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Red-Haloed Moon: Support Your Spiritual Self & Release Your Traumatic Past to Heal Your Now!

Have you heard?!

There's a MEGA Super Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse heading our way! The closest Full Moon to Earth so far in 2022 brings high energies our way - and NO! not similar to those MEGA Sun flares/CMEs we've been experiencing these past several months.

This Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse brings us through an accelerated version of a 29.5-day Moon cycle - Full Moon to New Moon to Full Moon - within approximately 5 hours. A wee bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride of releasing old emotional baggage, energies, Karma. The Karma comes through that South Lunar Node in play with this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse - continuing the Karmic journey we've all been undergoing since DEC 22, 2021.

This Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse / South Lunar Node meet up in Scorpio - Sunday night, MAY 15, 2022 - at 10:14 PM MDT at 25 degrees Scorpio 17' and 22 degrees Scorpio 22', respectively. Plan for approximately 2.5 hours prior to 10:14 pm and 2.5 hours afterward as the "5-hour Moon cycle" timing. Thank goodness we can sleep after this one!

Deep-seated, emotional waters will be mixing it up as our Passions, Fears, Traumas, past Abuses - anything you may be hanging onto for a long, long time. Anything that's been "frozen in Time", emotionally, will be undergoing a massive release over the weekend, into next week. Heads up! As we release, we heal. We remove blockages that may have "loomed largely" in our lives, so far. Are you ready to Let Go?

We're also connecting, energetically, to what's going on in Pisces - at the same time - with Neptune and Mars (24 degrees 56' / 23 degrees 25', respectively). Here's the Spiritual connection - sending love lines to our Scorpio players, and vice versa! As we take Action (Mars) connecting MORE with our Spiritual Higher Self vs. Ego-self victim or rescue(r) or bully role-play, we empower ourselves to HEAL whatever went wrong in the Past, that caused each of us to stay stuck within Fear, Trauma, Anxiety, Terror vs. connecting with our true Passions for life here on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Sun sits exactly opposite this Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse, at 25 degrees Taurus 17' Celestial Longitude for folks following along in your Birth charts. The Sun is hanging out with that North Lunar Node - our Soul Direction - to find stability, peace, stillness, and connecting to the Sacred in all life. Connecting to what seems Traditional - keeping those gems of what we need to ensure will be here for generations to come! To create something, on our own, with our own hands. It is necessary to show this to the world.

And SEDNA, our great-year planet discovered earlier this century, brings forth our Worthiness issues - giving us yet another chance to Speak our Truth (Throat Chakra) - stand up for our Values - Find our Worth along the way as we do so. SEDNA represents Spiritual Maturity - how we handle the actions/reactions to what we're receiving from outside of ourselves, from others. Feel Your Worth. Honour Your Values. If values clash, nothing is going to work well together. And worthiness issues can surface.

At the same time, that Mercury Rx/retrograde brings several opportunities to discuss everything that's coming our way. Heart-to-heart chit-chats with our loved ones, close friends and family, to air our fears, feel our feelings - TRULY - yep being Vulnerable AND allowing others to SEE this vulnerability - Scorpio IS the most private sign of the Zodiac - likes to hide secrets, deep within. We all have something that we're hiding. We're all uncomfortable with being vulnerable, let alone allowing others seeing us in this state.

We're Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally connecting the dots here. Not necessarily at the same time/moment! Hence, giving all of us many, many opportunities to have deep conversations with the folks in our lives who have no idea what's truly been going on deep inside each of us.

Creating an "AND" between the Scorpio Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse and the Sun in Taurus - both partnered with the South/North Lunar Nodes - gives us a chance to feel our feelings - despite our fears, PTSD, or secrets of abuse no one else knows about, yet - and Value ourselves by Speaking Our Truths. This may seem rather overwhelming to do, if we've not been allowing ourselves to share these fears/secrets with others, little by little, along the way. Like climbing a mountain of waterfalls with a deep deep pool showing itself below. What if we fall? What if they don't understand? What if I cannot find the words to describe HOW / WHAT I'm truly feeling? Will I die? Will I drown? Will it all be taken away?

That's where this Mercury Rx comes into play - we'll have more than one opportunity to chat about it. The Key is: trust in, listen to and follow your Intuition. Trust yourself. Trust the other person receiving the information/insights. Allow room for give and take. Allow room for just listening or just sitting in silence, together. To feel each other out. To hear each other out.

And yes, there's an element of Fated/Destined energies at play here - a Grand Water Trine connects the Scorpio players to the Pisces players to that Vertex - how we bring in the right and proper people/circumstances to help us, despite ourselves, to Open Pandora's Box - or what feels it to be! Lots of Emotion. Lots of Fear. Trust the Intuitive Insights. And speak it out. Write it out. Drum it out. Cry it out. Surrender it to the Universe, your Guides and Angels - whomever you know to be your Spiritual connection/supports.

Jupiter, newly entered Aries earlier this week, is sending mini-love lines to the Taurus players - so drink from that Cup of Courage to RISK something you've not explored nor pioneered before now. Bring that Inner Warrior out - to assertively act, now. Assertively - not aggressively. Jupiter helps us to expand our energetic boundaries beyond what normally feels comfortable - so it feels uncomfortable at first to do so. Yet that uncomfortable/fearful feeling is what needs to be pushed through, to get to the other side - enhancing our courage, excitement, independence from the Past. Liberating us from that Past that seemed to loom so large and loudly, darkly.

Being honest with yourself, really helps. Trusting your own process, also helps. And know that this Leap of Faith brings its own gifts and rewards that you'd never before imagined! Liberation can feel soooo good! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much!

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