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New Moon in Sagittarius...

A new Moon cycle is upon us! That last one sure was intense and quick all at the same time! Agreed? LOL!

Tomorrow, Friday, December 11th, at 3:30a MST, both the Sun and Moon meet at the celestial longitude of 19 degrees of Sagittarius 03'. Check your birth chart, Solar Return chart, Business birth chart/Solar Return - any or all of them - to see where you begin this Moon cycle of Seeking Your Higher Truth aka "What IS my Mission this lifetime, and more importantly, Now?"

Sagittarius brings the mutable Fire element to our table. Going With the Flow AND taking Action via inSPIRation (In Spirit). Have you noticed our days and worlds are no longer linear? More like spiral dances, and yet we still end up where our intention began, just NOT in the way our Ego-self saw it to BE unfolding! LOL! Get over yourself Ego-self! We are not in control anymore (were we ever? now THAT was an illusion)...therefore Going With the Flow means allowing Spirit, the Universe - what ever you deem to BE the Higher Power - to lead the way! All They really NEED from us is our clear INTENTION!

Throughout this Moon cycle we will be tested. What Action DO you wish to take? Do you KNOW your clear intention, now? Where do you WISH to go? How do you wish to push forward now, in your life? That Higher Power needs your menu, your list, your INTENTION...then it will take over from there!

Along with a clear and focused Intention, we need to BE reminded, "What IS my Mission right now on Earth? Has it changed? Do I continue with the same theme, and just expand it? Or am I bringing in a totally NEW branch to work with and from?" Hhhhmmmmm....wonder what you'll 'see' for each of yourselves by the Full Moon this time?!

Sagittarius is the Centaur or Archer, half man, half horse/animal, reminding us that we have animal instincts, we are human, and we are Cosmic! Where is your Arrow of Intention? When did you last stand on your Hill of Now, to look back at where you've been since this time last year, what you've undergone, and where you've landed now? Is it where you thought you'd BE? Did you take a u-turn or go down a completely different road? Is it necessary to return to your main highway of your Life?

Once you've reviewed your "Year at a Glance" connect Up with your Higher Peeps, your guides, angels, archangels et al, have a meeting or pow-wow with them for a bit. Call up your Astrologer for a reading to clarify things for you! Ask for guidance, suss out what your next steps may be. LISTEN to that Inner Guidance of Insights that subtly come through to your consciousness. Hear it? Feel it? See it?

Now see yourself standing on your Hill of Now, and turn toward your Future. See all those other Hills in the distance? Notice any of them blinking out at you, trying to get your attention? Could be more than one now, so use your Intuition, your gut, to 'feel and see' your way forward. Does it feel right? Are you still breathing? What does that Hill represent for YOU and your life, now and in the near future?

Is it a new job or industry? Is it going back to school? Is it travel you've been putting off for years? Connecting with like-minded others to have a good ol' chinwag about the philosophy of Life here on Earth? Sagittarius brings forth our BELIEFS as to WHY Am I Here? AND having the FAITH to take that Leap of Faith (!!) into new directions/horizons that you couldn't 'see' before you see your new horizon? Does it excite you? Does it make you want to Take inSPIRed Action sooner than later? BE honest with yourself...what IS your Heart's Desire (remember Venus, our Desire Body, and Comet Catalina? Still both in play during this Moon cycle)?

Sagittarius asks us to have courage, to breathe, and take that Next Step (no matter how small) WITH clear Intention (be careful what you ask for!) and point your Arrow of Intention into that Group of Future Hills ahead of you. Have you pointed to the right one? Is it more than one? Do you have the stamina, the heart, and the will for whatever may come? Then release your Arrow of Intention, and allow the Universe to guide its course into your Life.

Take this time, between now and the end of this Moon cycle (January 9th) to 'see' and 'hear' and 'feel' your way out of the Dark seed of unrealized potential. Plant your seed of Intention with this New Moon phase, and watch what flowers for you by the Full Moon (December 25th!) talk about gifts!!! Cool, eh? I love Astrology....the timing of those luminaries and planets is marvelous!

BE your own guide, suss out what is missing in your Life, and BE Clear about what you honestly and heartfully Wish and Want for yourself. What IS your Mission this Lifetime? Do you know? If not, ASK! Be Open heartfully and mindfully. BE Honest. DO it, now....

Merry Christmas to all my new followers from around the world (!), new and returning clients and students and their families. Thank you ALL for your custom this past year, it has been a joy to Be of Service to all of you, and I look forward to serving you with more goodies in 2016!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts of the 2016 Forecast Highlights, discount readings, and gifting ideas and certificates that are appropriate any time of year!

Blessed BE!

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