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Round 2: Mercury Rx in Taurus / Gemini - Valued Knowledge Shared

Mercury, our planet of Communication, Networking, Socializing, Learning, Thinking and Reasoning, through the use of the computer, telephone and internet and our brains. As well as your Inner Talk - that Inner Voice that keeps you apprised of all the data coming your way from the outside world. Mercury operates through all five senses too, where we become conscious of opposites (light/dark, up/down, hot/cold, etc.,) and how we interpret symbolism, exchange a glance or gesture. How you live totally in the present moment - mindfully so. When you do, you learn so much more!

Each year Mercury takes what I call "a logic vacation" three to four times a year - and yes, in 2022, we're having FOUR Mercury Rx timings! Here's where Mercury teaches us all to utilize our right-brains - through Intuition, creative "outside-the-box" thinking and trouble-shooting - to eek out answers to what would otherwise normally look impossible - all of a sudden, we SEE the possible solutions!

We began Mercury's second round with its pre-Rx/Retrograde period April 26th, still in Direct motion, at 26 degrees Taurus 06' Celestial Longitude. Mercury will continue Direct, slowing down as he does so, for the next two weeks, until he Stations Rx/retrograde - to travel back along the degrees he's already travelled, bringing us a "second chance" for a do-over, a review, a revisit, a reconsideration - whatever the "re-" is for you.

Mercury Stations Rx as of May 9th at 04 degrees Gemini 51' Rx, to travel back into Taurus (at 26 degrees) before Stationing Direct, to do his post-Rx/retrograde timing from June 3rd - 18th, 2022! In other words, Mercury will travel THREE times over the same degrees over the next two months - definitely a time of reassessing things in our lives.

In 2022, Mercury is helping us engage mentally (Air signs) and physically (Earth signs) - to be mindful of our physical reality. Through the lens of fixed Earth, Taurus - sensual/senses with creative hands-on abilities, spending Time/taking our Time on that which we Value, feel is Worthwhile - and the mutable Air of Gemini - ruled by Mercury (!) of how we interact with our local folk, as in those we live with, socialize with, network with, on a daily basis. And, most especially, how we talk to ourselves!

Keep in mind: Fixed signs (Taurus) don't like change! They resist it as long as they can. And Mutable signs (Gemini) can go with the flow easily enough - however, ensure you're also going with YOUR OWN FLOW - what, and where, you want to go into.

What's been on your mind of late? What do you wish to know, talk about, learn about, think or reason on? And with whom? And when? How are you doing so, being physically engaged - not just mentally - in the moment, within daily relationships - be they personal or professional or both?

There are things to watch out for during any Mercury Rx/retrograde period, and they are:

  • Expect the Unexpected! Pre-planned activities/plans can go sideways in ways totally not anticipated in order for us to use that creative right brain of ours - more so than usual! Here's where you'll find yourself using your Intuition MORE than your logical brain. It will frustrate those of us who want logical, analytical, straightforwardness - not going to happen!

  • Organizational Skills Enhanced! Spring is here and it's usually a time for Garage Sales, clearing out that garage, storage areas, closets/drawers - paperwork - online files too - all things our mental body loves to delve into, but can also create chaotic muddles in the process. Here's where that trouble-shooting/right brain "thinking outside the box" comes into play - and again, following your Intuitive guidance as to Next Steps. You will "see" solutions and ways of clearing up messes you've been unable to tackle before now. Heed the call!

  • Communication Snafus! Yes, anything computer/internet/phone related can and will go sideways during Mercury Rx. All things communication - including the short-distance travel piece where vehicles come into play, especially now that they are under the control of computer-chips more and more. Here's where it is most prudent to be Clear, Clarifying, to revisit/review etc., whatever you're chatting about, emailing or writing - sharing your knowledge with others - at this time. Expect it to go sideways at some point - and it will be interesting HOW it can do so!

  • Delay Signing Legal Documents, Starting Projects: Here's where Mercury Rx can be "the gift that keeps on giving" in unexpected twisty-turny ways that can drive anyone around the bend, mentally, wondering WTH happened here? And why? Each of us will be under the influence of Mercury going Rx - therefore, what seems perfectly sane or logical and clear to you - may be misinterpreted or mistaken or misdirected by whomever needs to add to the process/project/decision-making. Keep this in mind - delay the legalities until AFTER June 18th, if at all possible. New projects begun during these next two months can have far-reaching Unexpected turns in events, months, if not years, down the road.

  • Double-check/Triple-check Your Communications: here's where slowing down the process of your usual "quickly sending out an Email" etc., can become a nightmare. It is prudent to double-check everything sent in writing. You may have to revisit conversations, decisions, commitments, Emails sent/received etc. anyway, even if you did double/triple-check your punctuation/grammar - Expect the Unexpected. For those of you planning a trip or a move - keep on top of the other side's communications/understanding of what you expect and intend. To keep things going as smoothly as possible during a Mercury Rx timing.

Mercury's second round of 2022 is also during our first Eclipse season (I will write about this next - stay tuned!) where accelerated change/challenges come our way. The New Moon / Solar Eclipse on APRIL 30th is also in Taurus, conjunct where Uranus is, and Uranus itself likes to bring in the Unexpected into our lives - to ensure we each are showing up Authentically as our selves. And the North Lunar Node will be in play here - our collective Soul Direction - to find our Sacred Work in our Sacred Space. Quite the ride, eh?

Enjoy the process of moving away from your logical brain into your Intuitive/creative brain. The process of Trusting, in yourself, in what's in motion - because there is a REASON for it! Enjoy the Unexpectedness - again, there's a REASON for it! Laugh at it all - so if you're stuck in traffic, late for an appointment or date or whatever - there's a REASON for it. Relax, enjoy the sideways moment - and look for the symbols/signs as to the WHY OF IT! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all rock! Namaste


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