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Sun in Pisces February 18-March 20, 2015

Pisces. The Fishes. Mutable water sign, meaning the ability to go with the flow, making us aware of how and what we are feeling or emoting. Increase in intuitive abilities. Highly sensitive to the emotions, pain and suffering of others. AND, those energetic boundaries between Self and others - thinner veil, more easily tred upon, disrupted, hurt.

Therefore Compassion and Unconditional Love come into play while the Sun traverses the oldest sign of the Zodiac. Similar to the Wise Woman/Man, having the spiritual sensitivity to KNOW (intuit) what to do, say (or not) and when. Knowledge born and bred from years of experience (aka life times) that bubbles up from out of nowhere, bringing with it wisdom, patience, compassion and love when interacting with others.

Similar to Samhain or Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thin and ghosts of the past are able to visit, Pisces brings to us, every year, a chance to understand ourselves, and others, emotionally. Those of us born with our Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Pisces have the gift to connect emotionally with everyone around us. This includes Virgos too - the opposite sign to Pisces. Your other half. All water signs connect emotionally, in different ways.

Somewhat like sponges, we soak up others' emotional baggage, leaving them feeling loads better after our encounter. It is like breathing - we don't even know we are doing this. It just seems to happen.

Our Feeling Body (Emotional Body) is highly sensitive, fragile, porous. If we aren't aware to put in place an extra veil of intention of what we are willing to experience emotionally in our day, we become overloaded with the emotional flotsam and jetsam picked up from what others are throwing off.

It is as if we have these extra long feeling tentacles or antenna built in that sense ahead of time the emotional air around us. Similar to radio waves or EMFs, we sense the emotions of others. We are quite literally bombarded by them. Some encounters with people (even a hug from someone in emotional pain) can leave us feeling depressed with a huge lack of energy. Why? We just accepted a huge dump-truck load of emotions from the other when we hugged. It can happen in, snap, an instant.

Since March 2011 Chiron has been traveling through Pisces, bringing an even higher level of sensitivity into our collective consciousness. Add to this Neptune, ruler of Pisces, traveling through Pisces since February 2012, for the first time in 165 years! What is all of this in aid of?

The high side of Pisces: spiritual connection to BE of Service beyond the Ego or Little Self. To turn the other cheek, wisely, when someone in our circle of life is acting in a hurtful way. To "see' beyond the obvious (the outward action) into the Soul of the Other. What pain and suffering is going on, deep inside, that other person that brings forth the hurtful words and/or actions? We intuit and most likely feel the anger or resentment or frustration or whatever it is that person is battling with emotionally. What is our response or reaction in return?

Compassion and unconditional love, without judgement, is what we have collectively been learning as a new skill of human interaction. As humans, we don't get it right the first or even 10th time. Many of us seem to be living a life completely surrounded by pain and suffering (born with Chiron in Pisces) whereby we need to STOP rescuing others, STOP soaking up their pain (which in turn can drive us to depression, drink or illness) in order to learn WHEN it is appropriate to give compassion and when it is NOT. Continually rescuing others prevents THEM from learning their own lessons of dealing with, and walking through, their emotions rather than running away (or diving into their addictions) to escape them.

The low side of Pisces is addictive behavior (which we ALL have to some extent - some more than others) our Ego uses to make excuses to keep ourselves as VICTIM rather than VICTOR. Part of the Drama Triangle I speak about. This triangle has the Victim position as the apex, with two other positions branching off and connecting with one another to complete the triangle: Rescuer and Persecutor.

All of us, since the beginning of the Age of Pisces, have lived this Drama Triangle through many life times. Now, as we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we have the opportunity to HEAL (Chiron in Pisces) this victim/victimization emotionally. "Please RESCUE me! I am a VICTIM! I cannot help myself - YOU have to save me!" is what we are still carrying around in our DNA.

This is why both Chiron and Neptune are traveling through Pisces to help us "see" the illusions/delusions (Neptune) we have created that keep us in victim mode, wanting to be rescued by ANYONE. After a time, if not rescued, we can go back to the victim position, or persecute those around us, projecting our victim-ness out into the world, hurting others as much as we are already hurting inside.

Chiron will be in Pisces until February 2019, and Neptune leaves Pisces as of January 2026. By then we all will have a much clearer and heartfully-oriented idea of how to interact with one another. BEing sensitive doesn't mean we need to hide ourselves away in a cave because it hurts way too much to be out in the world with others.

Empathy, compassion, unconditional love (love without judgement) will be the order of the day. AND, we will have learned HOW to BE with one another without taking on each others emotional baggage. Most likely not 100% ability (we are still a work in progress) yet more aware of how to conduct ourselves more lovingly, less judgementally, WITHIN ourselves and WITHOUT.

Empower yourself by stepping OFF the Drama Triangle, leave behind the victim and become VICTOR, heartfully, not in a warrior/battle way. Know deep within yourself, via your Emotional Body, you can BE sensitive to the emotional needs of others, yet not BE responsible for them! We are each responsible for our own emotions and feelings. What we do with them, how we deal with them, is OUR responsibility. Spiritually, we are being asked to grow up, emotionally.


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