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New Moon in Aquarius: Restructuring Through Humanity

This new Moon cycle began as the New Moon phase late Monday, JANUARY 31, 2022 at 10:46 pm MST at 12 degrees Aquarius 19' of Celestial Longitude for those following along in your Birth charts.

Since December 21, 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter came together in that "once-in-800-year" conjunction, at 00 degrees of Aquarius, they both began the journey to bring about new structures (Saturn) and to risk something that is more future-oriented vs. traditional (Jupiter) according to our beliefs, truths and philosophies about humanity and community.

A year later, here we are. Standing up to bring back the "gems" a.k.a. our rights and freedoms, while also showing what's not working for the Good of All. Jupiter rules Law, Justice, and Freedom, interestingly. As well as the media. We have another year of Saturn bringing forth the need to change what isn't working any longer, which in turn is creating an upheaval of discord across our land. People are becoming polarized due to each person's version of "truth" "Belief" "philosophy" as to HOW it should LOOK, BE, exist.

We're opening up - which is a great thing! We're having dialogue - another great thing! However, there's also the bullying due to fear - not so great in my book. Ever. Yet as a democracy, we must allow all sides to show themselves. And, they are! The dark shadow side of humanity is showing up from interesting places AND simultaneously the LOVING, coming together, as community, as humanity, neighbourliness is also showing! So cool to see how we are coming together - as best we can - all over the world, now.

This New Moon has the Moon/Sun holding hands with Saturn in Aquarius. Jupiter has since moved on, into Pisces, as of DEC 28, 2021, bringing forth, interestingly again, the upcoming Jupiter Return for this country we call Canada. Yes, our natal Jupiter resides in PISCES in the 12th House of our SPIRITUALITY, as a nation. Jupiter, again, is all about RISK. What are you willing to Risk - taking that Leap of Faith into the Unknown - to create much-needed change into a Higher Perspective?

The Shadow side of Pisces - that Drama Triangle - of victimization, bullying and wanting to be rescued/rescue others. We're seeing a whole lot of bullying from our PM and the media, skewing all that love, compassion, friendliness, hope and dancing in the streets, playing hockey, bagging up the garbage, assisting the homeless, buying food for the truckers, etc - into hate, negativity, disgust and whatever they can think of to discredit what those heart-full Canadians are actually doing in Ottawa, on our behalf.

So we're seeing BOTH sides, if we allow ourselves to find the live feeds from independent news people, police officers, MLA's, MP's, and the truckers themselves, telling the Truth, the real story. I believe the live feeds myself. I trust what I see there. I do not trust what mainstream media is doing, and frankly, I shake my head in disbelief - how can they do their jobs, knowing that they are skewing the Truth? That goes against my Soul, that does. I could not work like that.

The key to getting off that Drama Triangle role-play is to connect Within Spiritually to take your own Higher Road - away from victimizing or bullying or wanting to be rescued. We need and must rise higher, onto a higher plane of awareness and consciousness. This is necessary in 2022 as a whole.

So, for the next 29.5 days, Aquarius is at play - how are we "scrutinizing with suspicion" (thank you Steven Forrest!) the kool-aid we've been fed these past several years? Truly. Really. We're seeing a massive sea-change, turning of the tides. Right in front of our eyes, ears and hearts. Making history is what we Canadians are doing. No matter where you are on the spectrum of Truth, Justice and Freedom - we're making history.

800 years ago was 1220 A.D. - what was happening back then, the previous time Saturn and Jupiter came together in Aquarius at 00 degrees (meaning we're starting something anew - and in Aquarius, something that is for the Future but happening in the Here and Now)? Let me do some research...okay here's something:

  • The Crusades continued - 4th, 5th, 6th

  • The Magna Carta or the "Great Charter" formed a legal model re the rights of nobility for later groups seeking to de-centralize state power during King John's reign in 1214

  • Genghis Khan captured Persian empire in 1218

  • Frederick II is crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1220

  • War began between England and France in 1224 over French territories held by England and ends in 1227

  • The shoguns, or military leaders, lose their power in Japan; regents take over in 1219

What does all of this tell us? Shifts in power, changes in rulership, how countries rule, and what they rule, and for how long. A lot of changing of the guard, so to speak. Revolution. Rebellion. The need for Freedom. The need for better. Not always good choices along the way.

Jupiter's turn through Pisces, our mutable Water sign of the Zodiac, brings forth Spiritual connections, divisions, the need to take the higher road. However this journey for Truth, Justice and Freedom turns out in 2022, it brings with it optimism, opportunity for taking a risk, that Leap of Faith into that great Unknown - how will we land by the end of 2022? And how will this out-picture this next 12-year cycle of Jupiter for Canada? What do you want MORE of these next 12 years? What do you want LESS of? What do you want that is NEW?

Meanwhile, Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus in squaring off with Moon/Sun and Saturn in Aquarius - two of the fixed signs - dislike change, LOL! Squares create stress and tension from Within to create change - something's gotta give! Interestingly, Uranus rules Aquarius! And his journey through Taurus since March 2019 brings up VALUES - what are they, do you know what yours are, and are you standing up for them? Worth and worthiness issues - where are you on this spectrum? Sudden Unexpected Change is what Uranus brings - to shake things up that badly needed shaking. Expect more Unexpectedness this month folks! If we don't do the change ourselves, the Universe steps in and does it for us. Money, or lack thereof, due to any number of reasons and scenarios right now - and the skills and talents we have to use, hands-on, on the ground, to keep the income streams ahappening. All of this is in play.

This is what we're all grappling with this month. What is your version of Truth, Justice and Freedom? From here is where you take your risk, leap of faith. It's not about righteous indignation to PROVE I AM RIGHT! And YOU ARE WRONG! It is about how can we, as humanity, step UP into a higher frame of mind, heart and body? How do we "come together, right now"? Bless The Beatles, eh? Look to your Birth charts to see where 12 degree Aquarius 19' lie - from here is where your risk will originate. And where is Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus showing up? From here is where the stress and tension between this New Moon/Saturn and Uranus will be applied in your life.

Take heed. It's time to choose. It's time to act. According to your Beliefs, Truths and Philosophies of Life - what do you want for your future? Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much!


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