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OOB Full Moon: Are you BUILDING Something Wild?!

We'll be experiencing our annual SUMMER SOLSTICE timing Thursday JUNE 20, 2024 at 2:52 PM MDT when the SUN enters CANCER at 00 degrees - the Full Moon time of our Solar Year! Otherwise known as the First Day of Summer! Hopefully we Albertans will actually FEEL the warmer Summer breezes this week! It's been a cool, wet Spring so far! Then the OOB/ Out Of Bounds FULL MOON occurs Friday June 21, 2024 at 7:08 PM MDT. June 2024 has been definitely Out Of This World!

Here's the OOB/Out Of Bounds Full Moon Chart in Capricorn:

The Out Of Bounds energies come through due to the Moon's extreme southerly position from the Equator - at 28 degrees South - when the Sun's usually at either 23.5 degrees North or South of the Equator. So once again, our Emotional Body is experiencing energies "beyond the norm" away from parental boundaries! LOL!

Here's where "anything goes" or the wildcard factor comes into play - for all of us - through the themes of Capricorn: building something with Integrity that uses our current resources in a renewed way, hopefully adding something of greater value to the world at large (and our own lives) as we do so. Practical, organized, business-like/professional. Being dutiful, perhaps cautious (not jumping in right away!) and can be pessimistic (will this really work out, this time?!).

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn (now at 19 degrees Pisces) needs long-term goals to work towards, to take on responsibilities for our future. To take charge of something, somehow. What have you been waiting for?! Summer?! Time is of the essence here too - Saturn is Father Time/Kronos - better to DO IT NOW - why wait any longer? Here's where the rules or guidelines come into play. Of the three Earth signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn likes to take its time - long-term patience is required to see your goals come to fruition!

And please watch out for that too serious/all about business voice/face - the Sun's sitting in the opposite Sign of Cancer (with Venus and Mercury) of sensitivity, emotion/feeling nature, highly Intuitive and sensitive to the tone of voice/words being used/perhaps being dismissed? Remember: you're not always AT WORK! When you're at home, relax a bit, have some fun with whatever project or goal needs your attention.

This OOB Full Moon is connected in an "out of sign" loving trine to both ERIS and CHIRON in Aries - to ensure we're looking after our own NEEDS while healing the action of EDITING our Instinctual Natures - what needs LIBERATING HERE, for you? This OOB Full Moon is aligned with the Galactic Centre - we're all receiving downloads of Galactic information as guidance. Perhaps visits from our Ancestors as Guides to where we're meant to head next, for the long-term?

And we're being asked to "let go of old patterns of conditioning" through the connection to both SEDNA and JUPITER in the early degrees of GEMINI (both easily connected to PLUTO Rx / retrograde in Aquarius too!). To move beyond the past traumas/betrayals / fears into a Leap of Faith Into the Unknown that transforms/breaks open our closed chrysalis selves that's been holding back our respective "Inner Genius/uniqueness" most of our lives.

Gathering information/data/knowledge then SHARING it somehow, somewhen, with someone. Networking, chatting with your local peeps over the back fence or while walking the dog or shopping - doing our everyday activities out in the sunshine/rain.

Meanwhile, the SUN in Cancer, along with VENUS (still in her Underworld Phase of "dying to our former selves in some regard) and MERCURY (thoughts/communication/learning - messages sent/received) are the focal point of a Cardinal T-Square to the Lunar Nodes in Aries/Libra - Soul Direction/Shadow, karmic issues to resolve along the way. Here we MUST create an AND between solving the Past while pushing forward with Courage to Survive current circumstances on our own. This opens up a surge of NURTURING watery Intuitive energies to SHINE ourselves out there into the world - not forgetting that we too NEED A HUG, a rest, a smile, a long hot bath to just BE. To BE Seen, Heard, Acknowledged, not taken for granted or overlooked - because we're just so darned BUSY!

And Neptune sitting at the 29th degree of Pisces - Fated/Destined to End / Complete / Release that which gets in the way of our Higher Self's Spiritual agenda. Where are you going with all of this exactly? This area of our lives can seem way too hazy/unclear - dissolve the illusions/delusions that "the sky is always falling!" because it isn't. The Sun may not be as warm for us right now - yet it's still SHINING! The sky is blue. The green is growing. Nature's calling!

Remember the OOB/Out Of Bounds nature of these Moon cycles right now - bring the NEED to GO OUT BEYOND YOUR USUAL ROUTINE! To FEEL beyond what you usually FEEL. To TALK ABOUT IT ALL. TO BE HEARD, SEEN, and nurtured for it. We ALL need this right now. As we each build something more solid to find down the road, long-term, that we can rely on - gives us support when we need it.

Blessed BE! Namaste

OOB Full Moon Chart: created by AstroGold by Laurie Rae Rezanoff ASTROLOGER | TEACHER | FACILITATOR of Workshops/Salons and such


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