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Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio: Release Those Blocks!

Welcome to SCORPIO SEASON - AND - to the second, and last, ECLIPSE SEASON or Eclipse Portal or Eclipse Cauldron - however you wish to refer to this last ACCELERATION of Time, Energies and Intentions of 2022!

Tomorrow, TUESDAY OCT 25, 2022 - two months 'til Christmas! - the Moon and Sun will sit together in the Sky, along with VENUS, all at 02 degrees SCORPIO 00' (VENUS will be a wee bit ahead at 39' Celestial Longitude for those following along with your Birth charts) creating the NEW MOON phase, of this new Moon Cycle, along with the South Lunar Node nearby at 13 degrees SCORPIO 22' - making this a Partial SOLAR ECLIPSE where we

release Karma from our collective pasts! HUGE accelerated energies are at play this week and into the next two weeks!

A New or Full Moon only becomes an ECLIPSE when either the North or South Lunar Nodes are in the same Zodiacal Sign - signalling that the Sun and Earth will be crossing orbital paths with one another. This New Moon has that South Lunar Node that's been in SCORPIO since DEC 2021 /JAN 2022, moving through all 30 degrees of SCORPIO by the end of JULY 2023 - taking 19 MONTHS in total to do so. This re-occurs every 19 years - so, where were you, what were you doing, this time 19 / 20 years ago? Do you REMEMBER any accelerated Letting Go, emotionally-speaking, back then - especially facing FEARS, being in denial about something?

This week's SOLAR ECLIPSE in SCORPIO will ensure we're seeing, facing, moving through and RELEASING - WITH Soulful, loving INTENTION - the deep-seated fears, traumas, anxieties - shards of "frozen in Time" emotional blocks - which could be unconsciously held below the surface of your conscious awareness - for good if you'd allow it! What's the pain portion of your program that's just not working for you anymore? Here's your chance and Choice to Let It Go!

Eclipse energies have a way of ACCELERATING us through something - if we're not hanging onto it, trying to control the narrative and way of it - while AT THE SAME TIME creating Change anyway! Paradoxes of human living down here on Earth.

Within the lens of SCORPIO - how we truly FEEL about ourselves, our close peeps/significant others - and the TRUST we have about somehow REVEALING something about ourselves as we seemingly "stand naked" in front of them - or even with our Self - to reveal the honest to goodness TRUTH of the Why of I Am.

What secrets have you hidden away in the dark recesses of your psyche? Any "reveal moments" coming up for you in the week leading up to tomorrow, TUESDAY OCT 25th? Anything you want to share? Even to yourself?

Secrets have a way of locking us into a prison of our own making - creating layers of FEAR - "omg! what if THEY find out! They won't Love me anymore!" or words to that effect. To be somehow found lacking - according to someone else - or even yourself, deep Within?

It's Time to let go of the measuring rod, comparison rod, according to Society, religious rules, neighbour's rules - whatever RULES us - that we've allowed to rule us - for far too long. Having that South Lunar Node speaks of possible KARMIC circumstances in play and it's a GREAT TIME, with loving Intention, to say, "I RELEASE THIS! I no longer believe this to be TRUE for me! And I replace this (whatever THIS is for you) with loving trust and abundant connection, moving forward, with myself and others." Or words to this affect.

Thing is: you MUST know what it is you are CONSCIOUSLY Releasing as you think about what the fears you live with, and under, are truly representing for you. FEAR is irrational, and an illusion created by our minds in order to survive whatever seemed emotionally overwhelming or alarming or physically traumatic - mentally abusive - you name it. What's the #1 thing in your life that you FEAR MOST? Is it now Time to Release it?

The Soul Lunar Node, connection with this New Moon in SCORPIO, sits in direct opposition to that North Lunar Node - our Soul Direction - holding hands with URANUS, now Rx/retrograde - both in TAURUS - to bring forth UNEXPECTED twists and turns our way this week, next week, including that Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in TAURUS NOV 8th! SCORPIO wants to emotionally control things - to keep the "status quo" - everything the same - even if it hurts us.

The TAURUS North Node means striving for serenity, beauty, stability of some sort - to be hands-on creative in a manner that is ALSO using that Uranus innovation/invention of creative genius - what do I feel worthy of creating, on my own, that balances out the Fears?

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in SCORPIO - with the Moon (Emotional body) + Sun (Soul / vital body) + VENUS (how we relate with others/that which we attract to ourselves) - can you think of yourself as using your Intuitive Insights - bring your Inner Witch out to play - create some MAGIC here, for yourself this week? The MAGIC? Easily releasing that which imprisons you. Release the emotional control issues you've got going there - FEARING, vs. TRUSTING in yourself or others - for whatever reason - and, you may KNOW what that root reason is.

Do you have the COURAGE to Let Go, and allow in new flow, loving, trusting, insightful ways of connecting Emotionally with yourself, AND others, going forward? MARS sits at 25 degrees GEMINI 25' - mutable Air - to allow in a DECISION - then ACT upon that decision. MARS is sending a love line to where MERCURY (our Mental body) resides at 22 degrees LIBRA - Cardinal Air - to initiate the NEW - within relationships/what we attract in our lives. Libra is ruled by Venus, by the way, AND Venus also rules Taurus - so you might say she has a few things to SAY here with both guys in the room, on the QT. And Mercury rules Gemini - so there's some beneficial cooperation going on here. TO BE DECISIVE.

Your Inner Witch has her ways to manipulate the situation - for good or ill - in a way that can also EMPOWER everyone involved. If it's okay for me to FEEL vulnerable while feeling like I'm standing naked in front of you, as I REVEAL a deep truth that I've hidden away for years - can I also TRUST you to FEEL vulnerable in being open, honest, and forgiving, in return, perhaps in SHARING something you've feared/denied etc., in the extreme, to me?

This is where we're at - all of us - even Alberta, other provinces, and Canada, other countries, the World. How are we allowing ourselves to BE vulnerable, to allow in change, to release old truths that we no longer believe in - this is the KEY - what do you BELIEVE to be TRUTH? Or are you just hanging onto it now BECAUSE it's become a HABIT?! A habit that now hurts you more than supports you. Or hurts others watching you struggle with it.

Your Outer Sun, with your Inner Moon, and Inner Feminine - how are they WORKING TOGETHER here? Are they all on the same page - is it TIME to give it all up, let it all go, and be OPEN to a more healthy, loving, supportive way of BEING for yourself, going forward?

I like to ask my clients this: "Where were you 19 years ago when you last had a chance to release stuff, and compare that with where you are, Now. And then, with what you've got going on, in the Now - do you still want to be hanging onto this 19 years from now?!"

I know I do NOT, personally, want to keep hiding in this self-made prison, emotionally hurting myself with outdated habits around Self-Talk and Emotional Eating (mine are intertwined here) - not supporting myself nor feeling Worthy, nor trusting that I Know Enough Of This Subject Already! Not very loving as I could be, for Me.

This Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the Sun, Moon and VENUS at 02 degrees SCORPIO - EXACTLY connect with my own natal North Node /South Node axis (!) along with activating my natal Jupiter Rx and Neptune Rx (one's the traditional ruler of Pisces; the other is the modern ruler - and my SUN IS IN PISCES!) sitting nearby, all in my 3rd House of how I communicate, think, reason, learn, relate to my local peeps, and yes, how I DO my Self-Talk. Having my 3rd House of Communication mostly immersed within the depths of SCORPIO, there's a huge mix of the Mental with the Emotional, AND Spiritual (Jupiter Rx/Neptune Rx) to deal with! Complexities of mind, psyche and trusting my OWN Intuition and Spiritual gifts.

At the same time, sitting directly opposite these natal planets, in my 9th House of higher learning/being Teacher, is my MOON holding hands with my own South Lunar Node in TAURUS - all about how WORTHY I BELIEVE AND FEEL I am, to even be sharing anything about Astrology with others - through this medium of blogging, or teaching my Astrology classes, or Reading charts for my clients! Having my South Lunar Node hold hands with my Moon - OMG the Emotional/Past Life Karma I go through - it's been overwhelming at times. And this is where the current North Lunar Node and Uranus Rx have been activating my Birth chart, and my life.

Ask me, since the Lunar Nodes entered SCORPIO/TAURUS, how 2022 has been for ME, as a Teacher, teaching Astrology classes I've taught many many times before (been teaching for 11 years now) with the Twist being doing it all online now? Well, challenging and frustrating and over-the-top FEARING in ways I've not feared to teach ever before (!!) and my wee Ego-self telling me I have no business LEARNING a technological way of teaching - blah blah blah blah - and the denials, the procrastination, the distractions, and all the rest of it as I totally revise/redo my ASTRO201 level classes, while also Teaching it currently in OCT/NOV 2022 - OMG! LOL! I am a loving, growing Being of Light doing the very BEST I can, at any given moment. Blessed BE!

So yes, WE ALL GO THROUGH THIS, as human beings - no matter who you are, what you do, where you work, THERE IS FEAR to deal with. Our human condition that we've not resolved quite yet. Now's the Time (Taurus) to Do so! And while you are RELEASING - be conscious of HOW you are BEING while DOING so! Out of fear and desperation, or out of Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness of Self, being proud of finally telling the Truth of WHY you're holding on for dear life to not allow in Change - it's okay to finally Release, now. Namaste.

PHOTO Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - you all Rock! Namaste


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