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Ode to a Leprechaun...

This post is dedicated to Finnegan, a Leprechaun who visited me earlier this Moon cycle. He insisted that I write this post, today, March 17th, St. Patrick's Feast Day. I created a chart for today, set at 17:17 pm (aka 5:17p MDT) to see what all the fuss was about. Interesting, very on...

As I write this post, we are travelling through the BALSAMIC Moon phase (or the 8th of 8 phases of the current Moon cycle that began February 18th at 29 degrees of Aquarius 59' 54"). This Balsamic Moon phase began last night at 9:49p MDT at 11 degrees of Aquarius 16' and will last until the next NEW MOON phase Friday, March 20th at 3:36a MDT (which is also a supermoon due to the TOTAL Solar Eclipse at that time AND, 14 hours later, the Sun enters 00 degrees of Aries as of 4:45p MDT, aka the VERNAL EQUINOX)! Whew!

Each Balsamic Moon phase brings a, or many, watershed moments as we release the OLD in time for the NEW seed of unrealized potential is planted at the moment of the next New Moon cycle. We began this New Moon at the end of Aquarius and are here once again, RELEASING some aspect of our Future Self that really wasn't intended to move forward with us into this Solar Eclipse/New Moon/Vernal Equinox. I will write another post about the astrological/astronomical events of March 20th later.

As you release whatever it is that no longer is growing corn for you in your life between last night and early Friday morning, be aware of how this impacts the following:

  • Your friends, allies and groups you belong to - how are they supporting WHO your Soul wishes to BECOME in the near future (aka your Future Self)?

  • Your reputation amongst your PEERS - who do they "see' you to BE out in community? Are you representing their idea of you or YOUR idea of you?

  • How are you connecting WITH community, now, and in the future? If you aren't, why not? Aquarius beckons us to BE our True Individual Self AND contribute in some regard within community, for the good of all.

  • What wishes and dreams did you set for yourself that really, I mean really, did not germinate, let alone leaf out, to bear fruit in your life? LET. THEM. GO. NOW...why hold onto that which no longer lifts you up? Using it as a floatation device means hanging onto a crutch...correct?

Finnegan is jumping and down - telling me I am on the right track chatting about all of this. His grin is HUGE and he sends out an ABUNDANCE of pots of $$$, opportunities AND connections to each of us, hitching along with the upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Vernal Equinox timing. Thank you dear Finnegan! xoxoxoxo

The other item of note - and this is HUGE - I had actually forgotten about it until I saw the chart this morning - is that yesterday, MARCH 16th, was a major transformation day for all of us! Why you ask? It was the seventh and LAST square formation between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries since JUNE 2012! AND, interestingly, the previous six timings had either Pluto or Uranus DIRECT whilst the other was Rx (RETROGRADE).

Not so yesterday - they were BOTH Direct! Meaning we moved FORWARD, in unison, in some regard, transforming the Integrity of how we view Material Gain (Pluto in Capricorn) in our lives AND gained another measure of Independence (Aries) within our True Individual Self (Uranus) with Unexpected (Uranus) results/circumstances occurring all at the same time.

A square formation between two planets creates mucho stress and challenge deep within - urging us to TAKE ACTION to change something within our self. This means it could have been emotional (co-dependent in some regard), mental (change of mind),  physical (physical body or physical location) or spiritual (Faith, Trust in the UnKnown). So really, ask yourself this: What has CHANGED, as of yesterday, within You or your life circumstances, that was in operation in your life back in June 2012?

Think back to June 2012 and ask: what were my beliefs and heartfelt true-isms about material gain? Did I set long-term goals, did I strive for them step by step, did I build something of substance? All in aid of being able to declare a NEW sense of independence within myself to ALLOW my true inner individual self to "come out of the closet"?

Uranus in Aries brings the need to BE ME, my true inner warrior AND start a NEW inner path, pioneering a NEW way of BEing, ME (or YOU). This is what we have all been working towards since June of 2012. Unexpected, outer events and challenges (Pluto in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn) brought ENDINGS (death, literally and figuratively) and hence, NEW BEGINNINGS almost two years later.

So as you tend to the watershed opportunity this Balsamic Moon phase brings, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done - of letting go and releasing the OLD stuff that was no longer growing corn in your self-identity (Aries) that prevented you from gaining materially (and otherwise) before now BECAUSE you weren't showing your TRUE SELF out there folks! And now you are....believe it or not! Each of us has been "outed" in some regard during this Moon cycle BECAUSE of what we have been working on since June 2012! Cool! We have collectively "come out of the closet" to be TRULY SEEN.

This is again why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Astrology! The timing of the planetary alignments and cycles so mirror our Inner World movements forward towards BEing TRUE BLUE to Self. Always what we are moving towards. And it can take so darned long, eh? Why else would we live to the ripe old age of 80 or 90 or 100 or beyond?

Finnegan is grinning even MORE now - his laugh is infectious - and he wants to remind us that LAUGHTER, FUN, PLAY, MUSIC, SONG, DANCE (and a couple of Guinness!) go a long way to making our journey of the Self, WITH Purpose, ON Purpose, more enjoyable!

And that chart I did up for today? Interestingly, ALL House cusps (so from the Rising Sign of the 1st House to the 12th House) are EXACTLY the same as my chart, in terms of degrees and signs (the minutes are out a bit). AND, Venus entered Taurus at 00 degrees - our Desire Body, connecting with ALL our senses, being practical and hands-on and down-to-earth, creating - what? What do YOU wish to create with the upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse/Vernal Equinox on Friday? What BEAUTY are YOU bringing in to your life for the next 6 months to 3.5 years?

Meaning "Take Note, Laurie Rae! Bring more laughter, fun, play, song, music, dance (and Guinness!) into your life to smooth out the edges of Self Awareness, Mastering the Ego, and Live ON Purpose, every day for now on!"


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