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New Moon in Leo & a Rare Triple Conjunction In Taurus! Roar!

Tomorrow, JULY 28, 2022, the Sun and Moon come together in the sky, signalling another New Moon is upon us! This time they connect at 05 degrees LEO 38' Celestial Longitude. At 11:55 AM MDT. Where's LEO in your Birth chart? This is the House of Life Experience from which we'll be experiencing the Opposite sign to this New Age of Aquarius!

Bring in the Leadership. Bring in the Creative Expression. Bring in the Fun and Play. Bring in the Self-Love. Bring in the Romance. Bring in the Children - doing pretty much all of the above!

Aquarius has two streams - one seems MORE about technology, science, collectivism, and, have you heard this term yet? Technocracy and Technocrats. I asked Mom about technocracy and she said, "O yes! My Dad was into that when we were growing up! He went on and on about it, how it would be the best thing for the world. The rest of our family didn't agree."

A fellow Astrologer friend of mine from Denmark was surprised to learn I had NO IDEA what this term meant! "But Laurie Rae! There was a political party in CANADA wanting to turn everything, including government, into being led by science and scientific experts! Don't you know about this?!" Nope. And I do now.

It originated back in 1932 - in the USA - and yes, was up here in Canada. And in Germany, and in China. Bill Gates' grandfather was a party member, as was Aldus Huxley's brother (Aldus wrote the book, "Brave New World"). They wanted to eliminate government and democracy, to create a "Borg-like" collective that was lead by what I call "the party line" - one scientific brain that creates a pseudo-unity. Didn't go anywhere. Or so we thought...

The other stream of Aquarius: To be individualistic - be who you truly are. To have unlimited freedom. Sovereignty over Self. Using the original ideals of Democracy. Privacy prevails. Humanity, Divinity, the natural world connections - this is the other Aquarius.

Interesting, isn't it, considering what we've undergone these past 2.5 years, to "see" how things are becoming either/or. One or the other. Which camp do you want to be in? In 2022 we must choose. One way or another.

This New Moon in LEO - to follow your heart's truest desires. To show leadership. To shine your Creative self out there. Bring back the Innocence - yet ROAR LIKE A LION when needed! This is our Fixed Fire sign - whereby change is frowned upon but when INSPIRED to do otherwise - watch out!

On SUNDAY JULY 31st and MONDAY AUGUST 1st - long-weekend for some provinces here in Canada - Heritage Day for us here in ALBERTA - when we connect and give thanks for WHERE WE HAIL FROM - country-wise, cultural-wise, ancestral-wise - another family-oriented holiday - guess what we're experiencing? Something that occurs every 335 years, astrologically.

The coming together of - a conjunction - within another Fixed sign - TAURUS - of the Earth element - between the North Lunar Node and Uranus - EXACT on JULY 31st after midnight and then MARS is EXACT with BOTH the North Lunar Node and Uranus - all three at 18 degrees TAURUS at 11:45 PM MDT JULY 31st!

The previous timings of the Uranus/North Lunar Node in TAURUS was July 19, 1687 - the time of Isaac Newton, "the Age of Enlightenment" - science was King and Astrology was expelled from all universities and colleges. The Spiritual / humanity piece of Earth began to go into the underworld.

The time before that: JULY 3, 1352 - the Black Plague was upon the whole of Europe for 200 years. It originated in the East. Came west on ships. Spread like wildfire.

JULY 31/AUGUST 1, 2022 - where are we at now? How did we come to this place and space? To me, looking back into history, the Age of Enlightenment brought forth the ideas and discoveries that expanded our knowledge of the universe, heralded more inventions and innovations through the upcoming Industrial Revolution. We were so innocent back then. We had no idea the dark shadows that would or could come our way.

Now, in this century, technology seems to be barrelling along at lightening speeds, taking our breath away - and, to my mind, our humanity. Overtaking it. Where does the human being show up here? Is it even taken into account - as far as the IMPACT of technology on the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body?

We are definitely at a crossroads Time of Choice! LEO is about Heart. Self-love. Loving the creative process and expressing it freely, heartfully. Having FUN with it! And Leadership that includes the whole - circular - working as a Team. For the Good of All. The clan. The tribe.

This Summer of 2022 - we MUST CHOOSE which version of AQUARIUS we wish to be a part of - AND - to ensure we're AWARE of all factions at play here - literally. Do NOT deny the Shadow side! We must all GRIEVE that which is passing away - to Let it All Go! To heal the past, and look forward to a renewed HUMANISTIC future.

Mars is all about ACTION. Within TAURUS - according to Shamanic Astrology - "this archetype is The Lover - to bring Spirit fully into the physical and sensual, to establish the deepest intimacy on the basis of friendship and trust."

TAURUS rules that Throat Chakra I keep talking about. Are you SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH yet? Are you ROARING LIKE A LION yet? TAURUS rules our Values, Worth/worthiness. To increase our Self-Esteem and CONFIDENCE in ourselves to then STAND UP FOR OURSELVES (Spine) and SUPPORT OURSELVES (Back).

What do you VALUE in your life? How are you feeling your WORTH? Are you truly heading into a future, on a path that shows your connection with humanity and heart? Do you care that there needs to be a choice here?

There's no coincidence here - that we had a FREEDOM CONVOY in CANADA that spurred on other convoys around the world. That the POPE was here this past week to seek FORGIVENESS and HEAL what transpired through the Church on innocent people who should never have been traumatized as they were. To heal, spiritually, emotionally and physically - across our Land. The grieving MUST take into account the WHOLE of how we actually FEEL. FEEL IT. ROAR LIKE A LION if you must!

To ignore any of this is to deny the reality of our times. The Turning of the Ages is at hand. A new 26,000-year Age is what we're transitioning through, especially since 2012. Uranus brings us Unexpected Change if we're not already listening to our inner authentic Self / Heart / Soul as to our individual Next Steps forward. That North Lunar Node heralds our collective Soul Direction - to connect to the Sacred in the Ordinary. To keep the good Traditions to hand down to future generations. To Speak Your Truth. Stand up for your Values. Know Your Worth.

LEO can be the kitten or the Lioness! Also this week - on TUESDAY JULY 26th - Venus and Moon came together within the Balsamic Moon phase, heralding the last Chakra Gate - ROOT Chakra - of where we hold Emotional Heart space AND how we hold onto distortions of Imbalance through anxiety, fear, worry. Never feeling safe.

OR, if Over-active: aggressively behaving with irritability and impatience. Cannot sit still - all your focus is on Me Myself and I. Lashing out, hurting yourself and/or others through blaming or shaming.

OR, if Under-active: inactive, lazy, depressed. Impractical. Inefficient - everything seems overwhelmingly TO MUCH TO HANDLE! Where did my vitality go? My energy? Where's the balance in my life?

How can this ROOT Chakra be BALANCED? To ground yourself in Nature. Bring stability back into your life. Get back to BASICS. Seriously - let go of the "have to, got to, must" and calm down into "want to". Create healthy boundaries - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Ask for your own space to DO or BE. Take time out. Be with others because I WANT TO BE WITH YOU. Use that organizational practicality - clean up that paperwork, take your TIME with organizing your space and place! To then FEEL somewhat more in control of how to approach Your Next Steps forward. Move your physical body. Update your physical health regimen. Sit in silence and "see" how your unique gifts ARE NEEDED - especially now - by the World!

What IS your Gift of Service to the "tribe" in your world? Are you actually DOING it and SHARING it? If you like to build things with your hands - are you doing this? If you like to heal with your hands - are you doing this? TAURUS is all about being "hands-on" creating via your unique gift(s). LEO is all about HEART - for self, with others, for others. Within the Natural Wheel of the Zodiac - these two fixed signs square one another! Creating stress and tension Within, for CHANGE! Who's going to go first? LOL!

Within this New Moon in LEO chart we do have a FIXED GRAND SQUARE going on -

Mercury at 18 degrees LEO 22' is squaring off with that TAURUS Trio - Uranus + North Lunar Node + Mars - at 18 degrees/15 degrees - who are in turn squaring off with Saturn Rx/retrograde at 23 degrees AQUARIUS 08', and lastly then squaring off with that South Lunar Node in SCORPIO also at 18 degrees. Mucho stress and tension to MOVE, CHANGE, ROAR! Mindfully, innovate, soulfully take action, restructure your long-term goals accordingly for the future AND LET GO OF THE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE - and grieve. Then laugh. And love!

The more we do the change ourselves, the better the outcome. If the Universe decides to do it for us - well look out! We might not like the results! Uranus brings in Unexpected Change our way to ENSURE we're showing up AUTHENTICALLY as Self/Soul/Spirit. I'm doing my very best to do so every day. Some days are better than others. Some days I'm feeling the love. Others days, I'm Roaring like a Lion. Other days, I'm hands-on creative. And other days, I'm in bed, sleeping/watching TV, other realities.

BE IT ALL - Watch it all. Feel it all. The Shadow AND the Light. The Feminine AND the Masculine. The Up AND the Down. The Within AND the Without. Show up. Bring in the Love as much as you can. And also be honest with yourself and others. It's truly all we can each do right now - as we move onward and upward. Namaste

PHOTO CREDITS: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much! Namaste

Research Credits: my dear friend / Venus Buddy, Annette Sonderby Hansen - the historical info - wow! And Daniel Giamario - founder/teacher of Shamanic Astrology - his vision/interpretation of the Aquarius pieces - wow! So clarifying. Thank you so much!


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