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New Moon in Virgo: Fate & Destiny Through Active Duty to Find Your Joy!

As I write this post, the lovely Summer/Fall weather of sunny blue skies, 22C temperatures, with a bit of a gentle breeze as my sister and a friend picked Crabapples just over an hour ago! Now the CFL Labour Day Classic game is playing in the background - GO STAMPS GO! :))

Yep! 'Tis almost Fall here in Western Canada - almost Spring Down Under. And today's New Moon phase brings us a new Moon cycle of emotional connection, intuitive insights and connection with how our Ego-selves need a bit of evolution beyond the same old, same old routines.

At 6:52 pm MDT today the Moon and Sun come together at the same Celestial Longitude of 14 degrees Virgo 38', holding hands with both the Vertex (Vx - something Fated/Destined this way comes at 10 degrees Virgo) and Mars (at 24 degrees Virgo - assertive Action) all in aid of bringing forth some NEW routines/processes we're refining for the next 29.5 days. For folk following along in your Birth charts - take note!

The Moon rules our Emotional body, how we receive information/insights via our intuition and allow ourselves to be helped by others. The Feminine aspect. Our feeling nature. Being sensitive to others, our environment, each other. The Sun rules the Masculine aspect: vital physicality, with soulful direction, being active vs. so-called passive. Shining out in the world.

Combining these two energies, during each Moon cycle, the dance between the Moon and Sun bring us all into more conscious awareness of why and how we ARE, as individuals. The mutable Earth sign of Virgo means we'll be hands-on doing during this Moon cycle, while going with the flow, analyzing, discriminating, wanting to be of service - helpful - to ourselves and others.

Virgo rules the 6th House of Life Experience in the Birth chart, therefore a lot of our emotional routines do connect with how we're looking after the health of our physical bodies - especially while the Sun moves Virgo (since August 22nd until September 22nd) and now with this New Moon in Virgo. We've been actively looking after (or not) what the physical body needs, and now with the Moon's connection, we're dealing with the emotional connection of it all. The Intuitive inner guidance of what's working, what's not. How to refine and perfect the daily process or routines we've put in place. This Moon cycle expect to redefine these routines - not only for your Physical health - also for where and how you DO and BE at work, it's environment and the people you work with. What we do for work can impact our health; health impacts our ability to work. We must look after both!

As we enter this "4th Wave" of COVID-19, with the on-going battle of do we allow those who've not been vaccinated "in" or not, are we open for business? There are those of us who cannot take the vaccines because of blood clotting issues, auto-immune diseases or due to being so hypersensitive/allergic to the chemistry of western medicines. Weighing and measuring what works/doesn't work for each of us, individually, then as a collective, how do we fit in?

We do NOT live in a perfect world, therefore we cannot expect perfection across the board - from anyone. It's been a long haul, dealing with this Pandemic. Is it truth or is it a scam? Where do I fit in, and where do you fit in? And can we decide to allow each other to decide what is right and proper for each of us, and still live in the same house, neighbourhood, town, province and country?

Virgo's Shadow side: perfectionism, needing order all of the time. Judging, criticizing self and others for NOT measuring up to the status quo. I intend to do some research here soon about this Shadow side of Virgo, because it seems to me we've inherited a generation or two or three of the NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE - perfect. All the time. It's exhausting. It is unreasonable. It impacts your physical, emotional and mental health, over time, to BE perfect, always.

The Ruler of this New Moon in Virgo is Mercury - Messenger of the Gods - now in cardinal LIBRA air - initiating energy as well - of how we can balance all of this out! As of today, September 6th, 2021, Mercury has moved into its PRE-Rx/retrograde Shadow timing at 10 degrees Libra! Heads up everyone! Round #3 heading your way :))

The actual Mercury Rx timing: September 27 - October 17th, with its POST-Rx timing of October 18 - November 3rd, 2021. Moving from 10 degrees Libra to 25 degrees Libra, then he reverses his journey back over 25 degrees Libra to 10 degrees Libra as Mercury takes a "logic vacation" into using his right-brain, creative thinking outside the box Intuitive side! Double and triple-check your words, texts, emails, contracts, messages - all things communication.

Interestingly, here in Canada, we are gearing up for our 39th Federal General Election slated for September 20th, 2021. Only 39 times have we Canadians gone to the polls since 1867! Interesting times we live in, and with Mercury a week away from going truly Rx/retrograde - how will we vote? Mindfully? Weighing and measuring ALL of what seems out of balance to bring this country of ours back into balance?

It will be very interesting, September 20th as voting day, because it's also the Full Moon in Pisces that day! At 28 degrees Pisces 13' - very near its Ruler, Neptune! Illusions, delusions or reality folks? Will we wake up and be counted as we need to be? I wonder how the Shadow side of Pisces will factor in on this round of voting? Pisces Shadow rules addiction, that Drama Triangle of role-play - Victim-Rescuer/Rescue Me-Bully/Persecutor - helplessness. Let's decide to RELEASE helplessness by helping ourselves and this country.

As I glance at this New Moon in Virgo event chart, I am reminded we do have two Grand Trines: one in Earth (practical, grounded, creative, by doing/being) and one in Air (communication, gathering data, information and knowledge, to mindfully decide, speak up). We can either be lazy about all of this or create some ground-breaking change! Pun intended.

We also have three YODS, Fingers of God, all pointing to that Vertex, Moon/Sun as New Moon and Mars! Letting Go of Old Patterns of Conditioning folks! What needs to be released in your life? How will this perfect your world? And how will you take the measure of yourself by showing up and allowing the releasing to occur? To make room for the new, better and Unknown?

Saturn Rx in Aquarius restructuring with new innovative goals and responsibilities - and Chiron Rx in Aries - our hypersensitivity of fearing being rejected for standing in our Warrior power - and Eris Rx also in Aries - fighting to the death for that which we believe in, to Liberation ourselves, free ourselves - from that which has been long neglected - individually, collectively. These three planets figure into the YODs, mentioned above. Since December 21, 2020, Saturn's been reminding us to be the maverick, the rebel, revealing our more authentic sides of ourselves - along with Jupiter, making it loud and clear how we've perhaps haven't been - so now's the time to "put your money where your mouth is" so to speak. Personally, professionally, collectively.

This New Moon in Virgo, mixed with its Ruler, Mercury, soon to be Rx/retrograde, encouraging us all to organize our thoughts, to clarify and be discriminating, to balance out, bring in equilibrium, peace and harmony, that's been out of sorts for a long while now. Very much - be mindful. Trust your Intuition, as always. Look after your health and well-being. Review, renew, revise, reconsider, re-coup, whatever your RE- is - this is what Mercury Rx helps us to do. Bring it all into perfection without being perfect. Your measure of things will differ from mine, and vice versa. Hopefully, together, we will act according to what's Fated and/or Destined for our times. We will find our collective JOY if we allow to release the old, to let in the new, that's awaiting us in the wings. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much! Namaste


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