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New Moon in Libra: Key Relationships Balance Divine Inner Independence & Ambition!

Friday’s New Moon begins at 1:31 pm MDT at 23 degrees Libra 53’ Celestial Longitude, & brings forth much-needed balance & the Cardinal Air of initiating change in how we connect with others. For those of you following along in your Birth charts – note where Libra is therein – which tells you the House of Life Experience that will be activated for your awareness this Moon cycle.

The Moon rules our Emotional body – the realm of feelings, listening to & following our Intuition – while the Sun rules our Vital, Soul self – the actions we take beyond how we feel. Together, at New Moon, the Moon & Sun stand together, bringing forth a NEW Lunation Cycle of inner awareness & guidance.

Libra brings forth the following themes that may be arising for us to deal with (from Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book):

  • Marriage: the long-term partnerships we develop, personally, with agreements, sharing & interdependence (not dependence)! I add those business/client relations we have more of as people create home-based businesses during COVID-19!

  • Negotiation Skills: the fairness of balance, equality, appreciating opposite viewpoints, creating win-win’s for all involved. Counseling is listening more, speaking less, to what the other is saying.

  • Harmony: the peace & beauty, art & decoration that bring forth MORE than just living in a house – creating a home that beckons retreat, resilience & quiet after the busyness of the day.

  • Teamwork: Libra rules TWO people interacting with one another, equal facetime, chatting & listening to one another – giving AND receiving support (we need a balance of BOTH here!), collaborating with others towards a common goal, creating supportive relationships, being cooperative with one another, creating a team identity.

  • Sociability / diplomacy: here we learn & use the Rules of Engagement with real people! No matter the social setting – bring your true self into the interaction. Be aware of what you bring to the conversation. Use tact, creating companionship, getting along with others through one-on-one interactions. Diplomacy required in challenging interactions & creating affinity with others.

  • Refinement: Ruled by Venus, Libra brings in a level of luxury & elegance into our lives, how we pamper ourselves, show our good taste & grace when entertaining our friends & family or professional partners in our homes.

  • Healing Co-dependency: here’s where showing up, 100%, in all your relationships as YOU, with healthy energetic & emotional boundaries, telling the people you are in relationship with what is & is not appropriate - what you’re willing to allow in your life that creates harmony & love. Libra teaches us, through all relationships, how not to appease behaviours or be indecisive, engaging in aimless debate. Be in the here & now, mindfully.

  • Physically, Libra Rules: the adrenal glands, buttocks, diabetes (sugar imbalance) & the kidneys. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins that have built up. Watch the sugar intake – with these colder & shorter days some of us crave sugar! Eat protein instead, is what I’ve been told as I navigate this arena of letting go of my sugar addiction! LOL! So far it has been helping me!

Be mindful of all of the above this Moon cycle. We continue to deal with the stress & tension of that Trio in Capricorn – Jupiter (taking risks, moving beyond comfortable boundaries that help us GROW, soulfully), Pluto (transforming our fears & secrets into empowered moments), & Saturn (restructuring our lives through shifting responsibilities & long-term goals) – all in aid of our ambitions & goals to what we believe is success in life. What are you BUILDING? The stress & tension between this Trio & the New Moon creates the NEED FOR CHANGE. How can we incorporate ALL of this into our lives? Do we let go of something to make room for MORE of what we truly want? What might that be?

Alleviating the stress & tension mentioned above is the continuing dance between Mars Rx/retrograde & Eris, his sister, also Rx, both in fiery Aries! They sit directly opposite this New Moon, asking us to create an AND between the Libra themes above & the inspired action that our Divine Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine energies need for YOUR INDEPENDENCE. In order to show up 100% in those close relationships, we must know WHO WE TRULY ARE. Mars, ruler of Aries, & Eris will fight for what they truly want! Competition comes into play here - & we all have a choice to do so CREATIVELY vs. violently/warlike. We can learn from one another in HOW we wish to better ourselves by being INSPIRED to do so, individually, from how we see others in our life working towards their goals! Then we can take action because it IS what WE personally NEED in our lives! Not to rule it over others, or take away from another. To creatively SEE your Inner Warrior moving independently from others – yet working WITH others to that end!

The more we do our AND, the better the energy we have for directing our True North of our ambitions & dreams! This New Moon in Libra also activates the Lunar Nodes in loving connection – the North Node in Gemini heads in our Soul’s direction through what we wish to learn, chat about, how we use logic & calm our mental anxieties - & the South Node in Sagittarius, brings forth skills & talents from our Past Lives AND anything Unresolved (!) that has gotten in the way of SEEKING YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE!

And of course, with Mercury Rx/retrograde moving through Scorpio opposing Uranus Rx in Taurus, bring us up close & personal with our deeply-held fears that hold us back from those ambitions, taking risks or following & standing behind our VALUES. Unexpected Change will occur (Uranus) when we mentally/emotionally do our psyche work along the way (Mercury Rx in Scorpio). The MORE we do this work, we send released energies towards Fated/Destined connections, opportunities & relationships – AS LONG AS WE FOLLOW OUR HEARTS!

If all of this seems like a LOT to deal with – well, it is, & yes, we ARE dealing with it. Hour by hour, day by day. There will be dark days of the Soul AND surprising twists & turns that bring in renewed energies for BETTERING our lives. Believe that you WILL find your True Purpose at this time. The more you open your heart & soul to the possibilities – the sooner you will SEE the clarity of your path forward! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH artists - Thank You!

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