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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Valued Unexpected Soul Direction

As I write this post (APR 28, 2022) the Sun and Moon are moving closer together, to meet up SATURDAY April 30, 2022 for the first of the two 2022 Eclipse seasons! We've time yet to Let Go of any Emotional baggage accumulated during the current Moon cycle which began APRIL 2nd, 2022.

What needs releasing, from your life, during this Balsamic Moon phase we're just about finished with? What would you rather NOT take with you into this next Moon cycle? Hhhhmmm....

Question: How is it that only some New Moon/Full Moon timings are Eclipses? Why aren't ALL of them Eclipses?

Answer: It all depends on the Zodiac sign/position within that sign of either the North Lunar Node or South Lunar Node, and how close they are when the Moon/Sun are either conjunct (meet up at the same Celestial Longitude in the sky a.k.a. New Moon) or in opposition to one another (a.k.a. Full Moon positions).

The North Lunar Node represents our Soul Direction, and the Zodiac sign it is in when we are born represents the theme your Soul intends, while the House it resides in, in your Birth chart, represents HOW we DO our Soul Direction. It is also the "antidote" to helping you clear your Karma. See below. Currently, the North Lunar Node resides at 23 degreesTaurus 11' Celestial Longitude - therefore, Collectively, all of us are affected by the energies of it for 19 months.

The South Lunar Node represents what we've brought in with us, at Birth, from Past Lives: talents and skills that are natural to us (because we've been around that block many times, so it's easy-peasy to use them in this Life Time) AND the Karma - those Unresolved Issues from Past Lives - that have ripened - and in this Life Time it's now Time to deal with them! Positioning of your South Lunar Node, at Birth, helps you figure out "what went wrong" in the Past, that needs solving/healing/facing in the Now-verse. Currently, the South Lunar Node sits directly opposite the North Lunar Node - therefore it is at 23 degrees Scorpio 11' Celestial Longitude - affecting all of us since DEC 22, 2021 (and for the next 19 months) to Release any Karma we have that Scorpio represents: deep-seated fears, traumas, abuses of power, feeling disempowered/powerless - perhaps preventing the expression of true joy of our passion in our lives.

On Saturday APRIL 30th at 2:28 p.m. MDT the Moon + Sun will sit at 10 degrees Taurus 28' Celestial Longitude (for those following along in your Birth charts!) with both Uranus (now at 14 degrees Taurus 32') and that North Lunar Node (sitting at 23 degrees Taurus 11') in play! Check your Birth chart to see WHERE this Solar Eclipse/New Moon is activating one of your Houses of Life Experience - AND, is it also near to a planet in that House in your chart?

The Lunar Nodes, one or the other, will be within 18.5 degrees of the New Moon or within 12.25 degrees of a Full Moon, and therefore will cause an ECLIPSE. Saturday's Eclipse is a partial SOLAR one - signifying that the New Moon will pass in front of the face of the Sun, only partially, from Earth's perspective (about 64% of the Sun's disk will be blotted out and varies depending on your viewing location). There will be a narrow band of visibility across parts of Antarctica, southern tip of South America and the Pacific / Atlantic Oceans [from:] I believe, whether or not the Eclipse passes over Canada, we still feel its effects.

Because the Moon and Sun are in Taurus, as is the North Lunar Node point, and close together, we have a Solar Eclipse, and a partial one at that. Therefore, the full impact of this Eclipse will be lessened. So what's up with Eclipses then? What's the Big Deal?

All our planets, in our solar system, emit energy. They cycle around Earth (from our perspective) and the Sun, creating dynamic angles along the way. Moving through that imaginary lens, called the Zodiac Belt or Ecliptic, of 12 signs. When an Eclipse occurs - the Earth seems to hold its breath - and then experiences those energies and dynamics. As do all of us.

Having an Eclipse in an Earth sign: may signify a recession, financial problems, trade and agricultural disturbances, drought, scarcity, famine, crops or fruits of the Earth threatened, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or avalanches. Earth signs are motivated by practical concerns. [from: ECLIPSES by Celeste Teal, 2009]

In Taurus: a Fixed Earth sign, ruled by Venus, symbolizes fruitfulness, lushness and productivity. It's associated with wages, bankers, property, textiles, builders, resources and reserves, including paper money and coins. [from: ECLIPSES by Celeste Teal, 2009]

VENUS, as Lord of this Solar Eclipse: will be EXACTLY conjunct Jupiter, plus Neptune, all in the late degrees of Pisces. Magic Movies and Illusion. How are we choosing the Reality over the illusions/delusions of what's going on worldwide on Earth right now? Shadow side of Pisces - that Drama Triangle of Victim / Rescue(r) / Bully or Persecutor role-play. Are you choosing Reality over Drama? Connecting with your Higher Self/Spiritual Self vs. the Ego's need for drama and "o woe is me!"?

As Lord of this Eclipse - Venus signifies: designers, interior decorators, dealers in art or ornamentation, musicians, theaters and festivals. The energy here to Taurus is that of steady pressure. Bankers and others involved in Venus-ruled activities will find this Eclipse meaningful - encouraging a transitional period in related affairs (aka Money, bank rates, inflation, etc.).

Currently in 2022, how many news articles have there been about possible digital currency coming our way in the near future? (Note: Uranus has been in Taurus since March 2019 and has caused me to wonder about this occurring sooner than later - Uranus rules technology; Taurus rules money) The North Lunar Node (Soul Direction) is close by Uranus, with the New Moon on the other side of Uranus - what will we be concentrating on this next month, next 6 months and perhaps for 3.5 years, moving forward? This is the typical timeframe of the lasting effects of any Eclipse.

Uranus brings UNEXPECTED CHANGE our way. The North Lunar Node in Taurus signifies a Soul Purpose of serenity, stability, regaining a sense of the Sacred in the ordinary, a sense of having earned and gained by one's own efforts, honouring good traditions and preserving what's valuable for future generations [from: North Node Astrology by Elizabeth Spring M.A.]

Interestingly, the current Mercury Rx/retrograde moves from the late degrees of Taurus, moving over that North Lunar Node AND passes closely by The Pleiades / fixed star Aldebaran THREE times during its Rx timing (between APR 24th to JUN 18th) bringing forth the NEED for mindfulness around the subject of "facing moral dilemmas which challenge your integrity. Success may be presented to you - however, at some point, you'll be tempted to compromise your position - go against your integrity - which will have negative results if you do so. All that has been gained could be rapidly lost!" [from: Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, by Bernadette Brady]

Eclipses will accelerate Changes and Challenges in our lives. Wherever this partial Solar Eclipse is activating your Birth chart - here's where the Integrity and moral dilemma may be triggered. It will be an interesting ride for all of us - as the country's leadership has an idea of what they want for Canadians. But, is this what Canadians want for themselves? Will it be more government over-reach, or will it be a good thing, for All of us?

We've already seen drought here in Southern Alberta - Spring is just coming to fruition, we had quite LESS snow over the Winter, and last summer was drier. It will be interesting to hear of any earthquakes occurring this weekend - especially if they do so within the oceans - and any side-effects those may bring.

Expect the Unexpected - from the upcoming Mercury Rx, from Uranus placed between this Solar Eclipse/New Moon and that North Lunar Node - Uranus wants each of us to BE TRULY AUTHENTIC - it is TIME to stand up for that which you truly VALUE in life. To Speak Your Truth about it (Taurus and Venus rule that Throat Chakra) while we're also undergoing clearing our respective Heart Chakras - to be more compassionate, loving, forgiving and open-hearted.

We can Initiate the New - through all the themes mentioned above - and we must do so with Integrity, knowing our Values, Worth/worthiness along the way! Any moral dilemmas must be faced and moved through. Another moment of needing to KNOW which side of this particular fence we each reside on - because of what you value, believe to be Truth, that also takes you away from drama, victimization, wanting to be rescued, etc.

Know Thyself. Know your Values. Know your Worthiness. Speak Your Truth. Be Integral. And bring in the music, art, sensual / senses, to be hands-on creative in some regard - to keep that which IS sacred, to have on hand for the future. Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all Rock! Namaste


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