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New Moon + Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year!Within the Chinese Lunar calendar, today is the First Day of Spring within their Tiger month. This year we celebrate the Year of the Fire Monkey! For those of you wishing to know how a Fire Monkey year will impact your Chinese Astrology sign, I suggest you see this link: they give the years of birth to help you figure out the Chinese Lunar year you were born into.

According to the Chinese Fortune Calendar, "...the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey brings forth the elements of Metal and Water. Metal is connected to Gold and Water is connected to wisdom and danger.  "We will deal with more financial events in the year of the Monkey."Yes, Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn, our sign of how we gather our material gain! Monkey is smart, naughty, wily and vigilant. If you want to have a good return for your money investment, then you need to outsmart the Monkey. Metal is also connected to the Wind. This implies "the status of events will be changing very quickly." Think twice before you leap when making changes for your finance, career, business relationships and people relationships".

At 7:40a MST today the Sun and Moon came together @ 19 degrees Aquarius 16' as the New Moon. The Sun brings in the active and vital male principle while the Moon brings forth the receptive and intuitive female principle.

At New Moon we are all unconscious about some aspect of Self that requires healing, love and acceptance. By the Full Moon we become fully conscious of what this aspect of Self is that we've unloved before now. The fixed air sign of Aquarius brings forth innovation, orginality, community socializing/connection, humanitarianism, technology and wishes we have for ourselves to manifest within the very near future. Here we connect with our Future Self - downloading future knowledge from the Cosmos - to be shared with community.

Everyone thinks the picture of Aquarius means it is a water sign because it is known as the Water-Bearer. The Water is the flow of Universal knowledge that is emptied down from our Milky Way, through our Sun and Moon onto Earth and into our consciousness. What are you allowing yourself to RECEIVE this Moon cycle? Where is Aquarius in your chart? This House location brings forth NEW knowledge and original thought for You and to share in your respective worlds. Future information, ideas and communication that is required NOW. Use it and share it.

We continue to experience YODs, or Fingers of God,this Moon cycle. Two YODs this time, asking us to let go of those old patterns of conditioning that get in our way preventing us moving forward into our Future Self. We continue to learn to let go of the connection of Eris within Aries to the North Node and Jupiter Rx (retrograde) in Virgo. How to BE ME, yet also allow IN connections to Others and BE of service too. Pioneering NEW In-roads Within to share Without. Instead of Ceres we now have both the Sun and Moon (aka our New Moon position) wishing to work together with Vesta (this time, Uranus is still in the picture, but more Vesta) and Eris. Re-balancing our unconscious (for now) wishes and dreams (Aquarius) with concentrated focus (Vesta) via our respective gender role needs (Eris), and once we let go of our fears to DO this in a NEW way, then whoosh! we have more energy to BE of service (Virgo) in the realm and mode our Future Self (and Soul!) has envisioned!

The new YOD connects Mars in Scorpio to the North Node and Jupiter Rx in Virgo, and wants to take action despite our fears (Mars) and work/be of service in a direction not before tackled (North Node + Jupiter Rx) to expand our horizons and boundaries into new territory. Are you ready? Could be paid work or volunteer work or housework or physical body health work or all of these. Whatever gets you up in the morning. These two areas are pointing to the Uranus + Vesta + Eris group in Aries - fiery instinctual assertion to BE FREE TO BE ME (Uranus) with focused concentration (Vesta) and a re-balancing act of Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine powers and energy (Eris). Again, Pioneering new IN-roads of aspects of Self not before recognized/conscious about before now. It will be interesting to 'see' what you 'see' about yourself by the Full Moon! Think of it as uncovering new self-identities for yourselves this Moon cycle! Identity Crisis anyone?

Last Moon cycle we had a tumultuous ride with Mercury also going Rx from 00 degrees of Aquarius back into 15 degrees of Capricorn, giving us TIME to THINK about HOW we go about creating material gain in our lives. What IS material gain to you and your world? How do you GO after it? Or attract it? Or envision it? Mercury will return to 00 degrees Aquarius as of Valentines Day! What rethinking have you done since December 20th?

Uranus rules this Moon cycle begun in Aquarius. Technology, inventions, and innovations abound. Uranus is in Aries, so watch out for "These are MY toys!" or fits of impatience or anger. Sharing is a good thing! Being acknowledged for your invention and work and service is a good thing. Demanding it, BEing within Ego-Shadow won't garner any koodoos. Self-righteousness and the attitude of entitlement, not so much either. Take your Ego-Shadow out of the way to create space and room for the NEW to come IN!

Interestingly, along with the two Yods, there are two groups of planets Squaring (creates inner tension and stress until you ACT to create necessary CHANGE in your life)one another AND two groups of planets Trining (Love lines of connection, within the same element - in this case earth and water)one another. Two + Two + Two = Six. The number 2 numerologically signifies a Business number - the business of Love,therefore me and other, partnerships, connecting mind with spirit or body. The number 6 signifies Creativity - with fun and play, and understanding without even trying.Appreciating the arts and beauty around you, creating something NEW within your realm. Remember, cooking and baking is creation too!

The key Square groups are:

  • Pluto + Venus + Mercury in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn: EMpowerment + your Desire Body + your Mindset - how to bring these three players together to create something NEW from current resources (Capricorn) squaring off with Uranus + Vesta + Eris in the cardinal fire sign of Aries(methinks this Moon cycle is trying to get us over this Aries hump!) to allow our instinctual Self to pioneer new IN-roads to our true individual selves, and learn to play well with others! Vesta can be the workaholic, forgetting to come up for air, let alone relationships! And Eris still likes to roll out that Apple of Discord to disrupt the current Chaos to bring in more peace, balance and harmony! What are YOU afraid to let go of (remember that Yod!) in order to use your CURRENT building blocks (my toys) of personal resources to create something NEW in your life? What's stopping you? We've been moving through this Pluto square Uranus dance since June 2012. How's it been? Tired of the same old dance yet?

  • Sun and Moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius: our New Moon starting point of unconsciousness. Future Self knowledge. Are we blocking its path somehow? Squaring off with Mars and Juno in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Deep waters here, more fear perhaps? Preventing us from embracing our TRUE PASSIONS? Do you know your passions? Have you actually allowed yourself to FEEL them? BE honest with yourself, and TRUST that walking THROUGH your fears garners a NEW life and more energy to take ACTION with a balance of Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine power energies. Note the INNER...within...not without. Balancing act. Fixed also means stubborn...just saying...

So while the characters above are playing hide and seek with all that stress and tension to make us MOVE (!), the following characters are sending love lines of assistance to one another:

  • Jupiter Rx + North Node in mutable earth sign of Virgo: are you seeing a pattern here? Do I need to repeat myself? LOL! BEing of service via expanding our usual boundaries of how we see this to BE, AND the North Node indicates a SOUL DIRECTION change. Mutable signs like to go WITH the flow, around a mountain, not climb it! The love line from Virgo connects with Pluto + Venus + Mercury in cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. NEW resources created from ones we already HAVE (ie. talents and skills and experience and other tools in our toolbox). We can DO this! We already have the tools - what's stopping us? Earth = practicalities, groundedness and BEing tactile or hands-on about it.

  • Mars + Juno in fixed water sign of Scorpio: yes deep-water swimming here, past those fears and INTO passion! Love line connects us to Chiron + South Node in mutable water sign of Pisces! Yes, MORE Woundedness from that Old Age of Pisces to BE healed via WALKING through your FEAR of BEing MORE than you already allow yourself to BE, in this moment. Connect Up with your Angelic Peeps/Teams, bring in Love and Forgiveness, to Self and Others (depends on the fear-base you now own) and MOVE it all out! Yay! Water = intuitive insights, emotions and feelings, and RECEIVING!

Easy peasy everyone! BE Love and Compassion and FIRE and WATER and EARTH! Bring in the AIR via the unconsciousness you reside in via this current New Moon phase. I will guide everyone through the maze of the two YODS throughout this Moon cycle!

Blessed BE!

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