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New Moon in Cancer, July 15, 2015

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:24pm MDT, we begin another new Moon Cycle with the New Moon phase in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. We begin something NEW within the New Moon's seed of unrealized potential in our respective Soul/Self-growth journeys this month under the themes of family, nurturance, mothering/fathering, sensitive feelings/moodiness, and possible possessiveness/insecurity issues.

Due to Cancer being a cardinal sign - meaning initiating something NEW we've not done before - this New Moon phase is doubly powerful within the theme of NEW - beginnings, starts, birthing something we haven't thought of or felt to do before now. All water signs signal BEing up close and personal with our feelings, intuitive insights, and receptivity - receiving from Others.

Cancer is the MOST sensitive sign of the Zodiac and is where we care and nurture others AND ourselves. How we do this in our respective lives is shown in the House of Life Experience being activated within our birth charts.

For example, 23 degrees of Cancer 14 (the coordinates of where both the Moon and Sun sit for this New Moon) resides within my 11th House of my Future Self, friends, allies, groups I belong to and my peers. It will be interesting for me to 'see' WHO I wish to become within this next year of Life Experience (via my wishes for myself that I will pen out shortly here this week) AND who the peeps are in my life who lovingly support the NEW direction I intend to take. I will also become aware of all those who do NOT support this new aspect of ME, Myself and I blossoming forth. Having most of Cancer in this 11th House shows WHERE I nurture others (and from where I receive nurturance) - with and from my friends/peers and the groups I chose to belong to. If you already have your birth chart, you too will know in which House Cancer resides and especially at the 23rd degree of Cancer. If you do not have your birth chart - give me a call!

Looking at the Astrology chart I created for this New Moon Cycle, I see that we also have both Mercury and Mars sitting at 14 degrees of Cancer, in opposition to Pluto (in Rx - retrograde - right now) in the opposite sign to Cancer - Capricorn. When planets are in opposition there is a tug-of-war occurring within us, vying for attention and control. There can be a see-saw effect where we live on one side of the opposition, then change tack to sit with the other side, getting a feel for each side. By the end of this particular Moon Cycle ALL of us will have figured out how to change this Either/Or scenario into and AND blend in our life.

Mars brings Assertion, Courage, that Inner Warrior energy to tread down new pathways within ourselves as we take Action out in our immediate world- very instinctively. Partnering with Mercury this Moon Cycle, we are being asked to KNOW our minds when it comes to how we feel. Seems like a contradiction, doesn't it? How do I think I feel? Or is it, How do I feel I think? The feeling part comes from the water sign of Cancer; the thinking part comes from Mercury. We will also BE sharing our feelings within conversations - with family, friends, parents, roommates - whomever we live with.

Once we make up our Minds (Mercury) then we will know what Action (Mars) to take re: nurturance we require NOW in our lives - for self and with others. Then the Sun and Moon, both of whom begin this Moon Cycle at New Moon, bring Soulful Action (Sun) and feeling our way forward with Ego-Shadow issues peeking forth at some points along the way (Moon). By Full Moon (July 31st) we should all know better what NEW changes have, or will have, occurred re: BEing sensitive to our own, and other's, feelings and emotional nurturance needs.

The Moon rules Cancer, therefore this Moon Cycle will be especially sensitive for us - within Self and between Self and Others in our lives. BEing in our hearts, with compassion and unconditional Love will work wonders this Moon Cycle.BEing insensitive will wreck havoc - which would you prefer? Harmony and peace vs. dramatic feelings and tears etc.?

Returning to that opposition between Mercury and Mars in Cancer and Pluto Rx in Capricorn - here we have water and earth - feelings and intuition vs. DOing the practical tasks and creating goals towards our respective material gains (Capricorn's earthly gifts). Capricorn is the Mountain Goat scaling the heights of ambition or plateauing out. Cancer is the Crab enjoying its home (which it carries on its back) yet scurrying sideways to avoid confrontation OR burying itself in the sand to AVOID feelings that the Ego-Shadow Self doesn't want to deal with!

This Moon Cycle will bring that see-saw of:

  • Wanting to BE at home (Cancer) AND wanting to dive into work and BE in the public eye (Capricorn)Feeling and intuiting (Cancer) AND being focused to initiate new projects via setting goals to create money, status, reputation and anything we view as "material gain" in our lives (Capricorn).

  • BEing sensitive to HOW we are feeling AND how others are feeling (Cancer) AND seeing the INTEGRITY of HOW we are doing business out in the world (Capricorn) aka our careers.The KEY here is create an AND somehow with ALL of the above! Blend it all as much as you can INTO your life and your Inner You - BE All of it, not either/or! Create a win-win scenario.

Both Mercury/Mars and Pluto Rx are at 14 degrees of their respective signs - half-way point - and bring in quite the dynamic this Moon Cycle. Pluto will be transforming deeply held personal integrity beliefs re: how we GAIN in this life (Rx planets bring very PERSONAL issues to the surface and Pluto LOVES to clear out our Ego-Shadow fears in the process). We will be challenged this Moon Cycle to KNOW where we stand along the Integrity fence - for Integrity or not? How integral are You? AND how sensitive will you BE in how you THINK and SPEAK (Mercury) then take ACTION/ASSERTION (Mars) about this Integrity? Hhhhmmmm....twill be very interesting...

Venus, our Feminine planet of Love, Harmony, Balance, Partnerships, Beauty and Fairness, sits at the 29th degree of LEO, with Jupiter (expansion and amplifying abundance, joy and opportunities awaiting us) close by. Venus represents our Desire Body - what do you desire, heartfully (Leo) this Moon cycle? What will BE loud and clear for you to CREATE (Leo)? At the 29th degree Venus is showing us an end of a cycle of HOW we intend to CREATE our lives via the heart (Leo). If we do NOT come from the heart, we are operating via our Ego-Shadow self - fair warning.

Jupiter has been traveling through the fiery sign of Leo since August last year, performing what I've been calling OPEN-HEART SURGERY - expanding our heart chakra centres to LOVE ourselves more clearly and fully AND amplifying ALL those feelings already within our hearts - loudly - to be felt and making us aware of that which still needs to be, heartfully, healed in our lives.

Leo is romantic love, and allowing ourselves to BE childlike having fun and playing, AND creating - what? What do you DESIRE (Venus) to CREATE for yourself, finally, fully, heartfully, that has been making itself KNOWN within your heart centre for close to a year now? Look in your charts to see where the sign of Leo resides, and especially the 29th degree, to KNOW in what area of your Life Experience (House) this is coming from.

My previous post spoke about the Stars of David formations in the Air and Fire signs we've had so far this year. Interestingly, this Moon Cycle brings a NEW Grand Trine (or triangle) linking 4 planets within the same element - this time within the WATER signs! Notice how much water is in play this Moon Cycle! I predict more RAIN (yay!), more feelings/tears/intuitive hits of insight these next 29 days! The planets in play within this planetary formation are:

  • Saturn Rx @ 28 degrees of Scorpio 31'- the most private sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Pluto, Scorpio harbours our deeply-held passions AND Ego-Shadow Self fears. Saturn (Rx) will personalize how we take responsibility for these passions and fears. Our fears and trust issues will play out - watch out for BEing stung or stinging others - if we get too close or others get to close to inner triggers of fear that our Ego Self would rather NOT share. Ego never wants to share! Ego likes to hide, deny, escape and otherwise keep the status quo to feel safe and secure in the same old same old. Saturn now asks us to LET GO of whatever fears we are still hanging onto...AND to TRUST our own process, as well as the process of Others.

  • Chiron Rx @ 21 degrees of Pisces 21'- this water sign shows us our Eternal, Unseen Inner Wise Self (also called our connection to our Higher Self) - how we intuit and just KNOW via our feelings what is true and right for us. Chiron brings more healing our way re: that Age of Pisces Drama Triangle (victim / rescuer / persecutor) - we want to move into VICTOR now, without Drama. Peace, tranquility, harmony, Love rules the day more and more. BEing of Higher Service for the Good of All...and again it will be truly personal in some regard (Rx)! Pisces asks us to TRANSCEND our Ego-Shadow and connect with our Higher Self - our Soul watch out for triggers of any Victim-oriented issues you still hold within yourself.

  • Moon and Sun in Cancer (our New Moon) at 23 degrees of Cancer 14'- we return to the most sensitive sign, taking care of home/hearth and Mother/Father, mothering/fathering - how we nurture ourselves THEN others - please note this - look after SELF first in order to have the energy and love within to share without. This part of the Grand Trine in water signs will be KEY - all throughout this Moon Cycle - to know, Soulfully (Sun) where you stand as a nurturer and how you allow yourself to RECEIVE (Moon) nurturance from others! This in turn allows the gift of Others to GIVE...

  • These 4 planets/luminaries activate continually throughout this Moon Cycle- they will feed into one another, flowing seamlessly. As we SEE and ALLOW our Ego-Shadow fears to surface, and allow the healing to occur as we LET GO of Drama/Victim/trust issues in our lives, we will ALLOW further nurturance from our Soul to BE received and felt! Interesting how our planetary formations and cycles create new challenges, choices and growth for us, continually.

As you have read, quite a different 'feel' this Moon Cycle compared to the previous ones! Water flows, changes the earth, brings nurturance and growth. Plant your seed of Intention this New Moon and choose wisely that which you wish to see flower by the Full Moon! Allow the feelings to be felt, walk through them (don't run away and hide or eat them away emotionally!) and BE sensitive with self and others whilst we all journey through our respective process of Soul/Self growth as this Moon Cycle unfolds. BE sensitive to YOUR needs first; then BE sensitive to those around you - and do NOT rescue - instead lend support, love and draw wisdom from one another. BE with your feelings; DO with your heart.

For those interested in having their Moon Cycle report in person, over the phone, via Skype or written and mailed to them - please look for the tab above, Moon Cycle Reports - and contact me!

Blessed Be!

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