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Strawberry Full Moon: Building Goals Worthy of Heartfelt Action!

Thursday's Full Moon - June 24th, 2021 - at 12:39 pm MDT will be at 03 degrees Capricorn 27' Celestial Longitude for those of you following along with your Birth charts.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 we had many Eclipses moving us through this Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn - accelerating our Soul journey onto upward-moving paths on our respective mountains towards that Pot of Gold - of success, ambition, long-term sought-for legacies.

What's transformed in your world these past two years that has also changed your long-term goals? Many friends and clients of mine have set upon new directions (which is answering their Cardinal call to create something NEW) during this time, bringing forth renewed hopes and dreams. It's like changing trains, moving forward along a totally new track, better aligned with their Soul goals - unbeknownst to them, by the way, as they woke up to other possibilities out there after many changes and challenges moved through their lives.

This Full Moon brings the need to Follow Your Heart's True Desires through Action (Mars in Leo) AND to Know Your Worth - all the while letting go of those old patterns of conditioning you hold, Emotionally, that hold you back from being Successful. Any fears here? To being a success?

Capricorn rules building things and erecting structures - where's Capricorn in your Birth chart? This is where you build long-term goals in your life. What secret fears have you about Being Successful? Capricorn rules that 10th House of our public face/life - transferring this theme to wherever your Capricorn is in your chart.

Heartfully, what do you wish to build/erect/structure in your life for all the world to see? The follow-through is key here - dreaming it, thinking it is one thing. Actually DOING it and producing it is where the ACTION lies.

Capricorn is also about being an authority on something - what do you really KNOW that needs sharing to the Collective's use? Capricorn's about using current resources in a NEW way - what's your perspective here? How do you create the NEW? Heartfully and full of worthiness. Know your own worth. Follow your own heart.

We're also dealing with two Grand Trines - an Earth one (doing/being) and a Fire one (inspired or In-Spirit action). There can be an easy loving flow to accomplish much - or a laziness, missing the opportunities. Sitting on your laurels - how does this make you Victor in this scenario? That's the Ego-Self's ability to help us resist change to create the new in our lives. What's been coming up for you, distracting you from creating your 'new' in life?

I'll be announcing my NEW in the July Astrological INsights Newsletter that goes out to all my clients. I am so excited to have accomplished this - been a long time coming. All the while, I've sat with all of my Ego-self's need to slow things, divert me, distract me, whatever - to hopefully keep me off-track of my long-term goal to get this project done! I moved through it all, sat with all the emotions, fears of failure/success/not good enough negative talk that Ego's like to tell us - because the Ego dislikes change.

That Fire Grand Trine includes the current South Node in Sagittarius - unresolved issues from the past/past lives where we didn't quite make it to our respective Higher Purpose. What did you allow to get in the way of yours? Then and now. What excuses have you been making, that keeps you small? Your worthiness beliefs and truths are calling to you. We've all got an opportunity this Full Moon in Capricorn to HEAL your fears to being rejected for acting on your natural instincts - to ram through the illusions/delusions - to bring forth the reality of what your independence means - for you and your life!

Grab hold of your "brass ring"and LIBERATE yourself - bring forth a better balanced mix of Inner Feminine/Inner Masculine energies - be you female or male. Honour your worth and the skills/talents you already own - through experience, training and hands-on DOING it - that bring forth true success in your life. Ride that wave - savour the moment - embrace it all! Namaste

Photo Credits: UNSPLASH photo artists - thank you so much! Namaste

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