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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Blindspots or Values? Make Your Choice!

Hi All! Been a BUSY week here leading up to tonight's New Moon/Solar Eclipse in our fiery Zodiac sign, Sagittarius! Are you feeling it's momentum? Any changes enter your life this week yet?

This Solar Eclipse/New Moon brings us necessary outwardly-oriented ACTION - send out your Arrow of Intention if you're still up at 12:43 am MST DEC 4th - so just before 1:00 a.m. MST for those of us up here in Alberta - when this Eclipse is at it's peak! Occurring at 12 degrees Sagittarius 22' of Celestial Longitude - holding hands with Mercury (being mindful, mentally so) AND the South Lunar Node - letting go of any KARMA from the past re Ethical practices, Taking Shortcuts, Being Self-Righteous, Making Assumptions, Over-spending / -doing / whatever it is that is Excessive here - these are all the SHADOW components of Sagittarius we're dealing with now. As is wearing rose-coloured glasses - or the Pollyanna approach - not seeing the reality of things.

And we have been seeing this, experiencing this, since the Lunar Nodes entered Gemini/Sagittarius back in May/June 2020! Anyone come to mind here, nationally, that you can think of? LOL! Oops, was that my outside voice?!

With this New Moon/Solar Eclipse - and for the rest of 2021 AND for the next 3.5 years (!!) - expect to deal with any combination of the above - from Within yourself, from others in your circle, business associates - you name them - we MUST be MINDFUL of how we're doing our own Ethical journey right now.

Are you BLINDING going along? Why? Are you showing up as YOURSELF, with your values, views, beliefs and truths? If not, why not? It is TIME to stand behind your VALUES - do you even know what they are, what you stand for, because of them?

These past 2 years have shown a lot of upheaval and changes in people's values - what is no longer necessary in their lives NOW compared to 2 years ago. How about you? What do you still value, today, for your life, in your life, about yourself, your family, province/state/country?

The positive sides of Sagittarius? Here's a list of key words from Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology book - she's so right ON with it all:

  • Quest for Truth

  • Peace of Mind / Natural World

  • Travel / Freedom / Adventure

  • Legal Issues / the Law

  • Faith / Optimism

  • Finding Solutions / Higher Education

Looking at this list, do you SEE where our world is at, right now? How the laws of the land have been flaunted, we've been pushed almost past the breaking point re our faith and optimism, where we're constantly being challenged to find solutions due to closures and changes in direction from our governments/healthcare systems, etc?

The dichotomy here: Sagittarius wants us to become FREE - from what has been holding us back from seeking our respective Higher Purpose - the WHY of us being here - and this pandemic/what-that-is has shown all the ways those in power are truncating our rights and freedoms. So now people in many countries around the world are questioning ALL of what is going on since March 2020 and taking people in power to court - right on time we are.

What's interesting about all of this is that the Lunar Nodes move through the Zodiac signs backwards - always in Rx motion - from the END of the sign, moving to the BEGINNING of that sign, within 19 months.

These Lunar Nodes begin their journey at the 29th degree until they move into the 00 degrees of that sign, 19 months later. AND, that 29th degree? Means Fated/Destined, means we're about to learn what we'll be ENDING, 19 months later. AND, by the time those Lunar Nodes reach that 00 degree? It means we're ALREADY DOING the themes of the signs involved IN A NEW WAY - because of what we've been LETTING GO, bit by bit, along the way, for those 19 months! Cool, eh?

During tonight's New Moon/Solar Eclipse the North Lunar Node sits at 01 degree of Gemini 44' - our Soul Direction to immerse ourselves into the Chaos of Life (!! ya think?!) while at the same time the South Lunar Node sits at 01 degree of Sagittarius 44' - Karma, unresolved issues from Past Lives/the past to be healed/let go - or not.

Interestingly, and I've mentioned this before, the previous time these Nodes made their journey through Gemini/Sagittarius was Post-9/11 - yep, Oct 2001 through to March 2003! So here we are again, wondering if what HAPPENED truly did happen, as we were told, and by whom, for what reason - what did we LEARN back then that brings us to this moment, now?

How are we repeating the "blindly believing / following / doing" without checking in, with Discernment, um, hello, let's think about this more, let's chat about this more, before running out and DOING, blindly so? Some are, some are not. For Peace of Mind - what have you decided and how has that decision changed your mind, values, life? Interesting, isn't it?

Sitting opposite the Moon/Sun conjunction aka this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, is Uranus Rx/retrograde, at 11 degrees Taurus 38' Celestial Longitude. He's been hanging out in this fixed Earth sign since March 2019 - all about our VALUES, MONEY, RESOURCES and how we value/find worthy the skills and talents we each bring to the table that helps us create income streams. Taurus rules the Throat chakra - to Speak Your Truth - to speak up! Taurus rules our VALUE SYSTEM - where are your values these days, almost 3 years later?

Sitting in opposition means there can be two main options:

  1. We can be POLARIZED from our values, truths, laws, quests - either/or - how can I seek my purpose over there when my values are all over here? Dilemmas, anxieties, worst-case scenario - suicides - have abounded. And may well continue to do so if we try to do this Either/Or scenario - splitting us in two, Within, and Without. Alienating us from family, friends, colleagues - WORK!

  2. Here is where the solution lies. Ask yourself this: "How can I make this situation an AND? How can I do BOTH - sit with and in MY set of values, Speak My Truth AND seek my life purpose, find peace of mind, keep my faith and optimism in place to find the solutions so royally needed every day, in the Now?

  3. This third one - trying to stay neutral, do nothing, don't talk to anyone, don't bother about the chaos out there in the world. Hope it will all go away, sooner than later, by doing/saying/deciding - nothing.

Where are YOU sitting? How have you been journeying with all of this since 2019 and 2020? We're heading into Christmas, and Yule/Winter Solstice - the New Moon time of the Solar year - what is dying in your life? What must you finally so NO to? To let go? To resolve? There can be NO neutrality - you MUST give voice - if only to yourself - of WHERE you stand in your values, your quest for truth (what IS the truth these days anyway?!) and to FREE yourself along the way as you do so. So that YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND for what's coming in 2022/2023 when those Lunar Nodes move into the Fixed signs (these signs totally dislike CHANGE by the way - another dichotomy) of Scorpio (South Node) and Taurus (North Node) - so yes, MORE connection INTO what you VALUE - within yourself, your life, your city/town, family, circle of friends, the industry you work in - what you VALUE about LIFE and living in this 21st Century!

The ETHICS of it all - hence the lawsuits/courts involved - people helping people to figure it all out. Is it too late? Never! Follow your values, value your values, find your worth, BE worthy! Ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing, right now, ethical? Does it matter anymore, ethics? Who's going to know or care or whatever? How will I feel if I lose my ethics, let alone my values and morality and conscience?" These are the questions that help us move onward into our respective Life Purposes - into living our values that help us steer our ship forward, especially into/onto un-navigated seas - the Unknown.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, therefore is the Lord of this Eclipse. Risks. Ethics. Expansion. Freedom. Abundance and Growth. Being positive, optimistic and generous. High spirited, laughing with enthusiasm - when was the last time you truly laughed about life? Shadow side of Jupiter can be Excessive, wasteful, overdoing, blowing things out of proportion.

How are you growing, Within, these days? How are you expanding your values, knowledge and creating more freedom in your life? Do you SEE the way forward despite the chaos? Here's where we need to be totally honest with ourselves - because how else can we talk about what we value, believe, trust - with others if we don't KNOW IT, deep Within?

Know your limits AND know your values AND seek your purpose/truths/beliefs AND move forward within this last New Moon of 2021 - Initiate something NEW despite the chaos going on out in the world. What tiny baby step can YOU MAKE, for YOU, today? Then again, tomorrow? And the next day? ACTION is key here - fire signs NEED action. Sagittarius rules our muscles, thighs and hips - dance, walk, run, cycle - anything is better than sitting around wallowing. Connect with like-minded others - create NEW community - the current location of Jupiter is in Aquarius - at 25 degrees 50' - here's where we MUST truly be authentic - we've been working on this expansion/risk-taking model since WINTER SOLSTICE last year!

Move into your authentic values, voice, actions, life and purpose. Do it sooner than later. KNOW THYSELF - omg! So very TRUE, especially Now. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank You! Love You! Namaste

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