organizing drawers, closets, offices, & garages (!), making DECISIONS that previously seemed SO complicated & hard - why? Because we're entering a time of Listening to & Using our Intuitive gifts as well! Creatively using our minds vs. logically. Skipping steps & yet noticing those steps that were missed previously & asking WHY & following the thread of that why. Making mental connections that we weren't AWARE of nor able to make before now! Cool!

This is also a time to NOT SIGN CONTRACTS or initiate NEW PROJECTS that require legal documents to be signed - people will CHANGE THEIR MINDS. Plans will change tack & go in completely different directions! Tis the 'gift that keeps on giving" in not so happy ways weeks, months, even years down the road! The Mercury Rx stories I could tell...

If you MUST deal with contracts/legalities at this time, FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! If it's screaming at you that "something's missing" - ASK MORE QUESTIONS! Triple-check EVERYTHING! If your intuition tells you to call that guy to ensure he has the right & proper directions - DO IT. And know this: the plans that change, the decisions that go sideways? THEY DO SO FOR A REASON! There's something to be LEARNED, to be made KNOWN that didn't occur to anyone involved to begin with! There is ALWAYS a reason - be patient, laugh about it, triple-check your spelling & grammer in the meantime! And KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE - you WILL LEARN something that you didn't know you needed to know! Truly!

The 'RE' List I mentioned above - take some time & Intuitively zero in on the WORDS that describe what YOU NEED, mindfully/mentally, during this course of navigating through all this NEW Aquarius Age-ness that Jupiter & Saturn jump-started back on DEC 21, 2020! What do you need to be HONEST about, for yourself, to others, at this time in 2021? To be AUTHENTICALLY showing up in YOUR LIFE? What thoughts, decisions, discussion need to be 'RE'd? It will blow your mind how many of the 'RE' words will come into play these next two months!

Here they are! Note: you'll see the positive end & negative or Shadow end within this list! You'll see some words that RElate (!) to being in opposition, to behaviour, to being behind or coming after, REfer to being in retirement or in secrecy, are off or away or down, are frequentitive or have intensive force (all categories stated in that Oxford Dictionary, by the way)! Use your dictionary if you need REminding of the word's meaning/context!

REassess, REaddress, REstructure, REinvent, REjuvenate, REdo, REcreate, REctify, REcollect, REcompense, REact, REdeem, REbound, REvenge, REbel, REbuff, REluctant, REpel, REsist, RElic, REmain, REpent, REtain, REtard, REcluse, REcondite, REfuge, REtinence, REbuke, REcede, RElegate, REnounce, REpress, REsolve, REdouble, REfine, REgard, REmark, REsearch, REsonate, REvile, REcant, REprobate, REsign.

Aquarius asks us to REbel against the status quo only if this means you're able to STAND AUTHENTICALLY as the TRUEST YOU. To Innovate, Invent & allow your inner GENIUS to REveal itself! How are you standing in YOUR VALUES, POWER & MORALS? Mercury Rx brings us all to the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction table - to BE MINDFUL of what we're thinking, saying, writing, reasoning, wanting to learn - & HOW we're SHARING this knowledge/abilities/information/data & WITH WHOM, & When! Community comes into play here too - the Community of Humanity! Who do you connect with & why? Are you still learning from them & receiving solid connection? Or is it TIME (Saturn) to move along?

Remember my technology history lesson from the previous post: INDIVIDUALS who innovated, invented & showed their GENIUS 100 years ago began our ability to FLY around our world & to the Moon, sending satellites & exploratory objects to other planets in our solar system by the end of that century! Unheard of previously in written history.

What will YOU innovate, invent & show YOUR Genius from Within? And how will all of this dovetail with the opportunities showing themeselves to help you take risks (Jupiter's themes) as you REdefine your long-term goals, take responsibility for your actions/inactions or let go of REsponsibilities that weren't yours to begin with (Saturn's themes)?!! Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all ROCK! Thank You So Much!

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