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New Moon in Scorpio: Secrets, Lies & Fears, O My!

Today, NOV 4, 2021, at 3:15 pm MDT the Moon and Sun come together as the New Moon, within our deep dark fixed water sign of Scorpio at 12 degrees 40' Celestial Longitude.

Sitting EXACTLY opposite this duo is Uranus, in Rx/retrograde motion, within Taurus (similar coordinates, opposite sign therefore 12 degrees Taurus 47' Celestial longitude) bringing Unexpected Changes our way, as we look at what we value in our lives, allow in change, go with the flow of that change - which is REALLY difficult for these two Fixed Zodiac signs to do - while also standing up for what we do value, find worthy within our lives and ourselves.

Mars just entered Scorpio a few days ago, now sitting at 03 degrees Scorpio 33', assisting all of us with the Assertive Action we're to take this Moon cycle. Scorpio brings in the Ice-version of the three Water signs, hence the frost, possible snow days, definitely cooler temperatures for those of us way north of the equator.

As a Water sign, we're entering another aspect of our Emotional body - the deep Shadow part of our psyche - our Ego's fears, traumas, abuses that could also be "frozen-in-time" shards of ice or even as big as icebergs - hidden, secret, suppressed/repressed, deep within.

The Sun's light has been shining within Scorpio since OCT 22nd (until Nov 20th) bringing in the warmth, the Light of awareness and consciousness of what those fears etc., may truly be that we've been hiding from.

Those of you with Planets in Scorpio in your Birth chart - you'll really FEEL the Sun, Moon and Mars (and soon Mercury too!) activating the House(s) of Life Experience where Scorpio resides in your Birth chart as they pass on by. I know I have been! Ever since Monday - wow! - it's been an avalanche of dealing with the details of my business and running the household and doing readings/teaching classes and ADDING to the already detailed aspects of my life as I'm inspired via my intuition to see how I can expand my mental reality, what I offer my clients, and the passionate - soooo passionate - conversations I'm having with clients, friends and family along the way!

I've got most of Scorpio in my 3rd House of communicating with siblings, local merchants, neighbours and household folk I live with, while also LEARNING how I can put different details together in a different order, which again expands what I'm able to share out in the world. My Scorpio planets: Jupiter Rx (expansive, loud and clear, to move beyond current boundaries into new territory) + my Lunar North Node (Soul Direction) + Neptune Rx (my Spiritual self/intuitive knowingness to take Leaps of Faith into the deep dark Unknown, despite my fears of doing so).

I've also initiated a new aspect of what I'll be bringing through my business - and am challenged by all the other To Do's in my life to actually find the Time to meet with the gal who's going to help me do so! LOL! I'm getting there, I truly am! This blog post is yet another To Do that's been on my list since Sunday!

Yes, we can allow too many details to come into your lives, that slides us sideways when they all catch up with one another. We must take some time out, to breathe, take a walk, meditate to just BE - this is where Taurus comes into play! Let's just BE silent, still, breathe, breathe, breathe, let all the whirling activity settle for a bit. Let's process this day, hour, and week, for a bit.

Mars is definitely activating my need to take Action - and I have the ability to control which action comes when or not at all. Put something on the agenda board to come back to later. After I've caught my breath. Uranus wants us to show up authentically, being as transparent as possible - verbally, mentally, in writing - however it needs to come out - be it. Do it. The more we show up as our true authentic selves, the more we honour our value system, stand for what is of value, go after what we value. In turn, our self-esteem and self-confidence increases, and so too, our self-worth!

Taurus rules the Throat Chakra - we must speak our truth now. If not, expect symptoms of sore throats, laryngitis - worst case scenario is strep throat if any anger is involved and we "swallow our words" instead of voicing them.

This New Moon is creating what we Astrologers call a T-square, and in this case a Fixed one, due to all the planets connected who are in the Fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius. I haven't talked about Saturn yet - sitting at 07 degrees Aquarius 23' Celestial Longitude - creating stress and tension between how we're doing this New Moon emotionally through Scorpio - deep dives into moments of sheer anxiety, terror, fear, trauma - seemingly out of the blue I've had these moments - followed by the need to cry - which I do - then it's over! AND creating moments of just doing the BEING, silent, meditation, walks outside, to slow things down. While also speaking my truth, having multiple conversations with so many people showing up this week. This is the Taurus piece, with Uranus Rx making it up close and personal, from Within.

And Saturn, dear Saturn, bringing in the extra stressor of again, showing up authentically truly ourselves - yes I'm repeating myself here - due to the fact that Uranus Rx RULES Aquarius! So, if we don't learn to do this while Uranus is in Taurus, Saturn's there to ensure we do!

Saturn brings long-term goals to reach for, responsibilities to add to or delete or give back to whomever we took them over from because they weren't ours to take on or do to begin with (hence that key phrase: being truly authentic about what we truly FEEL about the details we're dealing with in life and WHY am I going along with it when TRULY I don't wanna! So why am I not speaking up and saying so?!!) - do you see what I'm saying here?

Saturn constricts us in order to bring awareness to any fears we have of being a success or failure. Within Aquarius, we need to rebel against tradition, not doing things because "well, it's always been done this way! And you've always been the one to do it!" - what I call "drinking the kool-aid" to become, instead, more consciously aware of what we're thinking, feeling and DOING.

Here's where the values come in - is what I'm doing, thinking, believing, feeling truly ME or did I take it on from somewhere/someone else? If I'm feeling victimized or angry or fearful or whatever - and it could be HUGELY overwhelming - what's the root cause of it? Where does this stem from? Scorpio loves to investigate it, research it to find the thread that started it all!

Dive deeply within your own Shadow psyche, do your Shadow work, do it NOW this Moon cycle. I'm not kidding. Truly. The MORE we do our Shadow Work in the here and now, the better off we'll be come mid-January 2022 onward for 19 months thereafter! That's when the lid will blow off, shit hits the fan, the sky seems to be falling - whatever the metaphor - because the South Lunar Node will be moving into the back end of Scorpio / North Lunar Node into the back end of Taurus at the same time! South Node brings "unresolved issues from the Past/past lives" to be faced, dealt with, healed, loved, embraced....on and on. While the Soul Direction we're collectively heading into mid-January is standing up for and within our respective values, empowering our self-esteem/confidence and worth - sensing and intuiting it all along the way.

Consider this the warning shot off the port bow folks - get your shit together - do it now. Learn what you need to learn regarding strategy, looking after your Emotional, Mental and Physical health while Spiritually connecting Within daily/hourly/minutely - whatever it takes. Stand still and FEEL all the Shadow emotions, THINK all the SHADOW thoughts, keep the GEMS and LET THE REST OF IT GO. As they come up. I can't tell you of the immensity of the deep huge anxiety episode I experienced earlier this week! Came totally out of the blue - I could hardly breathe - so I had to stop what I was doing, focus on what was happening to allow it to pass through me. It might have been mine - could have been someone else's - I had to DEAL with it in the moment. Then I had a huge deep cry for many seconds - then it was gone. Over with.

The Collective is in the midst of a Grieving time - grieving the loss of so much of what we knew Society to be, daily living to be, work to be, family to be, relationships and partnerships to be - the Rules of Engagement are dying and changing and renewing into something NEW all at the same time! Totally discombobulating for ALL of humanity. We must each do our part - Let It Go. The fear. The anger. The sadness. The grief. The rage. The terror. The traumas from Past Lives that have been triggered - ongoing - for close to two years now - Within each of us. We're reliving something that has already occurred, but in the Now-verse, in this version of it. How do you truly wish to go forward from it, once and for all?

It is Time. To Let Go. We must. Neptune Rx sitting at 20 degrees Pisces 35' Celestial Longitude is sending us a Love line, from one Water sign to another (Scorpio) that we've got this. Our guides and angels and archangels are all around us. We MUST take time to go Within, to meditate, connect with our Higher Self/Future Self, to hear the guidance, to know we're all here to assist in this massive transition as we move further away from the Old Age of Pisces drama, connecting more fully into the Age of Aquarius. We all signed up to be here during this historic time of transition.

Many aspects of our society are dying / have died / will die. All of us are in some respects also "dying to ourselves" deep Within along the way. Hence the grieving. Hence the fear. All of it. We are in the death throes folks. The more we talk about it, feel it, do it, learn HOW to do it, consciously aware of all the moments - as AUTHENTICALLY and TRULY as we can - the better we'll weather whatever is coming in 2022-2023.

Learn now. Be here now. I'm here. We're going through this - TOGETHER. Bring out the Love. The Compassion. The Trust (Scorpio has trust issues!). The Passion. The Intuition. The Trust in the Unknown. We none of us truly KNOWS what's coming next. All we can do is do our best in the now-moment. Then the next. Then the next. Breathe it. Do it. Be it. Feel it. And reach out for a hug - to give a hug - along the way. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much!


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