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New Moon in Virgo: Go WITH Your Flow To Build A Victorious Future!

Thursday, September 17, 2020 we begin our 9th New Moon this year! At 5:00 a.m. MDT at 25 degrees Virgo 00' we dive INTO how we wish to GO WITH OUR OWN FLOW while we continue to navigate forward with COVID-19, the possibility of another Federal Election here in Canada & this ongoing uncertainty of what our collective Future holds for us.

This New Moon duo (Moon & Sun) that are standing together in the sky near the end of Virgo are also connected by TWO dynamic planetary patterns! Here's what's in store this Moon cycle!

GRAND EARTH TRINE: here's where three+ planets connect, creating a triangle of loving energy between them, all in the SAME Element, in this case, of the EARTH signs! The Moon & Sun at 25 degrees Virgo 00' with SEDNA Rx at 28 degrees Taurus 36' with the VERTEX + Saturn Rx + Pluto Rx + Jupiter, newly Direct in Capricorn! What does all of this mean?

When we're experiencing any TRINE or triangle formation in Astrology, & within the realm of the EARTH element, keep in mind the following:

  • You'll feel very GROUNDED, being able to build foundations step by step toward any material goal you have in mind (especially for the self-employed/entrepreneurs out there!). Be aware that you can also get caught up in doing all those DETAILS involved - so please remember to come up for air & take a look at the GOAL / Big Picture to remind yourself as to WHY you started this to begin with! Dive into your Sensuality - bring in & experience ALL your senses at this time. Being more concerned about materialism vs. the WHY of the goal can also sidetrack us. Are you truly doing this goal for the money or the service? And for those of you who've been sitting on the fence about building your own business - THIS IS THE TIME where you'll find that you DO have a talent for business! Or not...& you won't KNOW unless you try!

  • A Grand Trine can be very harmonious & flowing yet also unchallenging if it all seems too EASY. You must be CONSCIOUSLY motivated to accomplish whatever it is you've been wanting to build/create. There can be a LOT of creativity, being HANDS-ON with it all. Hence a great time to get that garden ready for Winter; clean out those closets; re-organize the garage! Paint that piece of furniture or create some new recipes!

Here's the specifics of the Planetary Lineup for this Grand Trine:

  • The Moon/Sun standing together in Mutable Virgo Earth - here's where WE GO WITH THE FLOW of whatever's coming our way in a day/week/month. Ebbing & Flowing with the gives & takes, with the Unexpected twists & turns making decisions (mine & yours & ours) & dealing with events or circumstance. Virgo brings in that need to ORGANIZE that garage or the closets or the office, finally! Deal with perfecting processes of your Rules of Engagement for the WORK you do every day - be it at home, at the job, or workshop. Instead of DOING the hands-on daily work the SAME as yesterday or last year - change it up! MUTABLE means flowing, like water, moving forward, yet taking into account blockages ahead, or the needs of others. VIRGO's SHADOW: perfectionism slowing you down or distracting you from the true goal; being critical &/or judgemental of Self & Others; worrying about every little thing! Mind your Inner Talk here too! Virgo helps us SEE how & for whom we wish to BE of SERVICE. Within Virgo, we LOOK for Mentors or we BECOME the Mentor! There's always something to LEARN here - a learning curve - to manage & surpass. Learners become Mentors; then Mentors become Learners again. A cycle of life.

  • SEDNA Rx/retrograde in Fixed Taurus Earth - our Great Year Planet (Sedna's orbit takes more than 10,000 years to travel around our Zodiac!) discovered earlier this century, brings forward issues of VICTIM or VICTOR. Maturing us Spiritually along the way as we wake up, see where we are, & decide whether or not we want to stay in that victim stance or move off into empowerment/Victory. Within Taurus, immerse yourself into your senses, create something VICTORIOUS! Something you VALUE, that feeling worthy of your skills & talents to make with your own two hands! TAURUS' SHADOW: unwilling to CHANGE or allow change into your life. Here we must decide: Victim/no change; Victor/allow change. Stubbornness, staying stuck in the mud!

  • And that stellium in Cardinal Capricorn Earth! The Vertex (something Fated/Destined this way comes!) + Saturn Rx (reviewing those goals & responsibilities, new structures coming into your life one last time before returning to Aquarius in December) + Pluto Rx (reviewing how you're transforming any power & control issues into EMPOWERMENT, & unveiling the SECRETS you've been unable to deal with before now) + Jupiter, now Direct in forward motion, bringing us NEW opportunities, the need to take a Leap of Faith forward beyond any safe/secure boundaries the Ego-self would rather stay behind. All in Capricorn: What Are You Wanting to BUILD, that's NEW, for Your Future? This is the material gain portion of the program. The business end of life. As the Capricorn Mountain Goat - where are You headed on your personal mountain of ambition? Do you see any NEW paths forward/upward? What's beckoning you forward? What's been holding you back? Allow this triangle in Earth to assist you in laying down a more solid foundation of moving FORWARD - despite Covid-19 & the Unknown!

The other dynamic planetary pattern: The Grand Mutable Square! Here we've got FOUR planets/points connecting with each other, creating STRESS & TENSION for Change! Mutable, as above, means we need to Go With The Flow AND to ensure we also go with our OWN flow - not just doing for others, or not asking for help or burning yourself out by not saying NO! It is okay to serve others; it is also a MUST to do for self! Self care. Time for self. Time spent on your projects, exercise, work, & hobbies!

Here's the planetary lineup for THIS dynamic pattern:

  • Again, the Moon/Sun in Virgo - Mutable Earth: Virgo also wants us to be of service to the Health of our Physical body! What needs changing for your health, diet &/or exercise regimen? And also, relax that Perfectionism piece! The worry, criticism, blame & judgement or any workaholic tendencies! Have you been directing these at yourself? Here's where the Self Talk comes into play! Virgo rules our digestion & assimilation, our bowels & intestines, whether or not we experience constipation or diarrhea - due to HOW we're digesting NEW IDEAS, Self-Talk thoughts, & any change that's happening in our world. Virgo also rules the Solar Plexus - the seat of our emotions, how we handle power issues & stand up for ourselves. Our digestion & assimilation will be off if we're being bullied, not looking after OUR NEEDS! Watch out for this.

  • The North Node Rx in Gemini (Mutable Air) / South Node in Sagittarius (Mutable Fire) in opposition to one another: since May 5th the Lunar Nodes have been moving through these signs & will do so for 19 months. The last time we experienced this was Post 9/11 from October 2001 onward for 19 months! Terrorism was the new catchword then. Pandemic & COVID-19 is what we're dealing with now. Gemini brings in communication, data, information & the NEED to share our stories, thoughts, words with others. More localized vs. global. AND DISCERN, with Virgo's Critical Thinking Processes (!) what's the TRUTH & what is bogus!!! The South Node in Sagittarius brings Unresolved Issues from the Past! Here's where we're most likely experiencing the return of Anxiety, Anger, Fear & any Trauma Triggers - anything we FELT & THOUGHT back in 2001 onward after the towers fell. What went Unresolved back then is rising from Within now. To be dealt with, seen, embraced, loved & released. It is NOT always easy - hence why it is SO IMPORTANT to ASK FOR HELP! Anything that went Unresolved globally back in 2001/2002 we'll be asked to deal with now. Interesting timing, no? The FIRE of inspired creativity WILL carry us forward, from the Past! What was your Higher Purpose in 2001/2002? Where are you NOW with that Purpose? Still the same? Has it morphed into something BETTER or Different? Can you SEE your maturity, progress, Inner Growth & Soul Evolution? Perhaps you're looking at creating a totally NEW PURPOSE beyond the one you started toward 19 years ago! There IS A REASON for the reset button of COVID-19. We don't know WHY just's still too soon...Keep on Keeping On nonetheless.

  • And lastly, Neptune Rx in Pisces! Mutable Water - going with the flow of how you're FEELING, following that INTUITIVE WISDOM of yours! Diving into your Spiritual Practice, meditating daily, connecting Within to that expansive space that goes BEYOND this physical plane we call Earth! To FIND the Hope, the Grace, the Peace, the Divine Connection of Faith. Neptune Rx sits opposite this New Moon in Virgo - so watch out for the PISCES SHADOW: of escapism, addictions, the role-play of Victim-Rescue(r)-Bully/Persecution of that Drama Triangle. The MORE we connect Within to our Higher Self/Divine Self, the MORE peace, faith, self-love & hope we'll embody. The LESS time we'll want to spend in Victim-oriented living. Know that YOU ARE Divinely lead. With COMPASSION. Always, In All Ways.

We signed up to experience these times - to be leaders in NEW WAYS. To create NEW opportunities for each other. TO BUILD SOMETHING VICTORIOUS! Let us help one another, MORE. Let us build each other UP, rather than tear one another down. Bring in community & neighbours helping neighbours.

The Grand Mutable Square above brings forth that ability to Go With the Flow, yet we can be distracted by others' interests, requests & needs. Hence forgetting what it is WE NEED FOR OURSELVES! Be concerned about the VALUE of the DOING for Self & Others. There may be repetition that bores us silly. Bring IN those four areas of Life Experience that will be activated ALL AT ONCE (!!) in your life & stand in the MIDDLE - create an "AND" by looking at ALL areas & not be pulled off your centre by any one area more than another.

And yes, deal with the anxiety etc. from the Past - we're ALL dealing with the Trauma of CATASTROPHE from Past Lives & what has occurred this lifetime from natural disasters, war, abuse & now this Pandemic. The Future is Unknown & that in & of itself is scary. No one can predict what comes next. What we CAN DO is all of the above! Take it One Step At A Time, one day at a time. One breath at a time. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists! You all ROCK! Thank you! Namaste

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