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Strategies for Mercury Rx!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! A new year and a new round of Mercury Rx (retrograde) - yay!

Today at 6:06a MST Mercury stationed Rx (or supposedly stopped to go backwards) at 01 degree of Aquarius 03'. Check your birth charts to see where this starting point activates in your Life.

Since December 20, 2015 we entered the pre-Rx Shadow time when Mercury was at 14 degrees of Capricorn 56'. The days and weeks since have brought forth unexpected communication/computer snafus (like my computer almost being hijacked!), long-standing plans suddenly changed, or cars not working out of the blue! All along, Mercury, our planet that is deemed the "Messenger of the Gods" was still moving Direct, only slowing down bit by bit every day.

As of today, as it stationed Rx, Mercury beckons us to move away from left-brain logical thought and to access to our right-brain creative outside-of-the-box thinking AND to follow our intuition and insights instead. Hhhhmmmm, how's that again?

When a planet or asteroid turns Rx, the usual outward-moving energy stops to move inward, creating highly personalized encounters within ourselves, teaching us how we are getting in our own way (or allowing others to). We learn from each round of Mercury Rx via people and situations and circumstances that push our buttons big time.

We are about to 'see' how we are operating within the following themes of the two signs Mercury will travel backwards within: Aquarius and Capricorn! Consider these next 21 days as a do-over to review ALL decisions, thoughts, communications (within with Yourself AND without with Others), what you've learned or thought you'd like to learn, and even local travels you've made.

Anything that still niggles at you - a decision that doesn't right with you, a conversation that didn't allow you to fully express your true thoughts and feelings, a contract that still doesn't feel quite right somehow - these examples and more tell you to TAKE YOUR TIME to review all of it before leaving it as it is now.

We all have a chance to revisit any or all of this, and be present to make the changes, say those words (or take them back!) that went unspoken. Heartfully, BE honest with yourself, so in turn you are honest with those around you. If we're lying to ourselves, ultimately we are lying to everyone else!

Now, on to the themes that the fixed air sign of Aquarius and cardinal earth sign of Capricorn will bring to our attention - for the SECOND time - until January 25th when Mercury stations Direct once again:

  • Aquarius: the starting point in this current Mercury Rx timing brings us face-to-face with our Future Self - what IS it that I truly want in my life for me in the near future? Aquarius rules the 11th House of future wishes, how we interact and socialize with friends and peers and the groups we belong to.

  • Aquarius brings forth (for all of us, because we ALL have these signs in our birth charts) our respective INDIVIDUATION - how well am I BEing ME? And our humanitarianism - how well do I love my neighbour? How well do I connect with my local community? Are they receiving as much FROM me as I receive from THEM? Aquarius is AIR - connection via communication and socializing; the fixed part means stubbornly sticking to MY way of thinking, not allowing others' opinions or suggestions to sway us. Hhhhmmm...what will I miss if I do this? And Aquarius tends to be unemotionally attached, aka aloof, not warm and fuzzy and huggy. This is okay too - better to 'see' without those subjective feelings getting in the way.

  • Capricorn: as of January 9th (the same day our next New Moon cycle begins) Mercury will have gone back into Capricorn. Here cardinal earth takes over - initiating NEW change while still utilizing current resources and talents to CREATE something NEW that is needed now by all of us. Hands-on, tactile creativity (I always think of the beaver building his/her home out of surrounding tree limbs) that builds something of substance which will stick around for some time to come. Practical usage of course! And, as Capricorn rules all of our traditional institutions (government, education, banking, corporations, healthcare etc.) what re-building is required, via our minds, that ensures a more solid foundation of bringing in material gain into our lives? The ideas we had before Christmas may have undergone a sea-change now! Values have changed, circumstances have changed, right down to the initial idea. Mercury will continue its journey back through Capricorn, resting and stationing Direct at 14 degrees Capricorn 56' as of January 25th. See where Capricorn lives in your birth chart - here is where the do-overs will occur.

As I look at the chart I created for this Mercury Rx timing, I see TWO Yods, or Fingers of God, planetary formations, beckoning forth each of us to LET GO of old outmoded patterns of conditioning these next three weeks. The more we do so, the more positive energy will be available for the apex or Finger planets to utilize for further growth. And what are these you ask? Read on!

A Yod means 2 planets are not quite in opposition with yet another planet (the apex or Finger planet). These 2 planets are positioned in a way to invite them to work together, creating a new skill set between them. In so doing, they escalate NEW energy that is then shared with the apex or Finger planet to move us along (where we were blocked before now) in other words the ACTION POINT.

If we dither and hide and stay in denial of this opportunity for inner change, well then we create the REACTION POINT- where circumstances FORCE us into playing nice in order to create the forward-moving action. Better to decide to create that new talent/skill than not - better to move knowingly toward the NEW action with our own free will. Don't you agree?

YOD #1: Combines the following players/planets currently in transit in our heavens:

  • The Apex or Finger planet is ERIS (!)sister to Mars, Warrior in her own right. She will fight to the death, if need be, to stand up for what She believes in - which is usually what is RIGHT for all concerned, especially the underdog. Here Eris tosses in the Apple of Discord to totally disassemble current ideas, plans, etc. because the road we were traveling with these ideas and plans weren't taking us into harmony and peace! Instead it would have been the opposite. Herein we will most likely have a wee bit of an identity crisis on our hands until we 'see' the error of our decision(s) before now. Once we embrace the reset button phase, then we'll merrily move along the way we always needed to!

  • Eris sits at 22 degrees of Aries 18' also Rx. So a very personalized discovery for all of us re how independent we are, and whether or not this is getting in our way. That "cutting off our nose to spite our face" scenario...

  • One arm of the old outmoded pattern of conditioning is held down by BOTH the North Node AND Jupiter in Virgo (at 24 and 23 degrees respectively) bringing forth a chance to change HOW we are BEing of service that has been holding us back until now. The North Node is the Dragon's Head, heading into a NEW direction our Ego-Shadow self is usually reluctant to join in with! Resistance, denial, fears to change. Jupiter amplifies the NEED to expand past our usual boundaries (countries perhaps?) re: WHERE we are doing our Service (aka work, jobs, volunteering) in the world. Is it TIME to move? Is it TIME to BE somewhere other than where you've been flogging that dead-end job market? Hhhhmmmm...

  • A note about the North Node in Virgo: emotional sensitivity could impede your good judgement, being lazy about managing your life (according to Celeste Teal's Lunar Nodes-Discover Your Soul's Karmic Mission). Being used to putting others needs ahead of your own. Sound familiar? Co-dependence here folks! And Eris in Aries beckons us all into more INDEPENDENCE, yet NOT exclusively. I tender this into INTERDEPENDENCE - a balance of BOTH. Now is the time to LET GO of EXCUSES, discriminate about who you chose to help (just say NO) to learn practical planning and how to CLEARLY define GOALS for YOURSELF....need I say more? THIS we can ask help with from the others we've been helping all along!

  • The second arm of old outmoded patterns of conditioning brings in the Moon in SCORPIO (!!) yay! "Why is she jumping up and down with joy? Scorpio - yikes!" LOL! Okay everyone, a recap on the Moon here - she represents our emotional body and intuitive hits of insight AND the daily habits of our Ego-Shadow self who does NOT like change! Here we will 'see' how our habits have turned into RUTS. Deeply, emotionally (!!) held fears, even though we each know what those are as you read this. Yes, be HONEST now....Scorpio helps us to transform FEAR issues into TRUST, and MISTRUST issues into TRUST. Of self and others' motivations! No emotional blackmail, no hidden agendas. TRUST- taking a Leap of Faith that you WILL find a new lease on your daily life if you'd just allow yourself To LET GO of those old worn out habits that no longer serve you (and most likely haven't for a very long time!).

  • The Moon sits at 20 degrees Scorpio 50' - where is this in your chart?Okay - so, how DOES the Moon get along with the North Node AND Jupiter, to work together creating a NEW skill we haven't had before now? Hhhmmm...what WILL that BE? Emotionally/feelingly and intuitively - you ALREADY KNOW what the truth is, correct? So perhaps allowing the energy of the North Node/Dragon's Head AND Jupiter to give you the DIRECTION of where to expand beyond your usual routines. Rather than BE in denial of how you truly FEEL about making certain changes in your life? Where the Moon AND North Node/Jupiter reside in your Houses of Life Experience - this is where those new routines require a sea-change...a departure from co-dependence into interdependence...with Eris waving at you from across the way. She is the ACTION POINT. Speaking of...

  • The REACTION POINT (if we decide NOT to let go and trust and take that leap of faith into the Unknown) will be Libra - the Scales of Justice, Balance, Fairness etc. Partnership, close-one-on-one relationships - someone close to you will end up telling you what you already know to be true. That someone will most likely end up giving you an ultimatum - that they cannot LIVE with you like this anymore! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - please! I love you, the choice and free will are still there - but the Universe is saying, "Time's UP folks! Move along now - or we'll move you for you..." and you may not like how you get there....

YOD #2: I so love this - some of the players in the first YOD are helping out here too! And they are:

  • Apex/Finger of God position is: NORTH NODE and JUPITER in Virgo!Love it! If at first you don't 'get the picture', well the Universe comes round with Plan B! LOL! The Fall-back position...just to ensure we all have a second chance at following that Dragon's Head and Jupiter's assistance to BE more than we are right now...remember that Hill of Now I spoke about a few weeks back (we are still within the same Moon cycle with Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter by the way)? Could be an idea to STEP back up there now, have a think of where you've been, how you got here, and then turn towards your Future Self and see what NEW hills are beckoning you from afar. Do you see those NEW hills yet? What do they entice you with? This is the Action Point.

  • First arm of old patterns of outmoded conditioning brings, you guessed it! ERIS! In Aries! Round of applause here - isn't she a beauty? Okay - Apple of Discord, taking us from current disharmony and chaos into PEACE and HARMONY. Why aren't you jumping at the chance to BE your own Warrior and bite that Apple of Courage instead? Take as big a chomp as you need - not Snow White's apple now - this will NOT make you sleep! Here you are asked to BE honest about what in your life NEEDS for greater independence (away from that co-dependence remember?). What House in your chart does Aries reside? This is where you are experiencing disharmony and chaos. And the North Node and Jupiter await your Leap of Faith to BE of service in a different way....

  • Second arm of old patterns of outmoded conditioning has Pallas, the feminine asteroid that reflects the face of WISDOM (I've been here before haven't I?), protecting with compassionate wisdom peaceful resolution CREATIVELY and with intelligence. How we heal the body - mind. How we are able to strategize and perceive intuitively and creatively. Wanting equality, justice and partnerships that are all these things. We don't have to DO it alone, yet we ARE alone as our true individual Self! BE ME yet ask for help - stand up and ask for help! Stand up and ASK. Pallas stands at 23 degrees of Capricorn 39'! Here's that Capricorn theme again (and note that Mercury will be connecting with Pallas as of January 14th if you need any assistance).

  • The REACTION POINT if we tremble with Ego-Shadow fears et al will be the South Node in Pisces - bringing forth all those Drama Triangle roles of Victim / Rescuer / Persecutor if we allow it. OR we will access some Divine / Spiritual insights into past lives that have blocked our way before now, preventing our true independent natures to come fully out of the closet they've been hiding in all this time!

  • South Node in Pisces possible unresolved issues: self-pity, fearful of life, your addictions (especially drugs and alcohol), any escapist tendencies that allow you to stay in the fog/illusion/delusion. The power comes from logic and reason - but that isn't available right now! The TRUE Power is noticing your intuitive insights, then following them OUT of the fog and fear, INTO the Light of the New! Yay!

Enough! Whew! Lots to digest and chew on and return to over the next 21 days.

Enjoy this Mercury Rx time. Remember: you will receive information you didn't know you needed to know (because you didn't know the questions to ask the first time!) and perhaps meet up with persons from your past (!) and there will be the URGE to do some behind-the-scenes organizing, releasing, recycling along the way. THIS in and of itself is a great way to KNOW that you have definitely CLEARED OUT THE OLD OUTMODED PATTERNS! Yay!

Blessed BE!

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