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Out of Bounds New Moon in Capricorn - 2024 continues!

Chilly morning again today, JAN 14, 2024 - it's been almost a week of -41C with the windchill temperatures! Typical weather for January here in Alberta Canada - but this extreme?! Methinks something else is afoot!

This first OOB/out of bounds New Moon of 2024 began JAN 11, 2024 - where the Moon and Sun stood at 20 CAPRICORN 44' with Pluto nearby at that Fated / Destined 29th degree to End / Complete / Release something that is NO LONGER of Integrity in your life, while also squaring off with the Lunar Nodes at 20 LIBRA / 20 ARIES creating stress and tension for much-needed CHANGE to be initiated at some point this month! This Cardinal T-square formation brings us simultaneously movement into our collective Soul Direction/ARIES of Courage, Survival, Entrepreneurial Pioneering in any field (!) while ensuring we use our OWN skills/talents while doing so AND releasing Past Life/past relationships / partnerships issues where we perhaps were afraid of sharing our deepest Feelings, Ideas, Skills/Talents with others. As we do all of this, we send energy into standing Empowered with Integrity, going forward for the rest of 2024! Cool!

As of today, we're onto the Crescent Moon phase - the Struggle between the Old and the New in our lives. This occurred at 11:13 am MST at 09 PISCES 03' - where's this located in your Birth Chart/Horoscope? Here's where escapism / addictions / and the need for Illusion / Delusion vs. Reality come into the picture - that's the OLD, Ego-self way, by the way! The NEW is more of a connection to, and through, your Higher Self/spiritual practice, to ensure you come off that Drama Triangle/Shadow side of PISCES role-play - of either being Victim and/or Rescue(r) and/or Bully - or perhaps all three?! Release yourselves from the Drama, addictions, escapism of the Past, people! BE REAL in the HERE AND NOW. Be in the Moment by moment, real.

How is the Integrity of Capricorn holding up in your life? Still moving forward with the vision of Building something for the Collective from resources you already have - and using them in a new way - from a new perspective, in 2024?

Don’t allow these frigid temperatures to pull you into the post-Christmas slump of depression - yes, this earthy Capricorn sign can be serious, even depressing. Something you may not know about Capricorn- tis about your ambition, sense of duty and how far you’ll go (and what you'll do to get there) to ensure your long-time goals are achieved. There will be times when you feel you just don’t have it in you to keep on going. 

There are levels of Capricorn achievements: finding that new upward path that’s beckoning you forward onto a future goal - which you attain, over Time, as your “pot of gold” at the top of your Capricorn Mountain. He is a mountain goat after all. Along the way, Life happens. We must take detours for a while - then hopefully return to the original upward-moving path we first began way back when. There are Times when it seems like we “plateau out” - we stay at the same level - the same old same old boring going nowhere how did I get here where is that goal what was that goal I had in mind before - my place on my Mountain?

Here’s where we seem to get lost. And the longer we stay here, the deeper the depression  can become - we give up on our vision / goals. Why bother? Who cares if I don’t make it anyway?!

Fears come up from the Ego-self - "It’s taking way too long, achieving this goal / vision! Just stay here; it’s safer, it’s easier, why expend more energy in something that may not happen anyway? OR, better yet, let's try to fast-track it all, take some other short-cuts, getting us there faster!" So, we comply - no longer moving upward on that path to that “pot of gold” that inspired us in the first place, or turning down a far more dangerous road - trying to MAKE IT HAPPEN vs. allowing it to unfold, as organically as we can, for as long at it takes.

Envy / jealousy can come into the mix as you see others move along their paths, seemingly further / faster more assertively than you ever seemed to. "Why IS that? What do they have that I do not?!" So says the Ego-self, diving deeper into self-denial, depression and laziness. In these seemingly doldrum days of January - take Time to remember that spark of Inspiration that jumpstarted this Vision Quest to begin with! Find that Vision Board - take a good long look at it - remember whom you truly are - Soulfully. The Ego-self can take us into dead end rabbit-holed sidetracked avenues of the mind - an illusion/delusion - to circumvent moving beyond current safe boundaries it truly loves to live/hide behind!

Tis an Illusion folks (here's where PISCES comes in - the Shadow portion of this mutable water sign)! It’s not real! Wake up! Snap out of it! BE INSPIRED by others who keep on keeping on their upward paths - use that inspiration to resume your own path - Your Way! Some Capricorn energies plateau out early; some never leave the starting gate; others seem to run ahead in leaps and bounds - all the time! Then they too can have a period of “stopping in their tracks”!

Remember this: take time to regroup, recharge, remember who you truly are, what you truly want and need, where you need - Soulfully - to head forward on your own Life Path!

The Visions / Sparks / Inspirations of Sagittarius can seemingly get lost during extreme times of weather / duty / what seems like a steeper uphill climb than ever before! Our time in Capricorn can feel SO BLOODY SLOW - hurry up already! Here is where we can lose our way for a bit. Just as the seasons of the year pass by, as does Time, remember this: we’re in the Winter season of death - to slumber / sleep / regain our energies for the next round of vigorous change / growth. Now’s the Time to reorganize / reorient / regroup / remember - to take Time to mend / repair / prepare for what’s ahead!

The Light returns, bit by bit. The snow melts. We begin to see our Path Forward once again! Yay! Excitement, energy and inspiration run through us all over again. Keep that Spark of Inspiration burning in your lantern of Hope - this is but a respite along the way.


Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Thank you so much!


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