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OOB New Moon in Gemini: Unpredictably Brilliant Unexpectedness!

As of Tuesday - Friday (June 4 - 7, 2024) Venus and the Sun are "Cazimi" or conjunct each other exactly, as Venus hides behind the Sun/her source of true light during her Underworld Journey phase!

? to ask yourself: "In what ways am I dying to the person I was?" - we all undergo this every 19 months! Feeling cranky? Weepy / grieving? How about tired/low energy? All related to this dying process.

The key is to FEEL it all, and allow others to see you feeling it all. No hiding during this awesome opportunity to Let Go! Being vulnerable to it all.


The chart above is for Thursday's way OOB/out of bounds New Moon at 16 Gemini 18' as of 6:38 am MDT June 7, 2024. This OOB New Moon's Moon / Sun duo are exactly connected to Venus - she's teaching all of us to somehow "die to our former selves" consciously surrendering the information / data / knowledge we've collected so far, to embrace and take in the truer Source Light of Being with renewed connections, sharing and insights. To allow ourselves to BE Lighter, playful, having more youthful fun for a change!


A reminder of what the OOB/out of bounds Moons bring our way, emotionally-speaking:

  • Unexpected "WILDCARD" shifts and changes

  • Unpredictable

  • Brilliant

  • Creative

  • Alternative Perspectives

  • Thinking/acting outside the norm

  • Dissolving Boundaries

  • Daring

  • Exploring Unlimited Potential   

This New Moon chart also shows a lot of Trines (the blue lines) of ease and flow - yay! Especially to that South Lunar Node in Libra of Past Life issues to be resolved within our close relationships/partnerships - personal and/or professional. So use this month of June/Moon cycle with fresh intention to mend fences, have the conversations you weren't able to manage before now. Clear the Air - literally!


Sedna's leading the Gemini train this month, trines Pluto Rx in Aquarius - more Air/communication/relating energies - how are you telling a New Story now? Sedna's not been in Gemini for 11,000 years (!!) and now she's back to help all of us transform (Pluto reveals what we've been suppressing/repressing Unconsciously) previous traumas, betrayals, and fears into newly refreshed ways of relating to our Community as Humanity, more. Technology can still test us with interesting hiccups along the way (our family has noticed more of this, dealing with local service providers in different industries as they upgrade their business technologies!) that we must also engage in to help them "clean up on aisle 5". It's all about HOW we engage one another, going forward.


 There is a connection from this New Moon trio to the Vertex - something Fated/Destined this way comes through the Scorpio lens of "digging deep to find the truth at its roots!" - enjoy the ensuing conversations and insights you find along the way this Moon cycle until July 4th! Here we're being called to "let go of old patterns of conditioning" through communication and feelings - have you truly been talking about how you TRULY FEEL? Could be unveiling deep-seated fears/traumas from the past never shared before now.


The Moon actually rules this New Moon chart - and she's exactly connected to the Sun/masculine/Soul and Venus/Divine Inner Feminine, so it's Time to have a conversation Within yourself, to yourself, about how you wish to progress through this Underworld timing - what do you really want to surrender to? Release? End? Complete? Not take with you past this Moon cycle? Emotionally speaking, Unpack the Baggage and Let Go!

HEADS UP! The Full Moon on JUNE 21, 2024 in Capricorn will also be way OOB/out of bounds! Take care of your business/life with integrity, using current resources at hand in a NEW WAY that is so needed by the Collective in these transitioning Times!


CHART CREATION: through AstroGold by Laurie Rae Rezanoff, Astrologer | Teacher

A Note from Laurie Rae: my website wants me to use AI - however, I will ALWAYS write my own blog posts and content within this website - I use my own words. Blessings to All!


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