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Scorpio Full Moon: Facing Our Fears of Worth + Value

On Wednesday, May 10th at 3:42p MDT the Sun and Moon sat opposite one another as the Full Moon phase of this Moon cycle.

The Moon reflects the Sun's (our Soul) Unconscious desires and at Full Moon we are Illuminated with Aha moments, figuring out what it is that we've been hiding from ourselves until now.

The Full Moon sat at 20 degrees of Scorpio 24' while the Sun sat opposite at 20 degrees of Taurus 24' of cosmic longitude. Where are these coordinates within your birth chart? This is where your Aha moments are coming from - the Unconscious at the Taurus New Moon has finally become Conscious at the Scorpio Full Moon - namely all the fears, resentments, deeply-held and emotional stuff our Ego-self likes to hang onto and use as excuses as to the Why of not moving forward, in your life.

This week our fears about being authentic with how valuable we all are, and worthwhile, and confident and full of esteem - did you see them, and feel them? Now what will you do with this awareness? The Light of this Full Moon illuminates our consciousness to take action - be it acknowledgement, forgiveness, loving myself always in all ways - despite what that Ego-Self thinks!

Going back to the beginning of this Moon cycle - we started with Taurus - and one thing I'd like to capture here too for a moment: Taurus rules the 2nd House of how we bring all our personal resources to the table, in order to attract money and work, in order to gain those material things and activities we desire.

Considering how many of us are unemployed, and continue to be so - how much of your Self Identity is/was tied up with WHAT YOU DO/DID FOR WORK? Are you undergoing a self-identity crisis this Moon cycle? Do you feel any of the following:

  • Worthless? Of no value?Lack of confidence to BE valuable in the workforce in the future?

  • Lack of self-esteem to show yourself to BE of value and worthy to DO something else now?

  • If self-employed: what value/worthiness issues are you currently facing?If retired: what value/worthiness issues are you currently facing?

  • All of us, women and men, are facing some sort of emotional crisis - bringing forth huge depths of long-buried emotions tied to our worth and value in the world. First thing's first: BE of Value and Worth Within Yourself, To Yourself!

Face those emotions and fears and ask yourself: just because I'm no longer working or bringing home money or or or (whatever your challenge is at the moment) do I truly believe that I am no longer valuable? When did I tie my Self-Worth and Self-Value to a job? Be honest with yourself.

Scorpio brings forth long-buried, deeply emotional issues of fear and trust. Scorpio also hides our deepest and truest Passions! Are they buried so deeply we canna find them, let alone feel them?

What IS your passion? Or passions? It's time to unearth them, dust them off and gain access to whatever outlet your True Self needs, right now, to encourage and grow these passions of yours. To NOT do so means to bury yourself alive, emotionally, with your Ego-self's fears and lack of trust!

Interesting how the Venus Return is also bringing up similar themes right now. Stay tuned to Part II of the Venus Synodic Journey series for MORE information to assist in your heart's truest Desires journey forward, via the Moon's phases - especially with the conjunctions between the Balsamic Moon phase and Venus, affecting the corresponding Chakra issues we are all currently healing and re-balancing these next 19 months.

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