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Mercury Rx: Seeker of Fears or Fearful Seeking?

We've been in the Pre-Mercury Rx (retrograde) Shadow timing since October 28th, when Mercury, moving Direct, entered 13 degrees of Scorpio 18' of celestial longitude.

The actual Mercury Rx timing? November 17th until December 4th as Mercury Stations Rx at 13 degrees of Sagittarius 29' to go back over ground he already covered, Directly, since October 28th! Which means we have a chance for a do-over - of conversations, decisions, thoughts, deeds - a chance to say what we truly meant but feared to say, or a chance to explain in more depth (especially when Mercury returns back into Scorpio!) what we truly felt.

I love Mercury Rx because of all of the following:

  • People from our past show up - they find us on FB or Instagram - to reconnect, complete unfinished business, rekindle a relationship - whatever it is, it will be timely.

  • Expect the Unexpected AND information you didn't know you needed to know! It makes me laugh as I look for this each Mercury Rx period (this includes the pre/post Shadow timings too!). And yes, those twists and turns of unexpected change - to plans, conversations, computer glitches (in the office/vehicle/phone), thoughts - trouble-shooting ideas abound that didn't surface before now.

  • Great time to re-organize! Closets, drawers, garages, offices, rooms - move that furniture around into a new grouping - go for it! See how creative and outside-the-box your thoughts go! Allow it! Go for it! I already said that, didn't I? You'll find it easier now to decide on what goes where.

  • Double/Triple-Check Contracts - be they legal, for real estate, work-related, a new Will or Living Will - anything that could/may bite you in the bum weeks, months, even years down the road. This is where Mercury Rx can be the Gift that Keeps on Giving - in a not so jovial way -  down the road. I kid you not - I have stories to tell...forewarned is forearmed...ensure everything is IN THERE - and read it ALL yourself - don't assume it has been done and dusted as requested. Check all the i's and t's...

  • Mercury is taking a logic vacation - and is now hiding out in your Right Brain of creativity, fun & play, being jovial and less Type A, eh? Take advantage of this while Mercury plays in Sagittarius - expanding your mind to seek your higher purpose - why am I here? What IS IT I am supposed to be doing at this time of life? Where will I travel to next in the world?

  • When Mercury Rx returns to Scorpio - well I lied there a bit didn't I? Yes with the current New Moon beginning in Scorpio, and now Mercury will go back into Scorpio too (as of November 30-December 12th) - therefore expect those deeply darkly thoughts / fears from the Ego-self to surface up from the deep-seated emotional waters of your Emotional Body - there's a reason, a season and a happenstance here folks! Look for the clues, the secrets that were hiding there all this time - time to be MINDFUL of what your Inner Talk is doing to you, Mentally, and Emotionally! Time to clean house - mentally/emotionally - while Jupiter helps us move our Physical Bodies more! Cool planetary collective we have going here!

While Mercury is in Sagittarius - we'll be mindfully seeking our purpose and truth for why we are here. Philosophically, in conversation, writing, speaking, connecting via social media - why ARE you here? ARE YOU TRUTHFULLY FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE? Lots to mull over - and chat about with others. Religious conversations, spiritual conversations, esoteric ones too. Those BIG QUESTIONS that require DEEP ANSWERS - which is where Scorpio comes in - to dive deeply to ROOT CAUSES of fears, avoidance, denials, secrets - whatever research / investigation you need to do - do it. Could be a genealogy piece here too, come to think of it! Is it a family secret that comes up out of the blue, Unexpectedly? Hhhhhmmmm....

Don't Worry - Be Happy! LOL! Enjoy the ride! The POST-Mercury Rx Shadow timing will take us right up to Christmas Eve - yes, December 24th - so keep track of your receipts, all that spending - try to keep it from being excessive! Both Mercury Rx + Jupiter entering Sagittarius - there can be excessive spending, eating, gambling, doing, traveling - so know that you need to keep an eye on all of this while Making Merry!



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