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Scorpio Season: Do You Feel Like Screaming Yet?!

Today's post is all about FEELINGS.

We're in SCORPIO Season - the Sun entered this fixed deep deep deep Water sign OCT 23rd at 4:36 am MDT. And a week later - wow!!

Today, as I write this post on NOV 2nd, 2022, this Eclipse Portal/Cauldron timing of connecting with our natal SCORPIO/TAURUS pieces of our Birth charts - and especially this week - O My! That South Lunar Node at 13 degrees SCORPIO meets up, exactly, with VENUS - our Inner Divine Feminine - who has been going through her Underworld stage since SEPT 14th until DEC 1st - about 78 days of it - where she is "dying to herself" in some regard. Her Underworld Journey began in VIRGO - 09 degrees Virgo 57' Celestial Longitude to be exact - look for this location in your Birth chart. This is where her Journey - and ours - began. And look for where SCORPIO is now - all about Life - Death - Rebirth. What are you dying to?

We're ALL undergoing a Death Throe right now, and we here in southern Alberta, Canada, a blizzard - so SCORPIO to do so! Post-All Hallows Eve, Winter seems to be pushing his way into our worlds, in nanoseconds.

That South Lunar Node entered SCORPIO in DEC 2021 and will end its journey through this deep water sign in late JULY 2023 - and we're uncovering a whole lot in 2022 - and continue to - personally, professionally, politically, nationally, internationally - we're dying together it seems, doesn't it?

WHERE IS PLUTO IN YOUR BIRTH CHART? This is the Ruler of SCORPIO - the ruler of your area of SCORPIO in your Birth chart. My PLUTO sits at 00 degrees VIRGO 58' Rx/retrograde, conjunct my ASC/Rising Sign in VIRGO, sitting opposite my SUN in PISCES, and sending a line of connection to both my VERTEX/fated and destined to meet up with things and VENUS, sitting at 00 degrees/01 degrees AQUARIUS - constantly letting go of old patterns of conditioning/habits that hide my inner genius, my inner rebel, my true authentic self.

After 64.5 years I wonder to myself, "What MORE is there to Let Go? How many MORE layers are there to Transform/Transmute and unearth/reveal?! Seriously!!??"

I have SCORPIO mostly in my 3rd House of Communication, and it spills over into my 4th House of Mom/family and home of origin/home and family I live with now. My 4th House cusp shows 21 degrees SCORPIO 58' and here's where my PLUTO rules - through the lens of VIRGO where it's located in that 12th House of my Spiritual Self/connection, hovering above my ASC/Rising Sign of my outward personality/SELF-identity - needing to Be of Service, perfecting processes as I go, connected spiritually AND showing up physically. Downside - perfectionism, worry, highly critical and judgemental, especially of myself. Sigh, still some Self work and forgiveness to do there.

Here we are, in 2022, undergoing the death-throes of a sick society that is dying to itself, while each human being is grappling with their own "inner demons" or deep-seated wild mix of passions/furies/fears/traumas/abused seemingly ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!

Hence my question: "Do you feel like screaming yet?" This week I have been screaming - on the inside, on the outside, and not necessarily WITH a reason. The overwhelm of ALL the feelings - wow! Last night I felt my head was going to explode with the volume/weight and might of it!

And I sat with it - I rolled with it - and I am stunned, literally, by the HUGE overwhelm that is welling up from deep Within me.

Here's where we Meet our Inner Self that is moving through its own version of "death" and perhaps we will never know the truth of the ROOT reasons/causes. Whatever is going on in our current world, outside of us, is just the trigger finger - to Release, Let Go, Surrender To, the Wildness from Deep Within.

Perhaps you're meeting up with your own version of this, for the very first time? Kind of scary, isn't it? To FEEL SO MUCH FEELING ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

What to DO with it, how to MANAGE it, where to GO with it - that's the question.

This morning I've been drinking a large pot of hot English Breakfast Tea, my fav, with a bit of 100% Canadian grown maple syrup (!) to sweeten it, and crying, raging, and releasing. I feel like I AM DYING, today, this week, leading up from these past 49 days of Underworld currents. It's like the slow boil at the boiling point now - will I overflow completely - will all be lost? Will I even survive?

I had a few options half an hour ago: to NOT show up today, to pull the covers over my head, and try to sleep, escape. Then I was inspired to post something of how I'm feeling on this "VENUS conjunct SOUTH LUNAR NODE of Past Life issues coming to the surface all at the bloody same time!" kind of day on the Venus Alchemy FB group - and did. Then posted a wee bit more on my IG/FB pages too. Now this blog post.

So I'm using my SCORPIO passionate nature, which I have MOST of within my 3rd House of communication, to WRITE it all out. Share it with my peeps. Channel it out in ways that help myself, and perhaps others. We're not in this alone - we're ALL undergoing it.

Back to PLUTO - how is PLUTO activating Your Birth chart right now? The Ego-self wants to BE in Control, feel like it has some CONTROL over Life here on Earth - LOL! LOL! LOL!

PLUTO rules the domain of sexuality, power, crisis management, how we eliminate "old emotional baggage" do forgiveness, allow in Change (ha ha ha ha!) do our power struggles, connect with our Soul Mates, share financially, misuse power. And we've been seeing a whole lot of that last one these past several years! O my!

Within this 1st QTR Moon phase (begun NOV 1st at 12:37 a.m. MDT) where we ARE doing a Crisis of Action here - within AQUARIUS - to rebel, to BE authentic when we show up, to go against the status quo - blow our tops if need be - while honouring our Inner process of FEELING those so-called ugly feelings, staying WITH them, rolling with the waves, grieving it through, crying it through, punching the mattress or pillow, screaming into the same - whatever it takes that does no harm to self or others - here's where we meet up with our Inner Pluto - to transform what seems so ugly and "un-ME" to connect WITH our respective Inner Shadow - make friends with it - embrace it, hug it, love it. Forgive it.

This SHADOW Self has been feeling "left out in the cold" for far too long! Ignored, denied, suppressed, repressed, emotionally eating and/or drinking or drugging it away - and why have we been doing this to ourselves? Conditioning. Society says. Church says. Neighbours say. Parents said. Spouse or close loved ones say. WHO ARE THEY TO SAY?!!

PLUTO has been transforming our society since 2007 through the cardinal Earth sign of CAPRICORN, AND, Venus began her new 19-month Journey in JAN 2022 IN CAPRICORN - to help the Divine Inner Feminine to Rise Up Within - for ALL Genders by the way! - to dye to ourselves, for NOT feeling, for being Addicted to DOING DOING DOING, for being the "good person" showing up, over and over and over, until this breaking point. Last time PLUTO showed up in CAPRICORN - about 335 years ago - look where we are now.

Breakthrough or Breakdown? We ARE also Evolving - seems like slow going, slogging through deep waters/snow right now - and the 2022 ECLIPSES are accelerating ALL OF IT! We're moving tonnes of emotions, thoughts, denials, grief - o my! The Grief! A lot of us have been undergoing a year to 9 years or more of "Death and The Dying" - I know I'm at my wit's end with 9 years of Caregiving, still grieving Dad and our middle sister Tamra's passing, and now first-hand witness to my Mom's version of her "end of life" process - not that she's anywhere near that right now - and it's painful to go through, painful to watch. And then there's that wall that one hits - Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually then, Physically. Wham!

Our Solar System and Galaxy and Universe - powerful - mystical - mysterious - and HERE to support our processes to Release, Surrender, to a Higher Power that is actually LOVING, Forgiving, Accepting, Caring, Supportive. Despite our Ego-self's ideas of What Truly Is.

This seemingly "jump into slip-streaming accelerated GO GO GO!" forward motion in 2022 has been unreal. From the Freedom Convoy, to the political mess that seems unending, to losses - both personal and/or professional - where ARE we heading? Collectively, respectively, Spiritually?

BE EMPOWERED. Stand in your BS, your tears, anger, rage, fury - whatever IT is - and honour it - yes! I FEEL this way! I AM this way, right now! I THINK this way, right now! BE IN YOUR MOMENTS - moment by moment - and KNOW that you ARE supported, loved, cared for, accepted and OKAY just as you truly are. PLUTO in your Chart shows you the way forward. To encourage, to change, to let go. Stand up, put up your arms, and tell your Guides, Angels, ArchAngels et al "I SURRENDER THIS! I SURRENDER TO THIS! I'm Letting THIS ALL GO - TAKE IT FROM ME NOW!" Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - Thank you all so much! Namaste


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