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Scorpio Season: Expect the Unexpected & Value Yourself!

Sunday, October 27th the New Moon phase began at 9:38pm MDT at 04 degrees Scorpio 25' (Celestial Longitude of where the Moon and Sun sit together within the Zodiac). Each New Moon brings something NEW, where we initiate CHANGE, emotionally and soulfully.

Directly opposite the Moon and Sun, as New Moon, sits Uranus, still Retrograde (Rx) within our fixed Earth sign of Taurus! While Scorpio (fixed Water) brings in our deepest-held emotional fears, secrets and passions to the surface to be faced, walked through and healed, Taurus (opposite sign to Scorpio) brings out our Values, relationship with Money, and what we bring to the table, hands-on, via skills and talents, that help us create and attract income.

We have a combination of Water and Earth elements asking for equal face time this Moon cycle! Emotionally, and physically/hands-on.

Along with the Sun (our Soul self) and Moon (our Emotional Body) in Scorpio (fixed Water or Ice - possibly frozen-in-time emotional moments to be healed) we have the following string of planetary players bringing forth deeper need for INsights, feelings and intuitive motivations:

The Vertex: Something Fated/Destined This Way Comes! Post Canadian Federal Election fallout of Western Canada's need to be "seen and heard" (Scorpio is the most private sign of the Zodiac!) regarding our less-than-half-full purses and issues regarding how we do/don't have the work opportunities we once had - bringing to a head (and finally a voice) regarding the ongoing recession here in Alberta. Money, being Valued, is what we DO here in Alberta of Value? And on and on...interesting to note the number of secret meetings that are now taking place, politically speaking, to work towards changing how our voting process seems to honour our Eastern provinces more than the Western. There's even talk of people wanting Alberta to leave Canada! Kind of extreme, yet ALL issues and extremes need to be talked out.

Looking at our personal lives - what is of VALUE in yours? What have you taken for granted? Any Money issues to deal with? Perhaps a renewed sense of entrepreneurial spirit coming to the fore? What skills and talents do you have that help you bring further, different, and more income streams into your household? Uranus brings Unexpected Change like fly balls out of left field! Being Rx, Uranus brings it home, personalizing it, up close, in your face - to be dealt with. While Scorpio brings our emotional reactions/actions to the surface - those fears, denials, wanting to hold onto secrets that actually keep us APART rather than TOGETHER! I 'see' a lot of boxes of secrets being opened and shared this Moon cycle...wonder what we'll learn from one another?!

VENUS - Our Desire Body: Now this is interesting - Venus rules Taurus and is sitting in Scorpio, its opposite sign - to give us a chance to delve under the covers of what we've been hiding from ourselves, emotionally! Venus shows us what we truly DESIRE in our lives - be it positive and/or negative - both sides get equal attention - so pay attention to WHERE your Desired Attentions are! That which your mind/heart spend time wallowing/wishing for WILL come true! Venus is our Attractor body - as I think/feel it, here it comes! Advice? Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, breathe deeply 3 times (at least) to come into a calmer, heart-felt place. Now think/feel your way into your Desires - what do you truly Wish for? Deeply desire? Write it down. Now what's the next deep Desire? Write it down. Keep on going until you're done.

Now take a moment and ask yourself, "Is this of VALUE to me? Do I truly WANT this in my life? What do I need to DO to take action on this Desire?" Write these next Action Steps down. You are beginning to mindfully (Mercury) think of ways to bring this Desire into reality.

Speaking of Mercury/being mindful (our Mental Body), we've been navigating through the Pre-Mercury Rx (retrograde) Shadow timing, in Scorpio, since October 12th (the day AFTER our Thanksgiving Day celebrations) getting a taste of what's in store as of Halloween morning (9:41 am MDT) when Mercury Stations Rx for the next 21 days! Until November 20th...

Have you felt like you're floating/feeling your way forward rather than logically thinking it?

When Mercury (ruling our logical minds - the Air element - of how we think, communicate, reason, process, and the area of our self-talk) is in a Water sign - we'll be feeling about what we think AND thinking about how we feel! Kinda freaky for those of you who are dyed in the wool logical peeps!

Note to Self: I am not going crazy! Mercury Rx is the time of year when the Logical Mind takes a vacation, goes over to the Right Brain of out-of-the-box creative and insightful and intuitive thinking, processing and engaging! Similar to the February to April Mercury Rx in Pisces experience (nebulous or foggy/misty Water) I need to breathe through and BE with my Feelings that could be FROZEN IN TIME!, listen to my Intuition, AND Think creatively...I am NOT going crazy! LOL! Speaking my Truth (Taurus rules the Throat Chakra) whenever possible is key!

Scorpio brings out the TRUST issues too...hence the secrets, whispers, gossip etc. that abound especially this time of year. With Uranus Rx in Taurus - he brings OUT the VALUES of being our True Authentic SELF in whatever it is we SAY, WANT, and with Mercury Rx in the opposite sign of Scorpio - THINK & FEEL! Collectively, we will be hearing, listening to, and most likely adding our 2 cents to interesting, deeply-passionate conversations, giving voice to our long-held and coveted FEARS. Total honesty vs. hiding ourselves in the dark corners of our minds and hearts. Trusting those around us to hear us, feel us, and still be okay knowing us more truly.

PALLAS - Our Wisdom Body: Interesting how the Moon and Sun are at 04 degrees of Scorpio, then the Vertex + Venus + Pallas + Mercury follow, and are holding hands, from 23 degrees to 26 degrees of Scorpio, working together as a group. The Vertex brings Fated/Destined opportunities, people, events our way, then Venus brings up those Desires, then PALLAS asks us to be WISE, use your Wisdom BEFORE you decide to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH (Mercury)! Take a beat to THINK/FEEL your way through this process!

There are times when speaking up brings Fated/Destined outcomes - for good or ill. Scorpio is that Water sign where we can hurt others, so very deeply, if we're not MINDFUL of our intentions of what we're sharing with others! What VALUES are you SHARING along with your INTENTIONS? Unexpected hits of Intuition and INsights will abound this Moon cycle too! For Self and how you 'see' Others in your life - and this mirror works both ways!

The planetary Ruler of this New Moon in Scorpio is PLUTO - he's been travelling through our cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn since early 2007, transforming the NEED for Power and Control and Greed (Shadow issues of our Ego) into EMPOWERMENT or win-win scenarios when it comes to the Integrity of Doing Business, What Are we Building with Current Resources AND Are We Taking Care of Business (be it personal life or professional)?

Within this current Moon cycle, Ask yourself this: "What ARE my Intentions telling this truth? Is it to Empower both/all of us, or is it a power play? Am I being Greedy for power/control/money (whatever it is)? If so, WHY? Am I being Inclusive, Allusive, or Alienating? WHY?" As much as possible BE the Eagle seeing the WHY of your motives of conversation/sharing truths, then allow the Snake to shed its skin of "no longer needed" habits of hurting self/others (the Scorpion base state), to then Rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes of What Was into What You Desire To TRULY BE, heartfully and authentically! Namaste

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