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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: What Are YOU Letting Go?

The current New Moon/Solar Eclipse - LAST ECLIPSE OF 2020!! - began Monday DEC 14, 2020 at 23 degrees Sagittarius 08' Celestial Longitude. New Moon energies Begin Something New & within Sagittarius - Look Out for some type of ADVENTURE!

Eclipses bring ACCELERATED CHANGE & MOTION & CHALLENGE our way! If you've got your birth chart handy, check the above coordinates to find the House of Life Experience this last Eclipse of 2020 is bringing your way!

These energies are at their PEAK for 10 days - up to & including Christmas Eve - & continue onward for the NEXT 3.5 YEARS!!! KEY HERE: to be mindful of Your Heartfelt Intentions of what You're Seeking as Your Life Purpose!!

As I look at the chart of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in our fiery mutable Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, I see the following:

  • A New or Full Moon is only an ECLIPSE if one of the Lunar Nodes is also in attendance! This Eclipse shows the current SOUTH LUNAR NODE in Sagittarius is here to help us all SWEEP AWAY Unresolved Issues from our Pasts - this lifetime/all lifetimes? What are YOU Letting Go Of that is getting in the way of SEEKING YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE? Let. It. Go.

  • Mercury is also here in Sagittarius: being MINDFUL of your Beliefs, what you have FAITH in, what comes to MIND as your Higher Purpose?! Chat about it, think about it, learn about it. Watch your Self-Talk about it!

  • And that Moon/Sun combo: bringing forth our Emotional Body & Soul/Vital Body into the mix - FEEL YOUR WAY FORWARD as you LISTEN to & FOLLOW your Intuition!!! SHINE Your Light of WHO YOU TRULY ARE along the way!

  • Love Lines Create a FIRE GRAND TRINE formation: The Sagittarian lineup above connects with the VERTEX in 15 degrees Leo 21' - something Fated/Destined This Way Comes! And connect with MARS in 20 degrees Aries 43' - Assertive INSPIRed (or, In Spirit) Action! In what Houses of Life Experience do these 3 fiery signs / groups of planets ACTIVATE in your Birth Chart? How are you following your Heart (LEO) & Asserting your Inner Warrior while mindfully, emotionally & soulfully LET GO of the OLD that's getting in the way of SEEKING YOUR TRUE LIFE PURPOSE? Keep all 3 areas in play - or you'll miss the FATED/DESTINED portion of this journey!

  • Then there's our Soul Direction!: here's where the North Node or Dragon's Head comes into play - sitting in GEMINI at 19 degrees 46' - what KNOWLEDGE, Information &/or Data are you gathering? With whom are you sharing it? WHEN? WHY? What does any of this have to do with how you're Seeking that Higher Purpose? Networking. Socializing (virtually I guess?!) Watch out for that negative Self-Talk now! How do we create an AND between that Dragon's Tail sweeping away the Old while that Dragon's Head seeks the New?!!! Hhhhmmm....

Then, the THEMES Sagittarius brings to the table (Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology):

  • Our Quest for the Truth - it IS out there!

  • Having Peace of Mind - connect with the Natural World as much as possible!

  • FREEDOM & ADVENTURE - being spontaneous; look at Life as an ADVENTURE; have positive perceptions & expectations; explore ALL the possibilities!

  • Deal with the LEGALITIES -Sagittarius rules the legal system - the ethics, morals & integrity of How we Take Responsibility for our actions - clear your Conscience! And be CLEAR of your Conscience!

  • Having FAITH & BE OPTIMISTIC - & perhaps Take a Leap of Faith in the direction of Your Higher Purpose! Bust out of that current safe, stable environment - BE FREE!

  • SEEK YOUR ANSWERS - through mentors, teachers, philosophy - Find Your Solution by ASKING THE HARD QUESTIONS & LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE RECEIVING. Does it RING TRUE?

  • SHADOW SIDE - taking shortcuts; being self-righteous; making assumptions (!); being EXCESSIVE - spending, talking, etc. - &/or EXTRAVAGANT! Blunt communication & seeing Life through Rose-coloured Glasses - what's your TRUE REALITY? Share yourself with others! Please, BE REAL.

  • Physically, Health-wise - Sagittarius RULES the muscles in the body, hips & thighs, Liver & Sciatica. KEEP MOVING! Less sitting! Less ANGER & more Peace & Laughter!

The SABIAN Symbol for this New Moon/Solar Eclipse @ 24 Degrees (we round up here!):

"A BLUEBIRD STANDING AT THE DOOR OF THE HOUSE" - you feel that you are in a time of natural, positive, good will. There is a clear omen of good fortune at your door. Respond to your higher MORAL hopes & you WILL be able to move forward unhindered. Calmness & rewards. Promise of Happiness. SHADOW: denying Happiness or good news from entering!

ALLOW in your Dreams & Wishes for 2021 - beyond COVID & a Pandemic - BE OPTIMISTIC THAT YES! Life IS BETTER & Continues to BE SO! Happy Solstice & Merry Christmas Everyone!

**Check out my FaceBook business page @laurieraes for my Video on this New Moon / Solar Eclipse & ESPECIALLY for the upcoming Winter Solstice DEC 21st LIVE VIDEO @ 7:30 pm MST as we learn the WHY of this much-anticipated & AUSPICIOUS Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction - closest it's been in 794 years!! It is Interactive - read the Shopping List & be prepared to create YOUR "2021 Dreams & Wishes Jar!" as we learn the Why of Yule/Solstice, this rare conjunction & Plant Your Dreams for 2021!

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH - You All Rock As Artists! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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