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Relating Positively - Just Say NO! Full Moon in Gemini

Tonight, December 18, 2021, at 9:35 pm MST, the Moon and Sun sit opposite one another, creating the Full Moon phase.

This Full Moon phase will also envelope the Winter Solstice/Yule timing December 21st. Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn - the moment of Winter arrives! The New Moon timing of our Solar year.

The Full Moon is all about Illumination. Fulfillment. Consummation. What in your life is being Illuminated this Full Moon, that began to show itself during the Solar Eclipse/New Moon December 4th in Sagittarius? What's been accelerated in your life these past two weeks, into conscious awareness?

All of us continue to quest our Higher Purpose, despite the chaos of unethical, and at times immoral, practices we're seeing out in the wider world. This Full Moon in Gemini brings us closer to Home - what's happening in your own back yard, right now, that Illuminates, brings to completion in some regard, the WHY of your Purpose here on Earth - right now?

Gemini, as our mutable Air Zodiac sign, brings in the themes of:

  • Motion/Activity - all the to-ing and fro-ing of short trips here and there, as we finish our To Do lists in time for Christmas Day festivities with family and friends - a week today!

  • Learning - through factual information, formal education, print media, the Internet - what are you Curious to know about? And, more importantly, are you looking at BOTH sides of all questions, with discernment, with critical thought? Asking MORE questions about the WHY of things. Where is all of this leading you? What's the end-game here?

  • Communication Skills - as in Writing, Speaking, Effective listening/teaching, Mental rapport, Understanding different opinions - that's the one that's most needed right now - UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENT OPINIONS. It's okay to not agree; it's also way okay to LISTEN in order to HEAR in order to UNDERSTAND one another. And yourself. Self-talk is part of this too - where are you at within your own head/heart?

  • Logic/Cleverness - Being Aware of your options; seeking Short-term results; using those Handyman skills (Gemini rules our hands, arms and shoulders!); using your Ingenuity; looking for Variety.

  • Social Ease - the Skills of Tact, Acceptance, Quick thinking, Enjoying THIS MOMENT, Wittiness and having a Social Nature - do you even like people? Are you curious to know MORE about others? About yourself? Why they are the way they are? Like what they like? Dislike what they dislike? Debate the H out things, or not? These past two years have brought people into states of anxiety more than ever before. Are you allowing yourself to Know Thyself and Others, still?

  • Positive Daily Interactions - with our Siblings, Neighbours, Schoolmates and Roommates - anyone you live with is considered a roommate, in Astrology. All based on close proximity to you. How do you relate to one another? Do you even like one another? What are the conversations you have with one another? These are the folks who are helping each of us get through these chaotic times.

  • Calming Inner Anxiety - here's where the Mental processes reside, for each of us. If we're excessively Questioning, everything. Using Trickery with words to evade the Truth, twist it, hide it. Being Superficial - "Everything's great! No issues here! Move along please. Next?" Being Nervous - Within yourself and around Others. Stuck with Indecision - Gemini has the ability to talk themselves into/out of anything, in nanoseconds! We all have Gemini somewhere in our Birth charts - this is the area of your chart where any/all of the above is being Illuminated for you, tonight, into almost midnight of December 22nd.

(Thank you Jan Spiller for your "New Moon Astrology" Zodiac sign themes, above)

Bring forth the conscious awareness that it is OKAY to say No, to Disagree, to Debate, to Converse. It is OKAY to not Agree. And still like/love one another. To have different needs. To ask different questions. I have friends across this country, Canada, and we look at other perspectives, from all sources of media, people, data, information and knowledge - we SHARE it with one another, almost daily. And we take a moment or two to ask, "Why am I receiving this information right now? What is it telling me? What do I need to do with it? Pass it on, or hold onto it, or ignore it? And why would I do any of that? Is there fear coming up, from deep Within, if I dive into watching that video or talk or reading that Email? How will it open my mind and heart and consciousness?

Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini sits near the end of Gemini - 27 degrees and 28' Celestial Longitude - while the current North Lunar Node sits near its beginning - 01 degree and 39' - the two spectrums - Emotionally what are we Ending here? Soulfully, what are we about to head into as a New Direction? Regarding relating through conversation, ideas, data, knowledge and such? Are we even on the same page anymore? Here's where it can get tricky - especially as we head nearer to Christmas, family get-togethers, etc. Or are we huddled, alone, lonely and disconnected? Buying into the fear-mongering. Believing in the chaos that's been swirling around us these past 19 months?

It's almost at an end, come January 3, 2022. Then there's a deeper, emotional dive, into facing fears, learning what it is we truly value, feel worthy of, feel of value about. The next 19 months will be an interesting roller-coaster ride for all of us, on Earth. The MORE you Know Thyself, where you stand, where you're OPEN to receive/allow in other opinions, information, data and knowledge. To allow dialogue, conversation, listening vs. yelling your point home. Calmly allowing, being and sitting with it all. The better the next 19 months will be, for you, your loved ones.

Everyone has a Right to their thoughts, freedoms, health, ability to work and have livelihoods that support and sustain them, and their community, town/city, province or country. We're not separate. Especially when it comes to Astrology! We all have the same Zodiac signs, planets and Houses of Life Experience that teach us, all at the same TIME, what we need to learn and to know, now, together. Are we listening? Are we understanding? Are we willing and allowing? These are the questions.

This Full Moon in Gemini lovingly connects with Jupiter in Aquarius - how am I emotionally deciding to RISK being authentic through what I truly Think, and o my god! Actually SPEAK the words and phrases and ideas Out Loud! What a concept! To share knowledge, new ideas that bring solutions in from the Future - to be used in the Now-verse. Jupiter makes it really LOUD - where am I going in the near Future? Who am I? What do I want, honestly - what do I want in and for my Life, going forward into 2022? Think your thoughts. Voice them. Conversations abound this time of year with friends/family we've not seen in a long while.

This Full Moon in Gemini, with the Sun sitting directly opposite in Sagittarius, is creating a T-square to Neptune, sitting in Pisces. All of our Mutable Zodiac signs in play - to Go With the Flow! Neptune in Pisces - all about either the Drama of it all OR the Higher Self/mindset of our Spiritual reality. Are you willing to allow the stress and tension of this planetary connection to help you Go With Your Own Flow, while still listening to others, connect with your Higher Purpose, seeking a higher perspective? With whom are you allowing yourself to be Seen, Heard and stand within YOUR Values? Spiritual, ethical, physical, emotional, mental, morally. Go along with others BECAUSE it IS your choice. It IS what you believe to be true. Just SAY NO to what is NOT part of your Value system, your ethics, morals and purpose. The Time is Now. Happy Yule Everyone! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you so much!


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