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More Notes About Mercury Rx in Scorpio: Whoopsie!

LOL! Interesting what Mercury does when he goes on his Logic Vacation three times a year! Our memories can be erased of what we've already completed (!) & helps us make errors as we type, along the locate your humour folks! LOL!

For ALL the details of this third & last round of Mercury Rx/retrograde in 2020, see my already published September 26, 2020 post, "Mercury Rx Round 3: Journey Into That Deep Dark Night..." within my "It's In The Stars!" blog of my website...& meanwhile, I'll carry on with THIS update as follows:

Mercury Rx actually BEGAN today – October 13, 2020 – at 11 degrees Scorpio 40’ Celestial Longitude for folks who are following along with their Birth charts! At 7:05 pm MDT.

We’ve already experienced what’s heading our way with this third round of Logic Vacation from Mercury’s pre-Rx Shadow timing, since September 23rd! Think about it: how’s your thinking been these past 3 weeks? Feeling spacey, mentally? Really find it difficult to put sentences together? Or to focus on anything for long? Forgetting names, dates & LOL already completed & published blog posts?! Or perhaps thinking dark thoughts? Dreaming dreams in technicolour? That you can't get out of your mind because you're still wondering, "What does it mean?!"

The other piece to be aware of: How have you been FEELING these past three weeks? Can you put these feelings into words? In order to talk about them with others you trust, you must sort through them all to gain personal understanding. Scorpio can bring out the Stinger of our Shadow Ego side – wanting to hurt others because we perceive we’ll be hurt by them – a knee-jerk reaction ahead of actual events. Scorpio can bring out our fears – conscious & unconscious - & perceived hurts & transgressions – unbeknownst to others around us! We’re all swimming in deep dark waters - & we can choose to be fearful OR we can choose to be passionately MINDFUL – our choice!

Putting it all together: mentally AND emotionally – at the same time – Be Aware of your Self & your motives, speech, & Self-talk! Are you going off the deep-end, unable to stop the torrent of less than loving conversation? Unheeded, not being MINDful, means possible altercations that can lead to darker places Within, creating even MORE chaos Without!

The KEY: BE MINDFUL of your thoughts AND feelings during this Rx period – we’re melding how our Mental & Emotional bodies are working, in tandem! One thought can produce an ocean of feelings – for Self &/or Others – just as one emotion can bring an onslaught of words that let loose any Secrets you may have been hanging onto. Secret feelings &/or thoughts!

Pandora’s Box still held onto HOPE after the other Miseries of Life were loosed onto the World – Greed, Envy, Hatred, Pain, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, War & Death. During this Mercury Rx timing through Scorpio – learn to LOVE your Shadow side! Use Compassion & Forgiveness – towards yourself & Others – as we navigate this last Logic Vacation of 2020 together. Hold onto HOPE - know that yes, there is information I didn't know I needed to know - or needed tell to others in my life - for a reason. We're each uncapping hidden depths here - both mentally & emotionally! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists - THANK YOU!

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