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New Moon in Aquarius: How Uniquely Are YOU Being Authentic?

Today, as I write this post, we've got -33C temperatures with -43C windchills here in southern Alberta, Canada! YIKES!! I was chatting with a gal on Monday from New Brunswick who asked me, "How do you LIVE through that kind of weather?!!" and as my good friend Bruce has commented in my FB page, "With WARM THOUGHTS!" LOL! Crazy extremes we're experiencing all over the place! Not just the weather...

Last Saturday, as I was reading a New Moon Report session with a friend/returning client, reviewing the New Moon in Capricorn cycle to "see" what she'd gained from this Moon cycle, Emotionally, we both started to understand that there was WAY MORE TO IT than met the eye at its beginning, January 12th! Of course, Mercury Rx/retrograde moving through Aquarius ever since has pretty much opened our MINDS to realities we'd not been aware of before that time, from Within each of us.

As some of you now know, I decided to take ALL of January 2021 off - to REST. I was SO TIRED! And all through January I was asking myself, "WHY?!" while checking the daily Transits of where the planets are currently...noticing that continuing tight T-Square formation with Neptune sitting at 19 degrees of Pisces squaring off to BOTH Lunar Nodes - North Node at 19 degrees of Gemini & South Node at 19 degrees of Sagittarius. All of our Mutable Zodiac signs, missing Virgo!

What's all of this have to do with the New Moon in Aquarius, you ask? Patience, grasshopper...I'm wondering how this post is going to unfold myself! :)) As I write this post, I notice from today's Transits chart that the Vertex (Fated/Destined) sitting in VIRGO (!!) is part of a Grand Earth Trine with Sedna in Taurus & Pluto in Capricorn - all at 25 or 27 degrees of their Grounded & Practical & focused are we being right now? What Goals, Service & Values are on our minds to use our hands with? Where indeed are we all headed, on Earth?

Virgo rules the 6th House of Life Experience in the areas of our daily work, its environment, coworkers, etc., & the health of our physical body - how are we Being of Service in these areas, perfecting processes along the way while hopefully sidestepping that need to BE Perfect as well? Workaholism, all work & no play, can impact the physical health; & if we don't have our health, well we canna work!

So as this Mutable T-Square was building up to the exactness that it became by the end of January 2021, it was forming & connecting throughout 2020! Since May onward. So those of us who have the luminaries / planets / angles / Rising signs within the Mutable Signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces - we've all been experiencing some sort of health issue - tiredness, restless sleep, energy levels tanking, emotionality, & to the extreme, for some, COVID-19. Please Note: ALL of us have these Mutable signs in our Birth charts (whether you've had yours read or not) so on some level you are being affected by this Mutable T-Square! It may not be to the EXTREME of COVID-19 thank goodness! Yet there are underlying issues coming forth for all of us. WHY? To take our Power back & reconnect our Mind - Body - Spirit! If we so choose...

Interestingly, here's a breakdown of what each of these Mutable signs represent in the physical body:

· GEMINI: rules the Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, Hands & 1st - 4th Dorsal Vertebrae. We have the North Node position herein - the Soul Direction. WHY would we want lung issues (COVID to the extreme & we know people who are having lung issues unrelated to COVID that came into being halfway through 2020 & they still don't know WHY)? Why are we not taking in deep breaths of Life? The Lungs can hold Grief & unexpressed emotion - is this true for you? Any issues with your arms, hands or wrists or vertebrae since 2020? What do you not want to be "hands on" about? Grasping too tightly or barely at all? Lack of hugs? Wringing of hands in worry & anxiety? Head hanging heavy feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Gemini is the AIR - how are you thinking, speaking, communicating? And what have you been saying via your Inner Talk? To Self?

· Interestingly, the Lunar Nodes represent, health-wise, disorders connected with other people via infections picked up in crowds, hospitalization! Yikes! What does that sound like?

· VIRGO: rules Digestive organs, Spleen, Liver & Gallbladder, & we can experience ulcers, constipation or diarrhea here because of all of these organs not working properly, together. I have Virgo Rising, so I embody all of these issues actually. Virgo is also my Opposite Sign (Sun in Pisces) so it's always gaining my attention to connect with myself PHYSICALLY by the indigestion I've been plagued with, working with my ND re a sluggish Liver for the past 18 months. And my sister, the Japanese Acupuncturist, keeps me on my toes re my Spleen issues (too much Sugar Laurie Rae!). How many Virgoans out there have any of these complaints, & perhaps more so since 2020? Virgo wants to BE OF SERVICE - yet if we're doing our Service for Others & forgetting about our own need for Rest, Relaxation, etc., how is that helping us? Virgo is Earth - connected to our physical body. How GROUNDED are you these days? Ruled by Mercury, we Virgoans can be so into the Mental plane, working on our devices, we forget we even have a body!!! Today, the VERTEX is here - what are you Fated/Destined to understand & take away from all of this?

· SAGITTARIUS: rules the Muscular system, Thighs, Hips & Lumbar region of the back. Here's where hip replacements come into play, rheumatism, sciatica issues, gout, nervous disorders can plague us. Sagittarius is FIRE - so inflammation, burning sensations, "You're getting on my Nerves!" Sagittarius is where we Seek our Higher Purpose - yet again, if we're not physically able, how will we? What are Your Beliefs about Life now, during this Pandemic? Where's your Faith, & what do you have Faith in? Walking & jogging & cycling will keep those muscles & hips & thighs in grand shape - are You doing your daily walks?! I know I haven't that I have the energy back, the extreme cold is delaying me from doing so. The South Node is here - what have you Unresolved from Prior Lives that needs to be Faced, Healed & Released? Is that inflammation anger? What are you afraid of? Seeking that Higher Purpose? Despite this Pandemic?

· PISCES: ah Pisces, our mystical, magical mystery tour of Life down here on Earth on a more ethereal reality! It can be truly difficult for we Pisceans to DO the Earthly daily work, living & such that other signs take to so naturally! Pisces rules the Feet, Toes, Heal Bone, Lymphatic system, Rheumatism, Gout, Alcoholism (& addictions!) & we must safeguard ourselves from becoming chilled! Pisces is WATER - so how have you been connecting to yourself Emotionally? Listening to your Intuition? Following it? Being guided by your Inner Wisdom - taking time to meditate & BE with your Ethereal Guides/Angels etc.? How are you Walking on this Earth? Neptune's been in Pisces since February 2012 for the first time in 165 years. What have you Imagined for the Better since then? How has your Spiritual practice & connection been? Have you noticed the Shadow side - that Drama Triangle role-play of "victim - rescue me - I feel persecuted/bullied" - & addictions & the need to ESCAPE reality somehow - how much LOUDER has it all become for you? Are you letting any of these escape routes/crutches go yet? Or is your Ego-self hanging on for dear life? Let go of the Fear & the Crutches. Feel the Feelings. Cry a few buckets of tears. Cleanse yourself from Within. Have FAITH that you are walking out of this Pandemic alive & healthy & hale! Why Imagine anything less?

Whether or not you have any planets, etc. sitting at 19 degrees of Virgo - that House of Life Experience will still be activated. Methinks this is the WHY of my malaise & low energy cycles. Subtle. Not overt. Not COVID-19! To get my attention to SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY PHYSICAL BODY & Less in my Mental body - to BE aware of ALL of ME! Who else is raising your hands in agreement here?

We've been on a roller-coaster ride of CHANGE with all the 2020 Planetary players in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter) regarding our MORALS, VALUES, ETHICS & INTEGRITY! Then the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 brought in that once-in-800 years Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn at 00 degrees of Aquarius - where did this activate your Birth Chart? What House of Life Experience did this BAM! land in your life?

For me, my 6th House of Daily Work/Physical Health EXACTLY on my own Vertex (Fated/Destined) & my Venus (what/whom do I want to attract in my life?)...a wee wakeup-call there. How BALANCED have I been re the needs of my physical self vs. the needs of my mental self to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS?! So, January became MY Reset time. While I had Faith that my current clients would be patient with me not posting as much on social media or here on my website, nor sending out my newsletter or annual emails to remind them of their Solar Return timings! And that the new clients would still find me!

We ALL need reminders as to WHAT IS TRULY required for each of us at this time. The Capricorn New Moon cycle January 12 - February 10, 2021 was a wee REMINDER of that which we HAD for so long, that perhaps wasn't TRULY WHAT WE WANTED FOR OURSELVES! The Capricorn world of long-held traditions & institutions (government, health, education, law, insurance, economics/finance, corporations to name a few) has been dying literally in front of our eyes since Pluto's entry in 2007 (2 more years to go!).

Then Saturn shook things up with the NEED to restructure, create NEW GOALS, new Responsibilities while LETTING GO of responsibilities that weren't ours to begin with!

Then Jupiter jumped in (just as news was beginning to surface in early December 2019 about this new virus) demanding that we take a RISK, expand our current enslaved boundaries, to BUST OUT of old & outmoded daily life & living! To really LOOK AT what we BELIEVE IN, HAVE FAITH IN. And, through all of 2020 - how to REINVENT OURSELVES by Seeking a Higher & BETTER Life Purpose due to ALL the industries & jobs dying around us!

That's what this past Moon cycle reminded us of - what's dying in our lives - & now we MUST EMBRACE what we want to LIVE FOR! With this New Moon in Aquarius! Begins today at 12:06pm MST at 23 degrees Aquarius 17' - what House of Life Experience is THIS Moon Cycle activating for you? HERE is where the following planets are Waking Us Up - even MORE:

· SUN & MOON - Soul & Emotional body - begin this Moon cycle of Unrealized potential, that dormant SEED we're planting - what's your Soulful/Emotional INTENTION?

· MERCURY Rx - Mental body, taking a Logic vacation, beckoning us to use that Right brain creative, intuitive, insightful, "thinking outside the box" resourcefulness, inventiveness, innovation & GENIUS we all have Within us!

· VENUS - Desire body, to attract to us THAT WHICH WE MOST DESIRE! Venus is Love, Peace & Harmony, VALUES, the good things in has any of this CHANGED for you this past year? What is now DIFFERENT?

· JUPTER - EXACTLY connecting with Venus btw, making it really LOUD & CLEAR - what RISK must I make to move away from current boundaries that have kept me from Seeking My Highest Purpose in Life? HOW HAVE I KEPT MYSELF SMALL? Who have I allowed to keep me this way? How have my BELIEFS IN MYSELF changed this past year? WHAT DO I HAVE FAITH IN? What IS my Faith? What do I Believe to be True? What IS MY TRUTH?!

· SATURN - brings forth, as we Wake Up to our respective New Realities, RESTRUCTURING of Goals, Responsibilities & any FEARS we may have of Successfully arriving at the AMBITIONS we've set for ourselves. How has ANY of these CHANGED in the last year for You? Saturn can constrict & seem to truncate all the joy & optimism & VISION of Jupiter - it's the Parent making sure we're being realistic, not biting off more than we can chew, creating short-term goals that help us to accomplish the LONG-TERM GOAL we've envisioned for ourselves...

Aquarius: BE Your True AUTHENTIC Self - Be Honest with Yourself - Be Your TRUTH as You Seek It! 2021 holds us to this. You MUST comply or forever be caught up in the OLD Earth/world that was & is dying & leaving us. Take that LEAP OF FAITH! BE YOU as you've not been before now! You have this! You CAN do this! As part of Your Community - I have your back! Do you have mine? Namaste

PS: For those who do have your Birth Charts - Email me for the Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius info that I have from Steven Forrest, Evolutionary Astrologer, to KNOW what you will be "SCRUTINIZING With Suspicion" the WHY of your Aquarian Self where ever it lies in Your Birth chart - note that this could Activate more than one House of Life Experience! Read ALL the Houses info being activated.

Also: For those who MISSED my Dec 21, 2020 Winter Solstice FB Live video about the Capricorn journey we've been on & what that Aquarian Conjunction entailed, in more detail, visit my FB Page: @laurieraes & take a gander! And if you want to join my FB Group - Laurie Rae's House of Astrology - please do! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You! You all rock! Namaste

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