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Part II: Actively Hypersensitive & Insensitive - New Beginnings

Round II is coming up folks!

Saturday June 20th - Summer Solstice or Sun Stands Still - begins at 3:44 pm MDT where the Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer 00' Celestial Longitude - the season of Summer begins. Warmer (?!) weather, the growing season continues, perhaps more rain - Cancer is a water sign after all.

Sunday June 21st - Solar Eclipse/New Moon - begins at 12:41 am MDT where the Sun & Moon come together at 00 degrees Cancer 21' of Celestial Longitude - beginning a new Moon cycle AND accelerated Change into the themes of Cancer: Nurturance, Compassion, Home/Family, Intimacy/Caring skills, Feelings/Moods, Releasing Insecurity [Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology book].

When a planet enters 00 degrees of any sign, especially the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) there is a NEW beginning, a new way showing itself. At 00 degrees, we're taking first steps into a new surrounding, a new journey is ahead of us. We have something new to learn, about ourselves & through others, about the Cancer themes noted above for this Solar Eclipse/New Moon.

It may sometimes feel like we're Pioneering something - something Original needs to be brought out into the world. We're still stumbling around in the dark at times, & will figure it all out within the next 6 months to 3.5 years down the road. Meaning: we don't need to KNOW how to do the nurturing & compassion for self/others right away! We WILL figure it out as we move forward. Just as long as we DO allow ourselves to learn the hows along the way.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (the Lord of this Eclipse), therefore this Solar Eclipse/Moon cycle WILL be hypersensitive & there will be times of insensitivity - for all of us. Emotionally, our daily habits will be emphasized, in our faces, reminding us of HOW to do the following, better:

  • The Solidity of our Foundations: home/family of origin, the home we live in now - what nurturing does it require from us now? What's your internal frame of reference about all of this? Grounded, serene, peaceful or full of chaos, drama & pain? Or a combination? Here is also where that gut instinct or Intuitive Wisdom comes into play - IS this solid what I'm seeing, hearing, feeling, wanting?

  • Safety & Security: financially, feeling like you belong (at home in your town/city/province/country), being protected, having tenacity & feeling secure no matter where you are.

  • Processes - New Beginnings: here's where the training wheels & practice makes perfected processes of our learning curves - that we NURTURE these processes forward - not force it & expect ourselves to BE PERFECT every time we venture out to be vulnerable with others. Here's where we'll come up against our early childhood conditioning - what we learned from our parents & extended family - how we grew up nurtured, or not. How we're learning to DO this, now. Even to nurture New Beginnings around us, like tending to a seed as it grows up into a flower.

  • How We Care: with empathy, being vulnerable & allowing others to be too, connecting with one another more intimately as we reveal our vulnerability to others. Scary for some, easy for others.

  • Feel Those Feelings: here's where the moodiness comes into play - being aware of your own feelings & those around you. Here's where the hypersensitivity & insensitivity comes into play - being tender with ourselves & others - or not. Being aware of our needs - or not - & how are others doing? Do I care? Do I want to care? Why should I care?

  • Support is Nurturing: allowing others to support us - asking for help. Being nurtured through food, mother/mothering & close family members. Caregiving & Self-caring roles that change throughout the decades.

  • How We Feel We Need to Protect Ourselves: the Shadow side of Cancer - due to clinginess, feeling insecure, possessive, behaving overly cautious, fearing rejection, having a lack of definitive goals for the future.

  • Physically, Cancer Rules: the breasts & chest cavity, pancreas, stomach, stomach gas & ulcers & tumours. Here's where our physical body speaks to us if we've been neglecting the nurturing we need Emotionally. What do you need? If you cannot fulfill it for yourself, do you ask for help from others? This is when the vulnerability comes into play - how do you deal with feeling this?

The Sabian Symbol for 00 degrees of Cancer (rounded up) brings another layer of symbolism for this Eclipse/Moon Cycle timing - as we TAKE ACTION (Solar Eclipse) because of HOW we FEEL:

  • Symbol: On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag & Raise A New One

  • Key Words: This marks a real turning point. There needs to be a symbolic gesture or expression of the change of allegiance. Although this may be a decision of the collective, each individual can gain glory in the action. Changing one's loyalties. Coming to a turning point in one's obligations or duties. Announcing new standards.

  • Shadow: Too quick to reject the Old just for the sake of Change. Fickleness.

Experiencing a Solar Eclipse means we'll be going through processes of Identity & Ego - Who Am I?! There could be an Identity Crisis, emotionally, since it's within a water sign - & in Cancer: Who Am I in this family, as a family member? How Do I Nurture? How Am I Nurtured? Assess your feelings & ask for what you need during this Eclipse timing. The MORE you're honest with HOW you feel, WHEN you feel it, the more you'll be in sync with WHAT you need & when!

We're learning to refuel our way of being nurtured & how we nurture others, in turn. Laying a NEW foundation, reaching out & striving toward new experiences. Here's where the combination of Mothering/Fathering comes into play - our Inner Feminine/Inner Masculine principles - there will be differences & changes of focus. Men nurture differently from Women. No one way is best; we learn from the other. We NEED both! Weave the differences into a NEW foundation/beginning over these next 3.5 years (1 year per hour of the duration of Sunday's Solar Eclipse).

The North Node is aligned with this Solar Eclipse/New Moon, at the 29th degree of Gemini, in mutable Air. The 29th degree is Fated/Destined poised for CHANGE from what we thought we knew, back on May 5th, in the area of communication, self-talk, what / how we're learning & sharing the information we gather.

There's no going back to what was, only forward into the Unknown. It feels like a liminal space - that "in between"disorienting place of transition where we're waiting & not knowing - heading toward something that won't be REAL & SEEN & KNOWN until the North Node is at 00 degrees Gemini (January 3-18, 2022). Right now we're closing a chapter in how we communicate, learn, do our Inner Self-Talk, reach out to neighbours, siblings & local peeps we interact with. Interesting times, yet again!

Moving through & in between these Eclipses (one more to go in July, until November!) you may be experiencing any or all of the following:

  • Sleeping more - at night &/or during the day

  • Eating less or erratically or more - depends on how you FEEL

  • Emotional rollercoaster ride of feelings Within & dealing with feelings from those around you - moodiness, need for quiet space & time - perhaps being out in Nature more, be it on a sunny day or in an extreme thunderstorm! Cry whenever the mood brings it forward - release those toxins! You do NOT need to know the WHY of it.

  • Energy levels fluctuating madly from day to day or hour to hour. Just go with it. Honour YOUR cycles as best you can. Change your plans accordingly, honour yourself.

  • And due to Mercury going Rx/Retrograde in Cancer as of today! Our Mental body is connecting with our Emotional body - so you may feel you're floating more than logically thinking, moving forward in your day by feel & intuition vs. thoughts only. We're weaving THIS into a new skill too. Feeling what I think & thinking about what I feel. Intuiting Next Steps forward. Welcome to our new reality! You may be struggling to find words to speak, to remember things in the short-term - all part of this process!

Solar means Sun, & in Astrology, our Sun represents our vital physical self, our Soul identity, & how we take INSPIRed (In Spirit) Action. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer, ruled by the Moon (!) means we'll be INSPIRED to nurture, feel, intuit. To RECEIVE the insights, symbolism, signs, guidance & HELP, nurturance, support from Self AND Others in our lives. Even from strangers who come across our paths! Be open & allow it all to unfold as it will.

Mercury Rx in the midst of all this brings people forward from our past, information we didn't know we needed to know, & opportunity to cleanse & clear out the old BECAUSE of the INSPIRED Action we feel pulling us forward. Honour this process! It will cleanse, & it will clear. Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually & Physically. Of the three Water signs, Cancer IS Water! Lots of rain, tears, washing away of the Old to be replaced by that we cannot fathom just yet! Breathe it in, swim through it & Be Merry! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - THANK YOU! You all rock!

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