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New Moon in Taurus: Value Your Ability to Speak Your Inner Truth to Know Thyself

Tuesday May 11th at 12:59 PM MDT the Moon and Sun come together at 21 degrees Taurus 17' Celestial Longitude (for folks following along in your Birth charts) creating the New Moon and a new Moon cycle.

The Sun has been in the fixed earth sign of Taurus since April 19th, bringing us grounded energy, slowing us down since the fiery Aries' season. We're now taking our time, with patience, contemplating what we want to create with our hands, to grow with fertility, using all our senses.

With the Moon now joining the Sun in Taurus, we're adding in the Emotional body's need for sensuality, valuing our intuitive connection, how we feel, and allowing ourselves to receive from others. Therefore, feelings of worthiness, what makes us feel secure or insecure, which in turn can either increase or decrease our self-confidence and self-esteem, will show itself this Moon cycle.

What are your security issues? What makes you feel secure and stable? Is it money? Status? Material things? What about your intangible skills and talents - like Intuition an inner resource that isn't often celebrated in Western society? How are you allowing yourself license to practice your own skills and talents that others may not feel worthwhile or value. Do you then feel rejected if your personal and unique 'valuables' aren't recognized or made much of?

Your values are just that - yours. It is okay to honour yourself - your values, worth and talents and skills. If you don't, who will? Each of us has a unique SET of skills and talents that come with our unique path on Earth living our unique lives. Our unique set of experiences round all of this up. When was the last time you looked into your toolbox of skills, talents and experiences to assess/value them? To embrace them - all? Perhaps some are quite dusty with disuse? Is it time to shake up this collection to create a NEW set of them? To use different skills in new ways that never occurred to you to do so, before this New Moon?

Taurus can also be stubborn, unmovable, bullish, totally disliking change of any kind. Too bad - Uranus has been moving through this sign since March 2019 bringing in Unexpected Change into your life! A bit of a paradox, don't you agree? Allow the creation of change to move through your life, now. Meet this challenge, head on. See and embrace ALL of your resources and shake them all up to create something that is MORE valuable and worthwhile for you, now.

I've been telling clients of late: just because you already have used those skills / talents in the past doesn't mean you are done with them! They are all a part of you - even now. Could be it is Time to take stock, relook at your resume to remind yourself of everything you have already accomplished in life! To revisit, in the present moment, the wins and losses of the past. To reassess yourself, your values and worth.

It may seem to you that I keep repeating myself - I am. Are you listening and getting the message here? You have not LOST anything - all of whom you are and what you have done - it is all still Within you! Just as your Angels and Guides await you asking for their help and assistance in your Next Steps - so too are the resources in that toolbox! They may be dusty - and rusty - not dead and gone! Embrace all of whom you are - to this point in your life - no matter your age.

We're all being asked to Let Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning again this Moon cycle in three key areas:

  • How you follow your heart's truest desires - to find joy and happiness - through creative expression, recreation (aka fun and play) and leading by example.

  • How you assertively and compassionately nurture yourself, listen to your Intuitive inner wisdom, then follow it - to the letter! Trusting in it and yourself, more and more. Highly sensitive to your feelings, and others, now too. Nurture one another more.

  • Allowing the Past to be resolved as you further your search for your Higher Purpose - look high and low, trust in what you truly believe in already, and find truth therein! Looking outside yourself after you discern from within that which rings true, for you! Ask others questions about how they've taken their Leaps of Faith in to that Unknown - risking security and safety until they land on their feet, yet again! Remember Harrison Ford in one of his Indiana Jones movies where it looked like he was going to walk out into nothingness, only to find there was a solid path in front to him leading him to find his treasure? Trust that your forward path IS solid despite your Ego-self's fears and denials and feeding you illusions/delusions to the contrary. TRUST IN YOURSELF. KNOW THYSELF. No one truly knows you like you do!

Jupiter sits at the 29th degree of Aquarius in this New Moon chart. Something Fated/Destined this way comes - as we all risk being our true authentic selves - where is the 29th degree of Aquarius in your birth chart? The theme of this House of Life Experience tells you what area of your life needs this from you now. To show up as truly YOU - not making excuses or pretending for the sake of someone else. BE YOU. You've been working on this since December 21, 2020 - remember that once in 800-years conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn? They're still asking us to risk expansion beyond current safe boundaries to spread our wings moving closer to that Life Purpose. AND, to restructure this part of your life with NEW long-term goals to achieve, over time.

Interestingly. letting go AND beginning anew can occur all at need to let go first...of the past, the old, the outmoded, the parts of your life that cause you spiritual pain, mental pain, emotional pain, physical pain. You must Let. Go. Take a leap of faith into your right and proper future - that is revealing itself to you, in the now-verse.

There will be a tug-of-war between following your heart's truest desires AND taking that destined/fated risk to expand - how can you DO BOTH? Create an "AND" vs. either/or. Think outside the box and when you do - BOOM! The Taurus New Moon rewards us with higher self-esteem and confidence and self-worth. Self-love and self-acceptance. Do you ever value these for yourself, within yourself?

Money is the end result here - you must do the inner work first. The reward comes later. Almost as an after-thought while you learn to do your own unique process of moving from point A to point B. It's about the process of getting there - not the end game - that is key here. No skipped steps - we've all done some of those in past lives, hence the need to DO THEM step by step now! Be mindful, in the moment, and cull every last possible drop you can, while you can. Despite outward appearances in the world today - keep moving one foot in front of the other. Step by step. One win after another - and before you know it - you're there! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much! Namaste

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