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New Moon in Libra: Soul Direction Brings Balanced Goals & Action

New Moon begins again at 5:05 a.m. MDT on Wednesday OCTOBER 6, 2021 at 13 degrees LIBRA 24' of Celestial Longitude. Where's LIBRA in your Birth chart? Which House of Life Experience is being activated? AND, look at the House sitting opposite - here's where some of the balance is showing itself. Hint: Aries will be in play in that opposite House - what are you doing for your independent nature?

This Moon cycle brings 8 phases of a combo mix of the Cardinal signs (initiating change and new starts) with the Mutable signs (going with the flow, looking back to see how we've done). Beginnings and flowing.

There's a Grand Air Trine/triangle in play too - connecting the Moon/Sun + Mars ALL at 13 degrees LIBRA - emotional/soulful ACTION - creating balance, being in the moment, harmony and peace - with the North Node at 04 degrees GEMINI 06' - Soul Direction to gather data, info and knowledge to learn from and share it - while also bringing in restructured goals/responsibilities into our lives via Saturn at 06 degrees AQUARIUS 53' Rx/retrograde - Anticipating the Future needs of the collective - and our part in that future.

Grand Trines bring opportunity to connect, relate and communicate/learn with/from others. They can also bring laziness or ignoring/taking for granted skills and talents you already have to move yourself forward. We can be so busy talking we ignore what others are saying or want to say but you're not taking time to listen. Missed opportunities can occur.

Venus rules this New Moon and she sits at 28 degrees Scorpio 53' holding hands with the South Lunar Node in Sagittarius, in opposition to that North Node in Gemini! What fears, traumas and/or secrets are you hiding and/or holding onto for dear life? What's been "holding you up"? Literally, as in blocking, or as in supporting? Unresolved issues from Past Lives are in play here folks! Seek a Higher Purpose beyond where you're sitting now. Who's helping you along the way, sharing the info, data and knowledge? What do you desire, passionately, and deeply know about this Moon cycle?

This New Moon's chart Ruler happens to be our Mercury Rx/retrograde in Libra, holding hands with Mars, Sun and Moon! Lots of balancing, equilibrium looking for the beauty and love. Mindfully so. Taking time out can be mindful. Having space to BE with your own thoughts, feelings and Intuitive insights.

Being able to mentally, emotionally and soulfully smooth things out in your life. Take time for this equalizing time before the snow flies. Walk it off. Take time to suss out those goals that are MORE authentically aligned with you and how you think and feel, what you want.

Sitting opposite the Libra quad is Chiron Rx in Aries - being hypersensitive to fearing rejection from others for just physically showing up, creating change as a result - being independent from others - as in YOU - in relationships/partnerships. It's okay to be "the lone voice in the wilderness" as long as if being so reflects YOUR goals, responsibilities, mindset, actions, emotional nature and what your Intuition is telling you to follow. Within Aquarius, Saturn wants us to "anticipate the Future" for ourselves and the people we feel are our community or tribe. How does this tie in with physically being here? What's been neglected here in your life now? As in your self-needs.

Know Thyself to be True - as long as you are listening Within. Who ARE you? What DO you want out of life? Where ARE you heading? And Why? Be mindful AND heartfully so, as you move forward. Bring IN the Balance! BE the Balance. It is required for all of us right now. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH - Thank You for all your creations! Namaste


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