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New Moon in Aquarius - January 20th

Today the Sun and Moon are in the same place in the sky, starting a whole new, New Moon cycle, at 00 degrees Aquarius 09 minutes.This occurred at 6:14 a.m. MST. We have had three New Moons in a row now (including this one) whereby the Sun and Moon stood at 00 degrees - meaning we are starting a BRAND NEW cycle of...whatever the theme is sign-wise (and of course, where that sign resides in your birth chart). The Full Moon to next New Moon waning phase brings in a dying aspect - some part of our inner self will die each month - and allow this to occur as much as possible. Not literally people - figuratively...all part of the cycle of Soul growth monthly, yearly and so on.

This is why I started my monthly New Moon Gatherings back in 2011 - to "see" in our respective birth charts WHERE the monthly New Moons activate current themes of Soul growth in our lives. Very cool! (For those of you who aren't able to join us in person, I offer the New Moon Report for $30 CAD which I will email you. I do require your birth data: time, place and date of birth, in order to create your Astrological birth chart. Then the fun continues on from there!)

Returning to our current New Moon in Aquarius: what is a New Moon cycle? The Moon's orbit around the Earth is approximately 28-29 days, and within that orbit the Sun and Moon are either together (New Moon phase) squaring one another (First QTR and Last QTR phases) or in opposition to one another (Full Moon phase). I add the four cross-quarter Moon phases (Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating and Balsamic) that lie in between the popular four phases mentioned above. It is interesting, as the months move by, how on track we "see" ourselves coping with current challenges due to the themes that come up from the astrological sign the Moon/Sun dances within each month - very cool! And you thought you weren't navigating your life according to your soul's plan? Think again...

The Moon's role is to show us how well we1) feel our feelings, 2) are aware of those feelings, 3) honour these feelings AND most importantly, 4) listen to / honour our Intuition - the inner guidance system of our Higher Self/guides, angels et al. This is where our insights come from - as long as we allow ourselves to RECEIVE - this is key folks! Wanting and asking over and over again is one thing; are you ALLOWING yourself to RECEIVE the messages / signs too? Ego can block this as readily as it blocks positive thinking and all the rest. Think about it...

The Sun's monthly dance with the Moon bringsin our Soul's intention - and by the Full Moon phase the Moon reflects the Sun's unconscious intentions, brings ILLLUMINATION - those key AHA! moments that help us to "see" what we've truly been working on deep within ourselves all along. My friend Diana and I have already had our AHA! moments from the Mercury Rx (Retrograde) blog I posted earlier today! It comes when we are open to it...remember this...

Now, Aquarius, the Water-Bearer- is actually an AIR sign - yes you heard it right. Huh? Air means communication, and how we relate, in this case, with our community (Aquarius). The Ancients thought the Gods poured down those key insights/intuitive hits/bright innovative ideas to we lowly folks via the Milky Way - insights that came from our Future Self. Actually the "water" pouring down upon us represented the electrical ability to FEEL those intuitive hits (working with the chakras, energy centres within the body, helps here), manage the feelings behind them (heartfully or not) in order to then take ACTION upon them. Aquarius rules technology(so this current Mercury Rx timing through Aquarius is going to be one humdinger with computers, cellphones, cars and all manner of communication devices) and its energy is ELECTRIC, which is why Aquarius rules the electrical system of the physical body - central nervous system - also the shins/calves and ankles (watch out for missteps via spraining ankles or knocking shins if you aren't in TUNE with Future Self forward-movement). Aquarius brings change that can shake up our world! Be careful what you ask for...

Aquarius themes are as follows:

  • INDIVIDUATION: how to BE my own true individual AND still manage to BE in community - help others in my world, allow their assistance too (note the receiving here?) and yet honouring ME and what I need to do for the world, without the Ego part. Interesting challenge, isn't it?

  • HUMANITARIANISM: another"for the good of all"aspect to chew on. What do you bring to community? How do you give back? We don't all have to adopt babies from Africa nor join the UN nor do good as Doctors Without Borders - what can you DO right here at the community level in your home town? BEing human and treating others, all walks of life, as human BEings too. What's the Golden Rule? "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"or words to that effect. Heartfully, not from the Ego's power/control frame of reference.

  • INNOVATION: those bright ideas, inventions, timely great creations (Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius - hence the creativity aspect) that help ALL of humanity "for the GOOD of All". Think about it: where do those bright ideas come from? Your Future Self - embrace this part of you, introduce each other, have a chat. Sit a while, ruminate, imagine a better world...and again, we must ALLOW these bright ideas to BE Received...then take action.

  • MAVERICKS: this can be a tricky theme to deal with. Most people in the world fear the mavericks within and amongst them - those rebels that seem to make waves just by showing up! "Why can't you just "go along" with everyone?" "Why do you insist on "rocking the boat"?" etc etc etc...sound familiar? Huge fear of going against the grain - we'll get into some kind of trouble if.... Wherever you have Aquarius in your chart, this is where your Soul self insists on bringing through Future Self ideas, insights and intuition to help SOLVE current issues in a new (futuristic) way. Who knew computers would totally revolutionize our world? Interestingly, when Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, came into Aquarius way back in January 1996, guess what was launched? The Internet. Back in the 1960's Uranus was in the sign of Virgo: all about processes and being of better service to all. The beginnings of what we know now as PCs/smart phones etc actually began during the Second World War with the invention of the code-breaking machines (Uranus was in the sign of Gemini - how can we find/gather data, disseminate it and share it and keep it secret all at the same time?). We see the path of Uranus/Aquarius INNOVATIONS through the generations, each previous innovation feeding the next new "bright idea". What are YOUR bright ideas this month?

  • HEALTH: to repeat - Aquarius rules our central nervous system, shins/calves and ankles, circulation, cramps and spasms, varicose veins. For those of us with Aquarius on the cusp of the 6th House and/or within the 6th House - our body talks to us through these areas if we aren't looking after ourselves! This is why I need to watch how much coffee I drink, especially this time of year. It affects my nervous system and burns me out quicker than working long hours will.

  • DISASSOCIATION: this is where we have somehow, electrically (via our "circuits") become separated from ourselves (usually through some sort of trauma) - disassociated - and therefore not WHOLE or BALANCED as we could be. Due to the trauma in my life, my mind (I have Mercury in Aquarius too!) believes it can keep on ticking like that Energizer Bunny and not look after the needs of my physical body - NOT! So this time of year I go through a reset to bring more balance into my life, and I do so via alternative health means (Futuristic). See how Aquarius works in our lives? What House is Aquarius in within your birth chart/Life? This is where you may also BE disconnected somehow.

To recap: Today's New Moon cycle not only begins a NEW cycle of connecting to your emotions/intuition and how you do so. It also heralds a BRAND NEW WAY of doing so! Mercury Rx brings in "information I didn't know I needed to know"to help us out this month too! Yay! Look for the information - it will find you if you are WILLING to receive it. What are your intentions for your life this month? Use today's New Moon energy to put it out there to your Higher Self, Inner Child, and True Inner Self. Have a meeting and see what comes up.

We bring to the table this month ways and means of INNOVATION, CHANGE, BEing a REBEL (with a cause) to HELP all of humankind - not hinder. Where's the Maverick in you? Do you hide away in fear or do you embrace this part of you? Not only is Mercury going Rx ramping up the octaves of mindful AWARENESS to how we have disconnected from some part of self along our journey; so too does this New Moon cycle. By the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon sit opposite one another, I trust YOU will "see" your true individual self, marry it with your Future Self, bring in your Inner Child to play along (Leo opposite to Aquarius) and see what you have created this month!

Think of it this way: we are being shown, this month and New Moon cycle, a TASTE of the "pot of gold"gifts this New Age of Aquariusis all about! We are learning to COMBINE the gifts of Aquarius AND Leo (polar opposites) to create an "AND" world of  heartfelt (Leo) innovative change (Aquarius), creativity, having fun and play like the innocent child who KNOWS that ALL is possible (again, all Leo)! We can create a new Garden of Eden, somehow, within these next 2150 years or so. What do you intend to create in your life, at this moment, at the beginning of this new age, within this New Moon?


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