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New Moon in Virgo: The Sacred Work of Allowing In Change

In the wee hours of Saturday morning - AUGUST 27, 2022 - the Moon and Sun will connect in the same part of the sky at 04 degrees VIRGO 03' of Celestial Longitude at 2:17 AM MDT, for those following along in your Birth charts. Another New Moon Cycle begins! A new seed of unrealized potential will be released. What will you be "heartfully growing" these next 29.5 days, Emotionally?

The Fixed Star REGULUS of the constellation LEO, its brightest star, was exactly conjunct with the Sun as it entered into our seasonal Zodiac sign of VIRGO at 00 degrees 00' bringing forth the Royal Heart. Regulus was known as being one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, way back when, linked with Success Without Revenge - how we follow our heart's true desires without compromising ourselves as we do so. Back then, Regulus was within the LEO constellation AND Zodiac sign of LEO - now Regulus has drifted into VIRGO as of 2011 for the first time in 26,000, according to Cayelin Castell, Shamanic Astrologer.

"The heart knows what the mind can only imagine. When we are guided by heart-knowing it will take us where our Soul most wants to go."

This New Moon in Virgo, the sign of how we DO our Sacred Service or work here on Earth, is Soulfully calling us forth, from the heart of the Lion. Are you listening to your own heart's true desires? How are you being guided to move forward as we end this hottest Summer of 2022 on record? What have you been burning off from Within that now allows you to see your way forward, to perfect processes not envisioned before now?

Looking at your Birth chart - do you see any of your natal Planets or Angles - ASC / Ascendent / Rising Sign or MC/Midheaven/10th House Cusp or North/South Lunar Nodes, for example, that sit within 6 degrees of 00 VIRGO? If so, you were born to Lead with Heart. Question is: are you answering the call to do so?

Virgo brings us into using our analytical mind, ruled by Mercury, as we mentally "see" ways of solving problems that stood in our way before now, blocking our way forward. This mutable Earth sign brings the need to "go with the flow" - ensure this includes your own flow too! We can "be of service" to so many people around us, forgetting Self needs along the way!

Virgo rules the Physical body's health through diet and exercise - how are you being of service to your own body? Is it time to perfect this regimen, on a daily basis? What about what you're doing for work, daily, and the environment you work from - does it need to change? Moving the furniture in your office, rearranging WHERE you have your "tools of the trade" at hand, seeing a new way to work?

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is now in our cardinal Air sign of LIBRA, initiating some mental changes in how we relate with others within that work environment. Mercury will be turning Rx/retrograde as of SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 until OCTOBER 1, 2022 - moving back along the Zodiac from 08 degrees LIBRA 52' to 24 degrees VIRGO 13' giving us a chance to Reassess, Review, Rearrange, Reorder, Reconnect - whatever your 'Re' is - Redo perhaps - whatever we were thinking, deciding, chatting about, ignoring during Mercury's first Direct pass along these degrees from AUGUST 21 to SEPTEMBER 9th.

Be mindful of what, and with whom, you're relating to (LIBRA) and then the processes of work, health, daily routines that seem to need ORDER restored (VIRGO) via efficient organization, using clear discrimination, being helpful to others, and, most importantly, relaxing Perfectionism! [New Moon Astrology, by Jan Spiller] Any work projects, tasks, errands, relationships with co-workers, structured routines that need to be "perfected" somehow will show themselves to you at this time. This New Moon brings into play the Emotional Body (feelings/Intuition) to interact with Mercury's domain of the Mental Body (thought processes), while VIRGO brings into focus how you're also interacting with your Physical Body!

Also in play this Moon cycle: the continuing Grand Fixed Square that includes the energies of that Taurus Conjunction of Uranus and North Lunar Node (Unexpected Change into your Soul Direction) squaring off to Venus in Leo (following your Heart) squaring off to both Hygeia (health/healing) and the South Lunar Node (releasing the Emotional past) in Scorpio squaring off to Saturn Rx/retrograde in Aquarius - how you're restructuring those long-term goals/responsibilities despite fears about what the Future may bring!

Fixed signs don't like Change much; they like to focus on the details to "get the job done" sometimes forgetting to "come up for air" to take a look at the Big Picture of the "WHY am I doing this right now?!" Uranus within Taurus solves this aversion to change by throwing us a curve ball out of left field from time to time, ensuring we're showing up authentically, following our own Values, speaking our Truth, and knowing our Worth! The Unexpectedness has been rather LOUD this past week - have you noticed? Expect MORE of the same during this Moon cycle!

And MARS - our warrior planet, bringing in the need to explore and perhaps pioneer something - entered GEMINI as of AUGUST 20/21st - and will be here for the next 7 months - a long visit - is exactly squaring off with this New Moon in Virgo! Mars wants to take Action in some regard, and within the mutable Air of GEMINI - a change in thoughts, learning, speaking, self-talk, local environment perhaps? WHERE is Gemini in your Birth chart? Here's where the next 7 months will prove to be interesting - generating NEW ideas, collaboration, arguments, reaching for compromise or opposition? The DUALITY of Gemini - there's the rub - how about moving beyond Either / Or or "my way or the highway" kind of thinking? Why not reach for the Magical from looking at both sides of the question to "see" something NEW that works for all concerned?

All these "squares" bring mucho stress and tension from Within each of us - are you feeling restless? To allow in CHANGE into our lives - feeling ants in your pants, perhaps? Do you "feel" the NEED to CHANGE SOMETHING UP IN YOUR LIFE?! This is why.

Interestingly, in Canada's Birth chart, Venus is in Gemini in the 3rd House of Communication, Thinking, Learning, and Mars will be connecting with her as of SEPTEMBER 12 - 23rd, then DECEMBER 7 - 13th Rx/retrograde, then in Direct motion again in 2023 from FEBRUARY 9 - 27th. Here the Divine Feminine meets up with the Divine Masculine - both "on the same page" taking action with what I wonder? The Federal Conservative Leadership vote occurs SEPTEMBER 10th - and guess what? Pierre Poilievre's Sun and Mercury are in GEMINI, connecting very closely to Canada's Venus in Gemini! A lot of Pierre's planets connect closely to Canada's planets. Hhhmmm....will he Speak for Canada? Be the Voice of Canada? For Canada, as a whole? Eventually? Soon? Time will tell.... as Mars moves along his own Sun/Soul and Mercury/Mind these next 7 months too!

Another item to note re Canada's Venus in Gemini - our country's planet of Love, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Equality, Equilibrium - brings in the energy of Duality to be moved into Magical Spaces of something other than Either/Or. Interesting that Canada's had ongoing back and forth issues re French/English, East/West, Native North American needs / Governmental less than integral follow-through, etc., ever since 1867! To name a few...

At the time of Confederation back on JULY 1, 1867, Venus and the Moon joined together 10.5 hours prior, on June 30th, creating the Root Chakra Gate - Surviving vs. Thriving issues - within the realms of how this Country's leaders envision us to be these past 155 years. Seems like we're moving through a seemingly "surviving" time in 2022. How can we get past this duality to create the Magic of an "AND" again? Who will lead us out of the wasteland?

During this New Moon in Virgo, how we intend to Be of Service in our own lives brings us into "holding space" for the direction we wish to head into, which also helps to lead our Country into the direction the majority of we Canadians wish it to become, moving forward and beyond 2022.

We live within a "Turning of the Ages" time - have been since 1926 until approximately 2070. We all signed up to be here, now, to assist in this transition from the Old Age of Pisces, into the New Age of Aquarius, with all the birthing pains of letting go of the Old, to birth the New! We're in the upswing now, seeing, quite loudly, that which no longer works, for the good of all. Look after how you are "perfecting your own processes" moving forward, within your life/livelihood - the more all of us follow our Heart's True Desires, the further Canada, and the World, move with us! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much! Namaste


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